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You can now earn your Kettlebell Instructor Certification while Studying and Practicing from Home.

Personal trainers, fitness pros and sports coaches who incorporate kettlebells into their traditional training programs have experienced a sudden growth in their client base. Previous clients that had been disengaged have called to start training again.

Grow your training business. The NESTA Kettlebell Coach Certification gives you a huge advantage over coaches who don’t have this credential of distinction. You will have the knowledge, credential, and backing on NESTA.

The Kettlebell Coach Certification was created to give you a powerful, yet simple and effective, approach to learning and teaching proper kettlebell movements. The benefits of kettlebell training are numerous.

With this single piece of equipment, you can create incredible overall strength, explosive power, and muscular endurance when used to its fullest potential.

Your clients are going to love training with you because you’ll be teaching them fun and effective exercises, and NESTA is honored to offer you the most affordable and comprehensive certification program for this niche.


Single Payment


* Additional shipping fees & delivery times applies to students living outside of North America.
Refer to training, CEUs, and exam details below. Company Policies


NESTA 6-Month Payment Plan

No credit check.
Only credit or debit card required.


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Includes all listed under Single Payment

Exception : Exam may only be accessed after all payments have been received

Payment Plan Terms: $51/MO automatically debited/credited every 30 days, for the next 6-months

(includes onetime $30 processing fee)

Total payments made:
$306 at the end of 6-months

Refer to training, CEUs, and exam details below. Company Policies

Course Details:

Continuing Education Units: 2.0 NESTA CEUs, 1.9 NASM CEUs, 20 ISSA CECs, 2.0 Spencer Institute CEUs, 2.0 MMACA CEUs, 2.0 ITCA CEUs

Recertification Requirements: None. Certificate does not expire

Prerequisites: None

Learning Format: Self-paced, 8 hours of comprehensive and easy-to-follow online training videos, informative lectures, color graphs, easy-to-understand charts, and a detailed, printable workbook.

Exam Requirement: Exam is multiple-choice, 100 question exam. Passing requirement is 70% or higher. Three attempts are given. Results are known instantly.

Retest Fee: $95 retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the third exam attempt.

Completion Time: Approximately 3-4 weeks (complete within one year of purchase).

After successful completion, you will earn the professional title of “Certified Kettlebell Coach” on your certificate.

Why kettlebells?

There are very few tools or equipment as versatile, useful, and portable as the kettlebell. No matter how you define fitness, kettlebells should have a place in your training and conditioning. They deliver incredible results in less time. Whether you decide to use your kettlebell to supplement your client’s training routine or as a stand-alone tool (and business model), you will benefit by registering and completing this course.


"I am part of a “fitness trainer” team, within my police department, and will be using my Kettlebell Coach certification to teach my officers and recruits how to use kettlebells safely and effectively. Our goal is to prevent injury and improve overall wellness by helping our people improve their physical fitness. "
David Clevinger


This program is intended to give you the knowledge and skills to successfully implement and instruct kettlebell training with your clients and athletes. By the end of the program, you will know how to demonstrate and describe the proper technique, explain the goal of each movement and how to individualize the technique through regressions and progressions. In addition, you will be able to articulate the major joints and muscles involved and why the proper technique is so essential in kettlebell training. You will also be introduced to some of the latest research on kettlebell training and will be able to relate this science to your athletes.

Program Structure:
Your program is broken down into 10 Modules.
Module 1 is an introduction to the program.

Modules 2-9 have the following structure:

Downloadable PDF Manual/Workbook

Video lesson – Proper Technique and Instruction

Video lesson – Progressions and Regressions

Video lesson – Anatomy Review (the lessons are from Wexford University and will review the major joints and their respective muscles involved in kettlebell training – hip, knee, shoulder, and trunk)

Research Review – Analyzing what Science says about Kettlebell Training.

Quiz Questions – Reviewing Key Concepts

Assignments – You will submit a video demonstrating proper technique as well as a written description of how you would instruct proper technique, describing the goal of the exercise, the proper start position and a detailed description of the movement.

Module 10 is the final Anatomy Review and Quiz
After successful completion of Modules 1-10, you may sit for the Certified Kettlebell Coach Exam

(NOTE: The Certified Kettlebell Coach Exam utilizes the same test bank of questions as the Module quizzes)

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