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5 Apps to Help You Train Clients in 2019

Using these recommended apps will allow you to focus more on giving your clients the results they want, and skyrocket your personal training business into new levels.

Whether you’re a new personal trainer looking for the best ways to communicate with your clients or a seasoned veteran who needs help keeping up with clients, chances are you’ve researched different apps and software to help with your business.

Using these recommended apps will allow you to focus more on giving your clients the results they want, and skyrocket your personal training business into new levels.

1. GAIN Trainer
GAIN Trainer is designed to help you scale your personal training business. The app comes with over 1,600 exercises and can help you communicate with your clients, create programs and train clients remotely.

Download Gain Trainer

4. Coach’s Eye
Coach’s Eye is great if you have clients who are more focused form and improving lifts since you can record your clients while they perform their workouts and slow the video down, add notes to it, and correct their form so your client knows exactly what they’re doing wrong and how to improve.

Learn more about Coach’s Eye here.

Learn more about how to give better feedback and notes.

3. PTminder
PTminder is a cloud-based website and mobile app that can help you manage the day-to-day of your personal training business. You can access it through your phone or any device that has an internet connection. You can manage administrative tasks like payment processing and client management all through the cloud. You can save a significant amount of time and focus more of your efforts on growing your business and helping your clients get results. PTminder also allows you to collect payments from clients by accepting debit and credit cards as well as offering payment integration through Paypal, Stripe, and others.

Learn more about PTminder

4. The Training Notebook
The Training Notebook home page gives you a central hub where you can easily access each your client’s workout regimens, training schedule, contact information, and assessments. You to start building your client’s training program in just minutes. You can then copy and paste your favorite workouts, email them to your clients, and you can even choose from pre-made program templates. Additionally, the body assessment feature allows you to store before and after pictures of clients in one place.

5. My PT Hub
My PT Hub helps personal trainers create customizable and unique training programs for each client. You can then track their progress and achievements directly within the hub. My PT Hub also has a database of over 7,000 exercises with step-by-step tutorials so your client knows exactly how to perform the movement. You can even create workout packages to sell and you are able to accept payment directly from the app.

Learn more about My PT Hub here

So whether you’re just starting out with your personal training business or you’re an experienced trainer, using just one of the apps or software listed above will help you make more money, stay more organized, and get more clients.

Take advantage of this knowledge.  Do what the industry leaders do on a regular basis.  We are here to support you.


The NESTA/Spencer Institute Team

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