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Become a NESTA Certified Core Conditioning Specialist

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Certified Core Conditioning Specialist

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Gain Essential Core Stability and Power Training Knowledge. Give Your Clients the Results They Need for Sports Performance and a Strong Body

Before personal trainers or sports coaches develop any exercise program, their client must have a strong and functional core foundation to eliminate or reduce any chance of injury while improving performance. A strong core is essential for power transfer from the lower to the upper body, and upper to lower body, during all physical activities.

A weak core, and lack of understanding of how core function affects movement and sports performance, will lead to diminished results and more injuries. After successful completion of this training course, you will be able to assess a client’s needs as it relates to the core, and properly design an effective program customized for them.


Single Payment


* Additional shipping fees & delivery times applies to students living outside of North America.
Refer to training, CEUs, and exam details below. Company Policies


NESTA 6-Month Payment Plan

No credit check.
Only credit or debit card required.


Coupon codes or discounts cannot be applied

Includes all listed under Single Payment

Exception : Exam may only be accessed after all payments have been received

Payment Plan Terms: $47/MO automatically debited/credited every 30 days, for the next 6-months

(includes onetime $30 processing fee)

Total payments made at the end of payment plan terms:


Refer to training, CEUs, and exam details below. Company Policies

Course Details:

Continuing Education Units: 2.0 NESTA CEUs, 20 ISSA CECs, 2.0 Spencer Institute CEUs, 2.0 MMACA CEUs, 2.0 ITCA CEUs

Recertification Requirements: None. Certificate does not expire

Prerequisites: Fundamental anatomy, movement and fitness training knowledge

Learning Format: Self-paced, 100% Online learning, mobile-friendly format, high-quality training/demonstration videos, workbook, engaging video lectures covering anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics of the core, plus your non-proctored online exam. Internet access is required. Content is provided in an online format which is accessed through a secure online website.

Once you register, you will be directed to create your student account. You may begin your studies immediately after registering, or log in to your student account later to start your studies.

You may review the materials as often as you like. You will immediately know the results after you take your test.

Online training materials are Microsoft Windows and Mac compatible.

The only technology you will need is an Adobe Reader.

Exam Requirement: Passing a 50 multiple choice, non-proctored online exam with 70% or higher. Three attempts at the exam are given. Results are given immediately upon taking the exam. Upon passing, you will receive a certificate in the mail (student’s living outside of the United States and Canada additional shipping fee applies).

Retest Fee: $95 retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the third exam attempt.

Completion Time Recommendation: Approximately 3-4 weeks (complete within one year of purchase).

After successful completion, you will earn the professional title of “Certified Core Conditioning Specialist” on your certificate.

In this comprehensive online training course, you are going to learn advanced core training principles, concepts, and programming. This makes you a much better personal trainer or fitness instructor.

Your Key Programs Benefits:

New library of core exercises by renowned fitness educator and trainer Doug Balzarini

In-depth and engaging science lecture covering the anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics of the core

Printable workbook to make learning much easier and a lot more fun

When you are training a client, the goal of core stability training is to effectively recruit the trunk muscles, and then learn to control the position of the lumbar spine during dynamic movements by using the deep trunk muscles.

Your client’s enhanced results will quickly lead to your business growth! Better client results lead to more referrals.

More referrals lead to a greater income.

This program is available at a discounted rate as part of the Master Personal Trainer Bundle.

Here’s everything you get: 100% Online learning, mobile-friendly format, high-quality training/demonstration videos, workbook, highly-engaging video lecture covering anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics of the core, plus your online exam and CEUs.

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