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Fitness and Weight Loss Clients Come to You for Help for Many Reasons


Fitness and Weight Loss clients come to you for many reasons!

Some published statistics indicate that Americans are leading the obesity epidemic, but we do see obesity growing into epidemic proportions in other developing countries. In general, where we see more technology or technological advances, we see more obesity due to the society at large. Becoming more sedentary, but not that we’ve been talking about getting the client doesn’t just come from the intake of food and eating their you decide of balancing the sound is with our physical activity and in fact, our bodies were meant to move. We need to be able to design a program that fits the needs of the client to keep them active.

We know it but we may need to help our client remember the benefits of being physically fit – you may need to revisit these topics with your client if they lose sight of the big picture. Remind them of how weight management is really something that’s much easier when we are physically fit or physically active. You may also remind them of the benefits to the immune system and the cardiovascular and respiratory functions that experience a positive response to exercise. Help clients to see how these factors come to improve our function and how we feel in terms or energy every day. This, in turn, has an emotional boost for the client in terms of boosting mood and increasing self-esteem. We see the obvious physical benefits of increased muscular strength and better muscle and joint flexibility, and we would hope to also see an improvement in balance and coordination for our client.

Other benefits of being physically fit include good control of cholesterol and blood pressure, because exercise and physical activity directly help to control obesity. We also see a reduced risk among those who are physically active. For such things as heart disease forward certain cancers, and of course all the protective factors that exercise provides up against chronic diseases.

Your clients will come to you in many different shapes, personalities and styles. It may be a challenge at times for you to get your clients motivated and to be physically active in the manner that they need to be in order to achieve or maintain success. Sometimes clients simply cite the wrong reasons for not going to the gym – such as their age. Sometimes people will revert back to the past and rely on an athletic background as something they can get back into. And of course, some people just genuinely do not like to exercise and there are a lot of people who do not know how to, either. So there are a lot of different barriers to overcome with an intervention using a coach to bridge that gap.

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