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How to Thrive as a Coach or Trainer in Any Economic Condition

how to make money as a coach trainer in a bad slow economy or recession

People will always want and need your service regardless of the current economy.

Historically, the world’s greatest riches have been made during uncertain economic times. Don’t believe us?  Google it!  It’s true.

It’s time to get your part while enhancing the lives of others.

If others are afraid while you act now, they could be left behind.

Take control by taking action!  Here’s how…

Since the creation of coaching, people didn’t stop when the economic climate changed.  Since the advent of training, people have always wanted to improve themselves regardless of the stock market or who’s in office.  People want to improve, and they need your help.

Sports go on, and people want to win. They need to improve their speed, agility, and quickness. They need sports psychology coaching.  They want to enhance their mental toughness. Parents will do just about anything to help their kids improve and enjoy their sports activity of choice.  Parents often forego their own happiness and pleasures to ensure their children enjoy what they love such as soccer, wrestling, karate, baseball, etc.  You can be the difference to ensure the kids become champions.

Of course, adult athletes want to excel as well.  Older athletes may have different goals for performance enhancement such as improving sleep, making their brain function better, or getting an edge with optimal sports nutrition. Regardless of the interest rates, people want this help.  You are the solution.

Regardless of the price of gas, thousands of people in your community want to lose excess body fat.  They need your help. Maybe you just need to reposition your offer in a way that makes more sense in today’s economic climate. Maybe offer different payment options? Maybe offer group programs, so you still do well, but the cost to an individual client is lower?  Maybe offer a community-based program and have it subsidized by an association, city, or county? Many people who have completed the NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach and Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist Certifications have done just this!

You can always add VIP service to your client’s session by doing things that others may not consider.  This will help you get more business in a tougher economy.  How?  Offer 5-10 minutes of Theragun (or similar percussive massage) at the end of each session. Offer to drive to them. Offer facilitated stretching as a bonus.  Offer an otherwise “paid” service for free on a trial basis.  What are some other ways you can think of to get new clients and keep your current clients longer?

You can offer some type of “partner program” where you will train a couple for the rate of one client.  This works well for different types of partners and can make it more fun for everyone.  They, usually, become more accountable to each other as well.  They get better results.  You get happy clients and better testimonials and “after” photos. In a very strong economy, you may not want to do this, but things much march onward. You aren’t spending any more time.  An hour is an hour. So, why not let them feel like they are getting more?  It may be enough to get through a rough patch.

Maybe you need a different skill set to better serve your ideal customer. If you are working with older adults, they will be more interested in health, wellness, longevity, energy, movement, and stress management.  These professional credentials are all available at Spencer Institute. If you want to work with youth athletes, there are special credentials for that, too.  Parents want to know you are qualified, not just a nice person.  It all matters.

Tougher economic times can cause stress and restlessness for your clients. Maybe you need to offer a complete REST, RELAX and RECOVER SYSTEM.  What if you offered a passive form of service? Imagine creating a program in your home (spare bedroom, converted garage, or basement) as a wellness lounge. It can include facilitated stretching, Theragun, light therapy, EMF, sauna, coaching/counseling, yoga, compression therapy, breath work, and similar modalities. You can charge per session, or ideally, monthly. Tough times create stress. You solve the problem.

In short, you can truly thrive in this, or any, economy regardless of the title it is given

You may just need to think differently.

You may just need to out-hustle the other person.

It may be a combination of both.

As always, NESTA and Spencer Institute are here to guide you each step of the way, just as we have since June 1, 1992.

Please use our helpful and affordable solutions to ensure your current and future success.

Check out what it takes to start a career in personal fitness training. NESTA is your most affordable and fastest way to become a highly qualified personal trainer.

NESTA coaching programs are open to anyone with a desire to learn and help others. There are no prerequisites.

That’s it for now.

Take action!

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