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Helping Your Clients Stay In Shape (Even When They are Always Busy!)

exercises you can do during a busy work daySometimes, finding the time to work out and cook healthy meals is easily pushed to the wayside in your clients’ ordinary, busy lives. As a Certified Personal Trainer, you can help remind them that sneaking in extra activity isn’t impossible if they prioritize it.

Getting in just a few minutes of exercise in the morning will fire up your metabolism and give you energy for the day ahead. Doing a few workouts during your workday will help improve your memory and boost your brainpower, ultimately resulting in you getting more done, and exercising at night, can help promote relaxation and ease the stresses of the day.

Always Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs whenever possible is a quick and easy way to break out of that sedentary lifestyle and add more physical activity and movement to your everyday life. The stairs are often right there in front of you, and so it can be a lot easier just to take the stairs than to get to the gym.

Park Further Away from The Front Door

Instead of circling the office parking lot for a space at the front, use a packed lot as a chance to get in extra steps. Purposely parking further away to increase the distance you’ll walk to and from your vehicle each day.

Grab a Coworker and Go For a Walk During Lunch

Before you eat lunch, try going for a walk. Walk alone to clear your thoughts and relax or grab a co-worker. This also presents a great opportunity to catch up on your water intake for the day. Before your lunchtime walk, drink a glass of water. This will keep you hydrated and can also help decrease your appetite.

Exercise or Stretch During Conference Calls

When you’re on a conference call you can try a few exercises by your desk such as leg lifts, arm stretches,  and squats. This can decrease stress and make you feel more energized in the middle of the day or when feeling sluggish by late afternoon.

Decrease Your Television Time

Instead of television, go for a walk around the block with your husband or friend and chat while you walk. Or, take your kids to the park instead of everyone sitting in front of the TV.

Try a New Workout Program or Class

Keep your workouts from getting stale by constantly trying new things. Venture into a Zumba class for a total change of pace, or just try tweaking your usual activity. You can finally take that yoga class you have been thinking about. You’ll de-stress and make new friends all while getting in shape for summer.

Getting Started

Check out what it takes to start a career in personal fitness training. This is your most affordable and fastest way to become a highly qualified personal trainer.

Become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Holistic health and well-being are essential to overall life success. Now you can earn a credential and gain the skills to help your clients achieve this success.

NESTA coaching programs are open to anyone with a desire to learn and help others. There are no prerequisites.

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