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How to Make 15% More Money as A Coach

Yes, 15% MORE  . THIS is How You Do It…

This is not “pie in the sky” thinking.

This is not some crazy idea.

This is a list of 5 simple things you can do to increase your weekly $$$ by 15%.

Are you ready?

Here we go…

1. This is crazy….. Increase your rates 15%.  When is the last time you did a price increase? What are you worth? Are you getting what you are worth? Are your rates at (or below) the competition? You MUST show and demonstrate your VALUE first, so increasing your rates by 15% is acceptable and understandable.

2. Offer a higher-priced ELITE LEVEL service. If you offer any type of coaching/training program now, you can add a much higher priced (and valued) package or “system”.  You can add more access, more time, more content, more product, or more of anything your clients want and need.

3. Reduce your costs by 15%.  WHAT? Well, if you can increase your bank by 15%, you can lower your personal and business costs by 15%, too.   You can do the following: Get more energy-efficient lights, tune-up your car so it’s more efficient, reduce your cell bill by getting a better plan, use coupons, use Groupon, find sales, deals, and discounts for EVERYTHING. Consolidate everything possible. Go through all of your bills and see what’s not serving you.  Your focus should only be on your family (obviously) and improving your education, business, and self… PERIOD! Get rid of the junk that does not serve you.

4. Start a transformation program. This can work for life transformation or body transformation (or both). Yes, this works for personal development coaches, too. People love these programs (often called transformation competitions/contests). You can measure things such as body fat, blood pressure, weight, memory, push-ups, flexibility, language skills, blood work from MD and essentially anything. This program shows you how create/promote transformations or make-over contests.

5. Dramatically increase your social media footprint. Linkedin: Update your bio and use detailed descriptions of your experience and services offered. If you are a regional business, be sure to include words/tags that describe your local so you can be found by people in your area looking for you.  Be active, communicate, and add value. Twitter: Although not as powerful as it used to be, it still matters.  Tweet often and use hashtags that indicate your location and your service offers. Instagram: This is gold. Post up to 3x/day. Highlight your clients. Optimize pictures when possible.  Use helpful photo/IG apps. Use tags related to your service and your geographic location.  TikTok: It’s growing rapidly, and – in general – is for a younger demographic.  Regardless, be consistent and maximize each opportunity.

Yes, if you do all this, and TAKE ACTION DAILY…. You will increase your weekly   by the end of the year.

Thanks for your time,

The Team at NESTA and the Spencer Institute

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