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You MUST Follow These 3 Marketing Rules

You MUST Follow These 3 Marketing Rules

Marketing is everything to your training or coaching business. In fact, it’s everything to every business.

You need a put together a great coaching/training program that solves a big problem for your clients whether that problem is fitness related, nutrition-related, wellness related or a combination of those.

And, you also need an effective marketing plan and system to ensure that the right people learn about your service, gym, or studio and feel compelled to buy it.

Some marketing is so effective, you can have a crappy product and still sell it to a lot of people.  A quick review of all the ridiculous infomercial fitness products launched each year is a testament to the effectiveness of great marketing even for a marginal product or service.

Quality Product/Service FIRST — then, excellent marketing!

Once you have developed your quality product/service, how do you ensure you are hitting on the 3 Rules of Marketing?

What are the 3 Rules of Marketing?

1. The Hook: The hook refers to the “something special” that makes your product/service special, proprietary and unique.

Again, I’ll refer to the fitness infomercial space. There is always some type of “breakthrough method” such as Tuck, Tilt, Tighten or Muscle Confusion Technique or “It’s Technique” or the patented “XYZ Method…” blah, blah, blah… I only refer to the infomercial products because you likely know of them; not because they are always great products.  Your hook needs to be powerful and it needs to be real.

Before you launch your product or service, think about WHY and HOW your product/service has or does something so revolutionary, it cannot be replicated.  And because of that, people will be compelled to buy it.

2. The Promise:  The promise is your “guarantee of sorts” that your product/service will deliver what is expected. You need to show the promise is real and relevant by sharing customer testimonials, case studies, and reviews from happy customers.

3. The Result:  Just as the word implies, you need to give the result that is promised. Yes, everyone is unique and will have their own experience. However, your product/service should provide consistent, quality and reproducible results for the users.  Without real results, you won’t have great reviews, testimonials or happy customers.  It all falls apart.  

There are many marketing rules. However, if you start with just these 3, you will improve your marketing and grow your business.

Strive for excellence each day.

Thanks for reading.

The NESTA/Spencer Institute Team

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