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20 Surprising Ways to Make Money as a Trainer or Coach


So, now you cannot say, “I didn’t know I could do that…..”

So, here is a list of 20 ways to live an incredible lifestyle as a coach or trainer (in no particular order):

1. Let’s start with one you may not have yet considered. Corporate wellness coaching is big business. Studies show that every dollar invested on employee wellness, gets a 300% return.  This fact has persuaded employers to help cover these costs. You can offer “lunch-and-learn” seminars, on-site fitness training, on-site yogaon-site stress management, and much more. 

2. If you are more “holistically inclined” you can do a combination of stress management, yoga and holistic life coaching for individuals or groups. Bonus: Some coaches combine holistic life coaching with holistic nutrition coaching for an even more balanced approach.

3. You can offer ANY coaching service online simply by using Zoom or  Skype. his gives you the freedom to work/live anywhere.  See all the remote coaching career/lifestyle options.

4. You can offer fitness coaching or personal training in people’s homes and bring in $50-$100/hr. Yes, this is an older way of working….. and it still works all the time and pays the bills.

5. You can rent an office in a chiropractic office.  It’s great for cross-referrals, and they would like help with their rent. There are likely options to rent, lease, collaborate, work as a contractor or work as an employee.  Explore your options.

6. If you offer wellness coaching, consider sharing an office with an acupuncturist and/or massage therapist.  The services are complimentary and you can reduce your costs.  You may even rent space at a yoga studio.

7. Did you know that a majority of Americans suffer from some type of sleep disturbance? This is why Sleep Science Coaching is such a HUGE opportunity. It’s easily combined with nearly all types of coaching niches.

8. You can work as a personal trainer or health coach in a gym and let them bring in the clients. You can work as an employee. There are likely opportunities as a contractor as well in many locations.

9. You can operate your own private Facebook coaching group.  From there, you can serve people and build your community and serve them.

10. You can offer coaching/training to high school athletes.  You will want specialized knowledge in speed, agility and quicknessbiomechanics and functional training. Did you know we even offer you the Youth Performance Coach Certification?

11. You can offer group outdoor fitness classes. You can go it alone or try a proven system such as PURSUIT.

12. You can write for sites like WebMD,, and T-Nation.  There are thousands of high-traffic sites that need qualified content writers.  Use this opportunity to build your brand, share your knowledge and become an industry leader.

13. You can be a blogger and write articles for your own site, make how-to videos, and offer your services to those who like your information.

14. You can create your own online course and information products such as video series, ebooks, transformation programs, etc. This system shows you exactly how to do it….. step-by-step and build a complete online coaching business.

15. You can create your own membership site. The fastest and lowest-cost way is to build it on WordPress and use Wishlist Member to manage it.  There are other systems available for FREE or very low cost.

16. You can sell other people’s products as an affiliate through companies such as ClickBank and JVzoo.  There are 50 other resources.  Just google it.

17. You can offer nutritional supplements to your clients. 80% or more of your clients already use some type of supplement.  Why send them to the store or Amazon?  Sell it to them, know what they are taking and earn a strong commission.  It just makes sense.  This is what I do >>>

18. Write a book. It is the single best thing you can do to establish yourself as an expert.  Most authors do not get wealthy from their books.  It’s just a fact.  But…. it gives you leverage, a platform, instant credibility, and a great way to make a lasting impression.  It also opens the door for speaking gigs.  We can tell you without a doubt, it will help your career. 

19. Become a professional speaker in your area of expertise, and coach people from the stage. This can bring in big bucks!!! We have a complete training program coming soon from one of the world’s leading speaker trainers.

20. Become a podcaster. We know have friends who make 7 figures per year podcasting.  Yes, it’s crazy and true.  They make the $ because of advertising and selling their own programs using the podcast as the platform.

Well, there you have it…. 20 ways to make a living as a coach (or trainer).

Yes, there are 100 more and we’ll discuss those in the coming weeks.

Until then, take action, make progress every day, and know we are here to support you every step of the way.

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That’s it for now.

Take action!

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