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Try This and Enjoy More Career Success

Try This and You Will Enjoy More Training or Coaching Career Success
Hello Team NESTA,

You likely often speak to your clients about their results.  

How often do you speak to yourself about YOUR results?

How do you ENSURE you get the results you want and need each day?

There is a simple formula that works every time, and yet people do it on a continual daily basis.  I’ve been guilty of getting out of the routine as well.   

Here’s what we can both do starting right now:

1. Before you go to bed tonight, write down, record or key in the top 3 things you MUST accomplish the next day.  Why? It will allow your brain to do problem-solving while you sleep, and then you just execute in the morning.  You can actually tell yourself to “think of fun, creative, and effective solutions for _________ while dreaming.  Yes, this works and you should do it each night.  

2. Most people talk about a morning routine of activities.  But, they are missing an important step.  You need to focus on something else first.  What do you believe is important?  What do you believe is possible? What do you believe is essential? Why must you do ____ this day?  What will it cost you if you don’t? 

Until you do this part, the morning rituals of exercise, coffee, meditation, etc don’t matter. Understand your “why” first.  Then proceed to morning rituals such as rehydration, stretches, breathing exercises, etc. 

3. Do your toughest task first which requires the most focus, and maybe the most mentally exhausting. Willpower can change throughout the day.  Do the toughest things while it’s at a peak.

4. Do administrative tasks after lunch.  They generally don’t take as many total resources, and you can do them while you have the typical afternoon dip in the day.  Then, (in general) you can do more creative work in the evening.  Everyone is different, yet this holds true most often.

Yes, increasing your daily success and productivity is this simple.  

Start now!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. John Spencer Ellis “JSE”
CEO | NESTA | Spencer Institute | MMACA

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