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Certified Sport Yoga Instructor

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The Certified Sport Yoga Instructor is a comprehensive online yoga teacher training program for enthusiasts, personal trainers, current yoga instructors, sports coaches and wellness professionals.

Easier for beginners to perform

Faster for instructors to learn

Based on Hatha yoga, covers traditional sports stretching

Dynamic movement sequences for all types of athletes/sports


Learn How to Start Your Successful Career as a NESTA Certified Sport Yoga Instructor


Single Payment


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6-Month Payment Plan

No credit check.
Only credit or debit card required.


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Includes all listed under Single Payment

Exception : Exam may only be accessed after all payments have been received

Payment Plan Terms: $71/MO automatically debited/credited every 30 days, for the next 6-months

(includes onetime $30 processing fee)

Total payments made:
$426 at the end of 6-months

Refer to training, CEUs, and exam details below. Company Policies

The course objectives:

Learn teaching and leadership skills so you can lead a Sport Yoga class with confidence, capability, and the education to enable students to experience results

Vision the potential of variability in human movement

Memorize, dissect, and perform Sport Yoga postures

Deepen an understanding of anatomy and physiology of the human body

Understand biomechanically correct movements of the human body

Learn the movement differences of stability, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, and mobility to create a class structure beneficial to students’ needs

Analyze Sport Yoga postures and the students’ movement anatomical structure to create both regressions and progressions as needed for students

Understand the difference between a movement asymmetry needing balance, and a sport-specific adaptation

Communicate to the different learning styles of students to increase student success (visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners)

Comprehend the bell-shaped curve structure of a Sport Yoga class to allow for a beneficial warm-up, focus, and cool down of class

Learn the Praise-Correct-Praise method of giving feedback to allow students to feel supported by Sport Yoga teachers

Adapt to leadership mentality to develop leaders in Sport Yoga students

Understand of the path of Yoga to implement yogic concepts into Sport Yoga classes

Experience benefits of practicing the path of Yoga in regards to movement and Sport Yoga

You get EVERYTHING you need to begin your career as a yoga instructor!

Because of our special way of presenting the material, it is a simple process. The videos and manual move slowly and steadily through each pose, movement, and breathing pattern. You are able to pause the video and take notes or practice the movements at any time. The learning method is simple and straight forward.

You will be able to teach yoga 1-on-1, in groups, indoors outdoors, in a club, in your private studio, online, to corporate clients & more!

Your benefits of enrolling now:

You will save time. You won’t have to wait for expensive workshops that MAY NOT be offered near your home.

You will save money (no travel expenses, no time off work)

You will become successful in the health and fitness industry while helping people feel better and improve their health

I am so grateful for the NESTA certification programs. I completed the Sport Yoga program and started my own business two weeks later. The program is extremely well designed. It effectively combines written text along with a series of videos, which enable the student to thoroughly grasp each concept. I truly appreciated the accessibility to Dr. John Spencer Ellis and his staff. They are available to answer all questions, and encourage you to achieve your goals. There is absolutely no other certification program like it.

After completing the program, I felt 100% confident in my ability to pass along my knowledge to my students. As I mentioned earlier, I now have my own business in South Orange County, and I absolutely love what I do. Helping people attain their fitness goals and making a living doing it is a dream come true. I would encourage any fitness enthusiast to complete this program! Thanks so much NESTA!

Common Questions

Sport Yoga is an intentional program that leads to a proficient understanding of movements for any human who consistently challenges their body towards moving better and feeling better. Essentially, we are all athletes.
Once certified, you can teach Sport Yoga classes anywhere! The world is your playground, and you will discover many opportunities to teach a class. You might hold your own independent classes, you might apply for studios or gym, or you might bring Sport Yoga to a school! Watch the webinar for details about all your opportunities.
The maximum number of students you should allow to take the class is the highest number of students that you can keep a safe eye on while upholding a competent and comfortable instruction.
Sport Yoga classes are intentionally structured with a warm-up, peak, and cool down. As the instructor, you will decide how long the class needs to be to accomplish those. The average class time is 45 minutes – 90 minutes.
Most definitely! You are a knowledgeable and capable individual who is sharing a high-value movement class to your students. If you are holding independent classes, you have an opportunity to connect to yourself and make the decision of the monetary number that is congruent with the value you are giving.

Movement Science Taught in the Course

Flexibility is extending and contracting the muscle tissues, joints, and ligaments into a greater range of motion accepted by the nervous system. The flexibility of the individual depends on the range of motion at the specific tissue their own nervous system allows at that moment. To increase flexibility overtime, students keep returning back to the specific ranges of motion to communicate to their body to accept that angle of flexion or extension. The tissues are able to expand into new ranges of motion and increase passive flexibility. The tissue is capable of moving into that range of motion, and might not have control there.
Mobility is active neuromuscular control of the range of motion within the muscle tissue, joints, and ligaments. The nervous system not only accepts the range of motion, but it also has the capability of neuromuscular engagement in the position. It is important to note the distinction between passive flexibility and active mobility. By training active mobility, and gaining nervous system control over ranges of motion, students gain flexibility as well. By contrast, increasing passive flexibility does not increase active mobility. As a Sport Yoga instructor, know your intention for your class and the achievable outcome you would like your students to work towards and create vocal cues accordingly.
Strength is increasing the load capacity of the tissue to increase force output, the lactic energy system. Strength is the load-bearing capacity of the tissues and can be challenged and progressed with external weights, gravity, and bodyweight. The capability of the muscular tissue to handle and function under the load capacity improves with repetition and challenging the nervous system to perform a little more each time. In Sport Yoga classes, strength is a focus that can allow students to gain more control over their own body, and develop an understanding of their strength capacity, and how to challenge it in a safe, progressive manner to allow for strength increase over time.
Power is the dynamic, alactic energy system. It is called alactic because it consists of the anaerobic energy system that produces energy prior to lactic build-up. Power is your ability to increase muscle fiber recruitment and force output in a short duration of time to create an explosive, powerful movement. It is the fastest movement you can experience up to about 12 seconds of time. This allows you to create a strong, reactive strength in your body, which can help with things such as preventing you from falling, or creating impressive, dynamic athletic movement! – Endurance is the aerobic energy system, that utilizes oxygen to produce energy. It gives you the ability to move your body for an extended period of time. This benefits you because it helps your body uphold a consistent amount of energy output over time. In Sport Yoga classes, this can be done by creating breath-to-movement postures that flow from one pose to the next, just enough to challenge the aerobic capacity of your students.
Stability is the proprioceptive neuromuscular control of the body to isometrically hold a posture. This requires attentive awareness of the position of the body and engaging the amount of muscular effort needed to maintain stillness. Throughout the Sport Yoga postures, stability holds can range from subtle to challenging, depending upon what range of motion the tissues are in and the duration of the posture hold. Postures that practice stability can help the student improve the relationship to their body, brain and muscle communication, and balance.

Course Details:

Continuing Education Units: 2.0 NESTA CEUs, 20 ISSA CECs, 2.0 Spencer Institute CEUs, 2.0 MMACA CEUs, 2.0 ITCA CEUs
Recertification Requirements: None. Certificate does not expire
Prerequisites: Moderate flexibility, comprehension of English, basic fitness experience
You will learn:
1. Your role as a mentor, guide, and example.
2. Proper communication, body and verbal language as a yoga instructor
3. The importance of being clear, consistent, and concise in describing each pose and movement.
4. You will have the knowledge to safely and effectively lead an individual and/or group in a Sport Yoga class with confidence and grace.
5. The fundamental biomechanics, kinesiology, and exercise science of yoga movements.
Learning Format: Self-paced, 100% online format of materials including detailed and easy-to-follow video training sessions, teacher demonstration videos, a comprehensive digital manual, and non-proctored online exam. Internet access is required. Immediate online access is provided upon order completion.

Online training materials are Microsoft Windows, Mac and mobile compatible.

The only technology you will need is an Adobe Reader.

Exam Requirements: To receive a Sport Yoga Certification of Completion, the following tasks must be accomplished:

Independent study of Sport Yoga sections and a conceptualized understanding to the best of your ability

Thorough viewing of Sport Yoga videos, including video lectures and practice classes.

Completed “Elaboration Funsheet” after each Sport Yoga section (optional)

One recorded practice class with an outline of Intention, Structure, Postures, and Outcome (simple and to-the-point) as if you are teaching the class

Passing the Sport Yoga Cumulative Exam. Passing a 100 question, non-proctored online exam with 70% or higher. Three attempts at the exam are given. Results are known immediately.

Retest Fee: $95 retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the third exam attempt.
Completion Time: Approximately 30-40 hours of study (complete within one year of purchase)
Earn the title of “Certified Sport Yoga Instructor”

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