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Success Stories

Melrose, MA

Rebecca DiNitto LeSaffre

Since completing my NESTA Education I have been better able to help my clients reach their health & wellness goals. I have been a personal trainer for 8 years but was missing the crucial nutrition component necessary to offer my clients a complete fitness program.

By becoming a NESTA Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, I now have an in-depth knowledge of nutrition as well as an understanding of behaviors about nutrition. I now feel that I have all the skills necessary to improve people lives through both exercise and nutrition.This combination of exercise and nutrition has a wide array of health benefits ranging from maintaining a healthy weight to lowering the risks of many diseases, to helping with our mental well being and self confidence. I work with clients of all ages and fitness levels, and by incorporating nutrition into their training sessions they have seen great results.

Several of my clients have lost 50 pounds or more and one amazing clients lost 100 pounds!! In addition to losing weight, I have also seen them empower themselves and dramatically improve their confidence levels. Seeing these transformations is my favorite part of my job, and why I love being a personal trainer and fitness nutrition coach.Since becoming NESTA Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, I have also started offering a weight loss challenge program where I incorporate exercise, weekly weigh-ins and measurements as part of the program. However, I have taken it a step further and end each class with a 15-minute discussion of a nutritional topic. For example we may discuss topics like “what is protein and why do we need” it or “making good choices when dining out”.  I think it’s important to educate my clients so that they understand why they are eating what they eat and what the impact of proper nutrition is on their overall health and wellness goals.Each day, I try to inspire and motivate my clients to be their best.

I practice what I preach, using exercise and proper nutrition to maintain my conditioning to participate in fitness competitions and as a published fitness model.  It is very gratifying to be in a field where I can truly make a positive impact on people lives every day through the use of exercise and nutrition.I am currently studying for NESTA’s Physique & Figure Training Specialist Certification and The TACTIX Method Martial Arts Group Fitness System so I can offer my clients additional ways to reach their fitness and wellness goals.I believe it’s never too late to get started on the journey to a healthy lifestyle, and I am here to help and support you on that journey. Please visit my website, for more information.

On May 1st 2014 I became a graduate of NESTA. I earned both the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and also Fitness Nutrition Coach Certification. Shortly after I returned to the UK, (England more specifically) to work out of a facility and grow my reputation as a fitness professional. I began to work at Elite Functional Training. A bespoke personal training center in Anchorsholme, Blackpool.

After building up a strong client base, I decided to go alone and went about setting up my own business for personal training. Platinum Fitness began trading on January 5th, and since then have added more clients and a second venue enhancing my reach and client base. In the next year, I am looking to open my own studio and continue to help people achieve their goals. I am also available for online and Skype sessions. Email for information.

I would like to thank NESTA for providing me with the knowledge and skills to go out into the fitness industry and be where I am today.

Houston, Tx

Javier E. Olmos

Since completing my NESTA education I’ve worked for 24 Hour Fitness, helped pioneer the start of Kinex Fitness Studios (an Illinois based fitness studio) in the Houston region, and have recently opened up my own In-Home Personal Training agency. I have been a personal trainer in the Houston region for over 3 and a half years now and have worked with over 100 clients during my tenure.

I work with clients ranging from ages 12-65 years of age. I specialize in small group training. I found it is one of the better ways to get people started with training in the beginning. Small group training is a fun and effective way to get people started as they not only have the trainer as an accountability partner, but also the other members of the group. Although seeing their physical changes in a positive direction is always great, I find that my favorite part is seeing their relationships grow as they truly motivate each other throughout their workouts and in their daily lives. Divergent Training is the name I chose for my new In-Home personal training agency. I chose this name because I truly believe my business model is very different from other fitness models. Although I still train clients myself, my main focus is finding new clients for my team.

We travel to client’s homes and bring our own equipment. This avoids the excuses that most people have of lack of time and location. With my zoning of trainers, I am able to provide a personal trainer to any client within the boundaries of which we operate. I truly believe in a great referral program where I reward my clients a free session for just providing a referral for me and two if I close the sale. It is not my client’s responsibility to find me new business, so the fact that they are trusting in me enough to refer someone deserves compensation even without them expecting anything in return. Each day, I take meetings in the morning and work on marketing while later training in the afternoon. I have an advertisement in a local direct mail magazine and am a member of a local BNI group. My favorite part of my job is building long lasting relationships.

I love being able to dramatically impact someone’s life and help them reach a goal that they never dreamed could be possible. I’ve helped clients lose anywhere from 30lbs in 3 months to 100lbs in 15 months. Each time, no matter the challenge or the goal, I am left feeling inspired.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Sharon Chamberlin

I firmly believe that fitness and nutrition are integral components of a healthy lifestyle. Leading by example is important so I needed to go beyond me just “walking and talking” about it as a certified personal trainer. I decided to complement my personal training business with a practical nutrition component designed for the everyday person, and not necessarily for those who wanted to compete in bodybuilding or fitness competitions. After researching my options, I chose NESTA for its Fitness Nutrition Coach certification.

Since becoming certified, I began creating individualized meal plans for my clients to help them reach their goal of losing fat, building muscle, or both. The meal plans fit easily with the fitness programs I was already providing. This skill has expanded my business not only with my personal training clients but also with those who take my Metabolic Explosion Training classes and Boot Camps. Additionally, I work remotely with clients who do not live locally but know people who do or have seen my success stories posted online, and want to experience the same success they have.

Many of my clients have accomplished or even surpassed their goals, and are now leading new lifestyles. They are happy with how they feel and how they look, and still get excited when others compliment them. Shopping for new clothes is now a pleasure, and is no longer a dreaded occasion, and they’ve learned how and what to eat day in and day out so they can still enjoy a piece of birthday cake or a glass of wine without feeling guilty or counteracting their hard work.

One of the first women I created a meal plan for lost 20 lbs., dropped 5% body fat, and lowered her BMI by 3 points in just 90 days. For the past two years, she has maintained her weight and this new lifestyle, while still being able to attend social events with her friends and family.

On a quarterly basis, I hold nutrition workshops in my studio. These workshops are casual events where clients are encouraged to bring their family members or friends. While I always have an outline of nutrition issues to touch on, I have found that the time is better spent when I let the class drive the topics by asking questions that are important to them. These workshops are scheduled to last an hour but they usually end up lasting at least 90 minutes. To learn more, contact me through my website.

Dallas, Texas

Darryl Dewayne White, Sr.

I have been an official member of NESTA since 3/5/2004. I have met some really great people and have had tremendous opportunities throughout my personal training career. Since becoming a certified personal trainer with NESTA I have been able to become an independent contractor for fitness companies such as: Bally’s Total Fitness in Mesquite, Texas, Cain Fitness Center in Athens, Texas, and the YMCA and Anytime fitness in Corsicana, Texas where I now reside.

All of these wonderful opportunities led me to become strength and conditioning coach at Navarro College working with the basketball, soccer, and volleyball team in the off season. In the summer time I have been ask by companies such as: Voice, O’kay Day Care Center, and the Spring Fitness for the kids to run the kid fitness programs.

I have made an appearance on the show Strengthening the YOU hosted by Bishop Ricky Walter and Ann Perry for Fitness Week that is currently on Youtube right now at Strengthening the YOU Episode 2. I’m currently in college studying to get my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science so I can further my career in the fitness industry. I really enjoy helping people reach there fitness goals. There is nothing more satisfying than receiving a phone call from a client at the doctor’s office crying saying “my blood pressure has gone down and I have lost 15 pounds”.

I try to encourage all my clients to have a positive attitude and if you want it bad enough you will get it done. I’m trying to create a fitness program for toddlers in the day care centers where I can stop by at least twice a week to channel all of that energy toward something positive. I’m even considering entering my first Men’s Physique Fitness Competition. I really love being a personal trainer because it’s just you and your client or a small class.

I am a student of the game and always trying to learn more and keep up with most of the new fitness fads. One day I may try to purchase my own building but to tell you the truth I really love being mobile and traveling to the different fitness centers and clients homes. I once read when you find a job you love then you will never work again and for me personal training is that job.

Chevy Chase, MD

Jayne Powers

Changing careers from marketing and communications to personal fitness training in August 2014 when I received my NESTA certification has put me on an upward trajectory to improve the lives of others who want to remain vibrant and active as they enter a new chapter in their lives.

Every day is filled with new adventures to motivate and help primarily baby boomers overcome loss of strength, balance and stability that often undermines their ability to participate in everyday activities, such as gardening or doing fix-it projects. In many ways, I feel as if I am on this journey with them because I am also a baby boomer.

In my practice, I not only tell them that maintaining an active lifestyle can lower their risk of chronic conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, I show them that it is possible to keep their favorite activities on their agenda. In other words, I lead by example. At 59 years of age, I maintain an athletic build with a resting heart rate of 47 and a trim figure that belies my age.

The deep knowledge that I have gleaned from the NESTA Personal Training Manual has enabled me to help others achieve what I have done for myself. My NESTA education has also provided me with the confidence and expertise to provide evidence-based guidance to recommend appropriate exercises and techniques so that my clients can look and feel their best — and remain as free as possible from injury.

For example, one of my clients, a 65-year-old man who retired last year as chief executive of a national trade association, suffered from poor balance and a lack of core strength. For him, a move as basic as getting out of a chair was difficult. He was also about 20 pounds overweight and eating a diet high in sugar and saturated fats.

By understanding the importance of choosing exercises that stress compound patterns of movement, my client was able to make significant gains in three months that helped him regain the strength and balance to get out of a chair without transferring his weight on the armrest. I also helped him set specific, measurable and achievable goals to improve his diet.

Although he still has to work at it, he has gained more confidence in his ability and tells me that he has better energy since losing about 10 pounds. I don’t feel that I would have been able to help him and my other clients achieve results without the education I received from NESTA. It is holistic, quotes the latest research and clues me into the proper assessments, program design and the nitty-gritty about the business of personal training and client relationships. The manual also grounded me in nutrition, which enables me to help my clients make the right lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

San Diego, CA

Leigh-Ann Webster

Since becoming NESTA certified, I have been able to help people eat a much more nutritious diet that leads to higher energy, greater productivity, better physical training, and an increase in overall life satisfaction. After all,if you aren’t eating well, your brain doesn’t function properly which means your ability to make healthy decisions is compromised. I really believe that eating good food provides the framework for overall success in your health, career, relationships and in life!

I work with clients of all ages and from all backgrounds who are having a difficult time reaching their health, nutrition and physical goals. Many times, they are putting in hard work at the gym, but they aren’t making the connection between food and their energy level. They tend to overestimate how much they are burning in a workout, and overcompensate with manufactured food. My goal is to help my clients make the connection between the feeling of having high energy, wanting to exercise (as opposed to having to), AND eating healthy food.

Each day, I work really hard to live by example and to practice what I preach. In addition, I make sure that people know that I’m always available to answer their food and nutrition related questions regardless of whether they’re my client or not. I really believe that the better nourished we are as a society, the better off we will all be.

My favorite part of my job is educating people about the importance of putting good food in your mouth. I love it when I tell people that their brain will not function without carbohydrates. When they realize that they will actually think better and make better decisions as a result of eating well, it’s like a light bulb goes off! I love watching my clients realize that they really can have more control over their mind and their bodies if they simply add in good nutritious food!

Valrico, FL

Founder and Practice Director, FLOURISH LLC

Teri Bartus MA, CPT

As a single mom, I received my NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach certification in 2007. I went on to serve a grad school internship as director of marketing for a community-wide health promotion that grew to a national level in just a few months. From there, I was privileged to train counselors across Florida for a national weight loss corporation.

Then I pursued a broad spectrum clinical experience through the skilled nursing and physical rehab environments. I now help bariatric patients and clients seeking support for weight loss, as a wellness practitioner in Valrico, Fl.

It has been a treasured journey to work the steps necessary to do what I love; helping people cultivate healthier lifestyles for a better quality of life. My ability to provide excellent services to my clients was greatly influenced by the training received back in 2007 with NESTA.

Best wishes to you as you study!
Many more success stories added soon!