10 Proven Ways To Get New Clients

10 proven ways to get new clients

10 Proven Ways To Get New Clients

As a trainer, coach, or personal business owner, you’re no doubt very aware that your client base is the lifeblood of your company (and your livelihood!). A steady stream of new clients and customers seeking your services and expertise allows you to grow your business and fulfill your business and personal vision. But sometimes, especially as a rookie trainer or coach, attracting new clients can feel overwhelming or impossible.

We’ve got 10 tactics, used by many of the biggest names in the industry, that are proven to attract new clients!

Facebook Retargeting Ads  

Facebook is an indispensable tool for reaching more clients. By retargeting potential clients, you remind them they saw something they liked, and you do your best to reel them back with an irresistible offer.

Human Billboards

Your billboards can be people who wear your shirts, hats, sweats, hoodies or use your gym bag.  They can be the people who praise your business services (and their results) where ever they go. Treat these people well, and they will bring you in many new clients; and likely people similar to them.

Have an Irresistible Offer to Capture Emails and Contact Info

Be comfortable giving away your “best stuff.” In exchange, you will have an interested person’s vital contact info so you can follow up and convert them to a thrilled customer.  

Avoid Cookie-Cutter Email and Social Posts

Writing something vague can cause your prospect customers to doubt your expertise in the industry since you don’t have anything in depth to share. You need to answer your readers’ questions otherwise they won’t find very much value in your marketing content. Feel like you are lacking in the creative writing department? You can utilize some ready-made email and marketing templates. Just paste your business specific info and you will be Rockin!

Network. Network. Network.

The more like-minded people you connect with, the more your passion, mastery, and potential client list grows. Feel like your town is lacking in the networking event department? You can plan and set up a “Lunch and Learn” event for the trainers and coaches, and other small businesses in your area. 

Offer a Charity Workout  

Find a local charity that the community supports, or a national charity everyone knows. You can put together a once a mon charity boot-camp that clients and their friends and family can participate in. Donate ALL the money to your charity, and you benefit from the media exposure and the new people who now love your programs and want to sign up for more.  

Become an Expert on YouTube

Make your videos 2-5 minutes and offer fun, exciting and insightful perspectives on your niche topic. Be compelling in your title, descriptive text, and tags for each video you upload.  

Blog More

Blogging is easy, fast, essentially free, and it lets your audience connect with you. Write content that is helpful and solves your client’s most pressing challenges.

Invest in Quality Content

Instead of publishing the minimum 400-500 word blog post, take it to the next level and publish an epic post that’s 2000+ words, comprehensive and value-packed.

Out Work. Out Think. Out Hustle.

Do more, think faster, and out do your competition. When they rest, you pick up speed. When they give up, you become inspired. When the competition gets frustrated, you develop new ideas.