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Online Fitness Business Software USED BY Personal Trainers, Sports Coaches, Gym Owners, Boot Camp Operators, Martial Arts Schools & Independent Instructors

Your all-in-one solution to increase profits, run profitable transformation contests, offer online training, improve customer service, grow your community & enhance overall management so you can have more fun and not be stuck doing things you don’t enjoy!

Running your business just got a lot easier (and faster). With NESTA Fit Files (formerly known as Fitness Business Ninja), you now have a central hub of operations where you can TAKE CONTROL of every aspect of your business from scheduling, assigning trainers, running highly profitable transformation contests, managing coaching sessions, doing complete assessments, tracking client progress, offering profitable nutrition programs, providing TOP NOTCH customer service and much more. Best of all, it’s really easy to use and very affordable. If you are a busy trainer or coach, you can literally SAVE 3-6 HOURS EACH WEEK and MAKE MORE MONEY.


NESTA Fit Files Delivers Results:

NESTA Fit Files was created after recognizing the need for a comprehensive set of online personal training tools and systems. NESTA Fit Files is designed to build your business, increase the value of your personal training, martial arts program or boot camp, add new revenue streams, and increase client retention.

Bring your training to the leading edge of the fitness and weight loss industry. Take your services online to exponentially expand your market area and compete head-to-head with weight loss centers in your area.

You know this one-of-a-kind system as NESTA Fit Files. When you register to use NESTA Fit Files, you and your clients will login and use our “Consumer Site” called Or, you can copy/paste the login code and put it on your own website and have your clients login to your personally branded site directly from your main website. Regardless if you have your clients login at or from your own personal site, you get to customize it with your company logo, colors and personal branding. This puts you in control, and keeps your brand in their minds.


Your Top 10 Benefits of NESTA Fit Files:

  • Additional Revenue – Add to the number of services you can provide and bill your clients for, including nutritional programs and online training
  • Ease of Use – Intuitive, user friendly software allows you to create and manage your clients quickly and easily, saving you time and money
  • Convenience for You – Access the entire system from any online computer, allowing you to work from anywhere!
  • Convenience for your Clients – Now your clients can quickly and easily track their workouts and nutrition from home, or even if they’re on the road. Watch the tutorial training videos below.
  • Years of Experience – NESTA Fit Files is designed by trainers, for trainers, with the result being some of the most advanced, intuitive, training tools available today
  • Huge Exercise Database – Basic, easy to understand drawings of all exercises allow you to print professional looking workout cards. We don’t use videos or 3-D modelling because we want your clients to have access to help with their exercises while they’re working out!
  • Low Cost – For the price of 1 training session per month you can have unlimited access to all the fitness and tracking tools you’ll need to run your business and dramatically boost your income
  • Professional Features – Print professional looking workout cards, client summaries and weekly planners, saving you and your clients time and energy
  • Track Your Sessions and Income – Use NESTA Fit Files advanced package builder and scheduling tools to keep track of sessions used and income earned
  • Ultimate Customer Service – Build automated follow up and reminder emails that NESTA Fit Files will customize and send to your clients allowing you to maximize client satisfaction and retention and provide the ultimate in customer service

15-Day Full-Access Trial for Just $1

 Just $1 now for your 15 day trial. If you continue, it’s just $47/month starting in 15 days.
You can cancel anytime, for any reason (no questions asked, EVER) Just email

System Features

Nutrition and Weight Loss Profit Center
Promote our guaranteed, scientifically-based nutrition and weight loss program as your own, either as a stand-alone product, or package it in with personal training, boot camp, Crossfit, wellness coaching, or your other services. With a suggested retail price of 500% above wholesale, there’s room to set your own price points and packages to fit your business model.



Profit Center

  • Customized for each client based on body composition, goals, nutritional preferences, and exercise volume
  • New Profit Center selling nutritional programs and nutritional consultations

Are you the kind of person who wants all the details? Watch the tutorial training videos below.

Upsell & Support Personal Training
It’s true that NESTA Fit Files manages your PT department for you, including workout tracking, follow up messages and email marketing (to name just a few). Using FNESTA Fit Files as a selling feature for working with a trainer to develop their own fitness program is a great value-added service, empowering members to use the program to stay better connected to their trainer and your club between sessions.

Fitness Assessments

  • Full fitness assessments and health screenings including body composition, strength, cardio, functional, postural, flexibility, and before and after pictures, all with the ability to set goals and monitor and graph progress
  • Creates fantastic opportunity to increase PT sales, nutritional consults, and introduce the system to your Members

Personal Training

  • Build and edit complete client programs including weight loss, cardio and resistance training and may be edited or changed at any time
  • Allow for more efficient use of your trainers’ time by building programs that can be accessed online and through mobile devices



Group Fitness and Personal Training Scheduling and Tracking
Use the NESTA Fit Files system to set up your complete PT and Group Fitness schedules, class lists and availability. Clients now have access to view and book themselves into classes, or for an appointment with their trainer from the comfort of home.



  • Build your weekly Training and Group Fitness schedule on the system and have clients be able to book sessions with you based on availability and session type
  • Schedule online and through mobile devices making it easy for your Members to be involved in and take advantage of the classes and services you offer




15-Day Full-Access Trial for Just $1

 Just $1 now for your 15 day trial. If you continue, it’s just $47/month starting in 15 days.
You can cancel anytime, for any reason (no questions asked, EVER) Just email


NOTE: The following videos will give you a fundamental overview of all components in NESTA Fit Files. Once you register for your trial offer, you will gain immediate access to detailed tutorial videos (very easy to follow). You will learn everything from initial set up to customizing your site, to adding clients, and running contests.

NO PROGRAMMING IS EVER NEEDED. If you can use Facebook or use Microsoft Word, you can easily use NESTA Fit Files.

Does NESTA Fit Files calculate sales commissions for trainers/coaches?

The software is set up to allow you to track sales commissions using the ‘Sold By’ field on any invoices you create. You can then use the ‘Report – Invoices’ component (Admin Menu: Billing System) and group your search by trainer, for the date range you are wanting. If you only want to view a specific trainer’s sales, simply select their name from the drop down in the ‘Sold By’ field of the report and the system will then filter the results to only show sales by that trainer.

What are the legal responsibilities with regards to offering nutritional advice through NESTA Fit Files?

The foods ‘suggested’ are just that – suggestions – and they are based on the clients own food preferences. There are no ‘recommendations, just guidelines for them to make informed decisions. As well, the user agreement clearly states that this is for ‘entertainment purposes only’ and the client is ‘free to choose whether they follow it or not’.

NESTA Fit Files handles basic email communications with your clients, but you cannot do the same type of mass broadcast, full html, customized newsletters like you can with Also, has text messaging, mobile marketing and social media integration. So, in a short short while, you will be able to flow your data from NESTA Fit Files to your account with for the TOTAL fitness business package. A account is not required to enjoy NESTA Fit Files.

Is it possible to create specific meal plans based on macronutrient values such as low carb, high protein, general weight loss, vegetarian etc?

Currently the percentages for macronutrients can be adjusted by either an administrator, by a trainer, or by the client (clients always have the final say). The entire system is defaulted to general weight loss as the client or trainer can choose an appropriate daily caloric deficit. We have the best ‘food exclusion’ system out there as well with clients having the ability to not only eliminate specific food groups from being suggested, but they can even simply type in food names that they don’t like and any recipes with that food in it are eliminated from the food suggestions.


I would like to run a ‘biggest loser’ type competition. Does the program allow tracking for competition purposes?

YES! NESTA Fit Files has a tracking system that not only allows for any type of weight loss competition you might want (with full tracking and display capabilities), but you can also print results sheets, do a screen capture of up-to-the-minute stats and place those images on your social networks for great involvement and very effective viral marketing. Yes, there is much more!


Am I able to build a supplement program into my client’s daily nutrition plan to enable me to upsell a line of supplements?

You will have the ability to choose to have meals/snacks that are given at specific times (including supplements or shakes you may suggest). You can make it so that every time a client has a weight training workout scheduled their snack either before or after the workout is a shake or supplement bar that you sell. We can build a customized database of all the shakes, foods, or supplements that you sell

Do you have a list of Australian food or product lists as opposed to US/CAN lists to make it easier for the consumer to shop as we don’t stock most of what is available in other countries?

Because most of the suggested foods are based on actual recipes with whole foods, you will find that the vast majority of foods are covered on all continents (chicken, lamb, rice, tomatoes, pasta, etc.). For non-whole foods, we will gladly look at adding any common foods there that we don’t currently have in our database as long as we can get the nutritional information for them.

What will appear on my credit card statement?

It will appear as Fitness Business Ninja (original name of this service).

Can I pay with Discover, American Express or PayPal?

We only accept MasterCard and Visa.


15-Day Full-Access Trial for Just $1

 Just $1 now for your 15 day trial. If you continue, it’s just $47/month starting in 15 days.
You can cancel anytime, for any reason (no questions asked, EVER) Just email


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NESTA Fit Files gives you a complete business management system that includes: scheduling, online training and coaching, sales commissions, nutrition and weight loss profit center, exercise library, billing, transformation contests, and much more. It’s modular. Use as little or as much as you like. And, best of all, FitNews.TV communicates with NESTA Fit Files so you can seamlessly move your contacts and customers from one system to the other if you like.

REMEMBER: FitNews.TV is just another great service we offer you. It is not required to use FitNews.TV when you use NESTA Fit Files.