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How to Make Good Money as a Speed, Agility and Quickness Coach for Individual Clients, Youth Sports or Elite Athletes 

By Scott Gaines, Ph.D., Senior V.P. of NESTA

Benefits of Speed Agility and Quickness Training for Coaches and Trainers

Fitness is far more than personal training. Conditioning for sports is far more than sports-specific skill development and flexibility. Both fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all levels can benefit from speed, agility and quickness training

For the fitness enthusiast, SAQ drills add fun and function to an otherwise traditional fitness routine.  It can be safely scaled down to improve general body function and mobility.  It doesn’t always need to be intense. For a wide range of athletes, SAQ workouts enhance numerous aspects of peak sports performance.  

Career Options For Speed, Agility & Quickness  Specialists

Here’s the good news…. You have many new and exciting career options when you add Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) training to your services.

Quick back story… I’m writing this letter to you today because I was just answering some questions for a student from India who wants to train cricket players. I thought it made a good topic of discussion.

He wanted to know where to start.  I suggested first earning the NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification (a solid foundation), and then earning the NESTA SAQ certification.

You likely have worked with (at some point) a client who wants to improve balance, coordination, power, bursts of energy, agility and the ability to change direction quickly. That’s what the SAQ program is all about. Scaled down to a safe and appropriate level, this training is also excellent for adults who want to maintain body function and more youthful movement patterns.

If you are a group fitness instructor or personal trainer, you have a great foundation of fitness.  However, SAQ is VERY different. Without specific training, these skills will be lacking. There is so much we need to teach you so you will pass your Personal Fitness Trainer Certification exam with confidence, we cannot add SAQ training to the mix as well.

It would just be too much.

Examples of Speed Agility and Quickness Training in Sports

Martial artists must have dynamic flexibility while being able to change direction quickly. Watching the UFC or other high-level combat sport clearly illustrates this fact. They need the perfect combination of strength, power, flexibility and agility. This requires a skilled coach who has detailed knowledge of these domains of expertise.

Soccer players (the best ones) have an incredible ability to change direction, accelerate and even run backwards. It is common knowledge that professional soccer players are some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world. They didn’t get that way without specific training.  This is primarily done through SAQ.

Tennis players must start, stop, explode with power, and jump. Their lateral movement is second to none. Watch the top pros play in a championship.  It is a sight to behold. They can only be at the top of their game with SAQ training.

Adding SAQ to Your Current Sports and Fitness Programming

SAQ training can be very intense.  However, you will learn how to modify it for different sports, activities, and ability levels. You can easily add SAQ training to a fitness kickboxing class, boot camp, MMA conditioning programs, indoor Group X programs and more.  Just modify as needed for the group or individual.

NESTA coaching programs are open to anyone with a desire to learn and help others. There are no prerequisites. We are here to give you everything you need for a fun, rewarding career.

Thanks for your loyalty to NESTA.  We’re always here to serve you!

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