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NESTA/Spencer Institute: The Association for Trainers & Coaches Established in 1992

You will be given everything you need to gain needed skills, earn your certification(s) and build a successful coaching or training career.

Imagine if you had helpful resources, training methods, confidence, and all the practical fitness and/nutrition knowledge to build your ideal training business and career.

What if you had a trusted source of quality education, a proven business (and easy-to-follow) system, and real-life advice and lessons from successful instructors to help guide the development of your professional training career?

Since NESTA/Spencer Institute was launched in 1992, it has been our mission to help you reach the highest level of success in all aspects of your training/coaching career. Our online courses are easy to follow and fun, yet properly challenging. Each has been developed with your success in mind.

NESTA & Spencer Institute courses are structured so you quickly learn and understand the training concepts, and put your new knowledge and skills to use quickly. When you finish your course(s) of choice, you will be able to confidently help and guide your clients towards reaching their goals and dreams.

The benefits of becoming a certified trainer/instructor/coach with NESTA & Spencer Institute can have a huge impact on your professional and personal life. Whether you are developing your ability to help others, or you’re on a quest for a sense of purpose, becoming certified and building your career with NESTA & Spencer Institute will enhance your life for the better.

Here’s why…

Helping Your Clients is Rewarding and Satisfying

An opportunity to make a difference and see first-hand the impact on other peoples’ lives and a chance to give back are satisfying personal rewards. As a NESTA/Spencer Institute certified trainer/coach, you will gain this immense satisfaction as you help your clients develop and achieve their fitness, nutrition, or athletic goals. Working with people who are eager to make drastic, life-enhancing changes will give you a real sense of purpose. It’s good to help others.

Who do you want to become…… a trainer or a coach?

How do you define the difference?

This is our perspective:

When you train someone, you are telling them what to do, how to do it, how often to do it, and what equipment/tools/software to use. This “advice” is based on science, research, evidence, history and observation from the trainer. The NESTA division focused more on this area of expertise.

When you coach someone, you are asking questions. You are asking for feedback. You are understanding motivational strategies. You are listening far more than you are speaking. You are determining how the client understands themselves, and how they move towards – or away – from what they want or don’t want. You are a sounding board. The Spencer Institute division focused more on this area of expertise.

NOTE: There are other definitions of training and coaching that are also valid. This is just a quick outline. And, as you can tell, there are aspects of training and coaching that overlap. This is one reason why we emphasize that trainers need to learn coaching, and coaches must understand elements of training as well. The type of learning (certifications) is based on your goals and niche market focus.

So, the big question….. what does all this mean to you?

It’s important to know the difference, and it’s great to be able to have the skills of both. Trainers without excellent coaching skills fall short with communication. Coaches (health, wellness, lifestyle, nutrition) who don’t have training skills in fitness (as one example) can only offer coaching in a limited capacity.

Why not have an incredibly well-rounded set of skills?

Your clients will get better results, and you can generate more revenue by offering more serves and appealing to more people. Is it starting to make sense?

Training and coaching will Accelerate Your own Personal, Physical and Professional Development

Training and coaching often take place in fast-paced environments that accelerate growth and development. If you enjoy developing yourself and understand the value of ongoing learning, you’ll enjoy becoming certified because you’re in an environment that encourages growth. Because your clients are on a fast track, your pace is naturally accelerated, because you learn from each other.

You will Benefit from Our Expanding Professional Network and Community

One of the greatest advantages of becoming certified with NESTA/Spencer Institute is the personal and professional relationships that you will make. Success today, especially as a trainer/coach, is largely dependent on the size and strength of your personal and professional network. The more people you get to know – and who get to know and like you – the better for your long-term financial success and professional development. As a NESTA /Spencer Institute graduate, you will have the tools, professional network and confidence to build your career.

Your Training or Coaching Business Offers Unlimited Growth

This industry is set to be one of the fastest growing careers over the next 20 years. The health and fitness (and coaching) industry has grown a staggering 75% over the last decade. These numbers indicate a huge demand for trainers/coaches of all types. It’s not over-saturated. There is still a huge lack of qualified experts. You can now fill that need. We will assist you each step of the way.

Because training and coaching can be facilitated over the telephone, or with the use of Skype, Zoom or FaceTime, actual geographical location is completely flexible. A training practice can be 100% portable and gives freedom in travel and work options. With your NESTA/Spencer Institute certification(s), you can work from the comfort of your home gym and office. If a traditional home office isn’t right for you, you will have the freedom to take your business on the road, and lead sessions and help clients reach their fitness and health goals from literally anywhere in the world. NESTA/Spencer Institute is the Association for Entrepreneurial Trainers & Coaches. So, we’re ready to help you each step of the way.

Of course, you can also work at thousands of gyms, health clubs or fitness centers as well. NESTA is accepted globally.

If you can dream it, we’ll help you create it!

Quick and Easy Entry to the Profession

All courses are 100% online, clear, easy to follow, self-paced and suited to your schedule. Your training can take as little as 1 month or less, can be done from the comfort of your home, and at a pace that works with other aspects of your life.

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