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Your comprehensive and easy-to-follow personal training educational course includes an enhanced interactive digital manual, over 10 hours of video training (lectures and detailed demonstrations), PDF note packets to improve your comprehension and enjoyment, easy-to-follow audio lessons. And, your proctored online certification exam is included. Enjoy the benefits of your 100% accelerated online training program.  NOTE: The image above is a representation of your digital learning materials. Your training materials are all online. No materials are mailed. Program price includes 125 question, 2-hour proctored multiple choice exam.  For more information about NESTA’s PFT proctoring exam locations, requirements, scheduling, and procedures, please visit PFT Exam Requirements page.

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Become a NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

NCCA Accredited Logo
The NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer certification is proudly accredited through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)

Fitness clubs and gyms are hiring our personal trainers. Become a NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer to get hired faster.

Most fitness centers and health clubs require an Personal Fitness Trainer Certification like NESTA’s.

These clubs (and many others) accept NESTA’s certification:

health clubs that accept nesta personal training certification


Personal Trainer

Enjoy the ultimate fitness career!

Now is the best time to secure your future as a NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.

  • Help your clients get in shape safely and effectively
  • Start your fitness career at a gym of your choice
  • Train athletes and special populations
  • Start your own successful independent fitness business
  • Enjoy your dream life; live your passion

Why Choose the NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification?

4 year certification
Most certifications are only valid 2 years. However, NESTA’s Personal Fitness Trainer Certification lasts 4 years! This saves you money NOW and in the FUTURE.
Business training
NESTA teaches you easy-to-follow and cutting edge business skills you need to land your dream job and get more training clients.
Instant Access
100% online training program: Instant access, no waiting, study at your own pace! from your home, office or on the go. No materials are mailed.
NCCA Accredited Logo
The NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)

NBFE Approved Affiliate Personal Training Program

NESTA’s Personal Fitness Trainer Certification is recognized by the National Board of Fitness Examiners

The CDR (Commission on Dietetic Registration) has approved NESTA’s Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) Certification program as a CDR-approved certification. Registered Dietitians and Registered Dietetic Technicians may complete the NESTA PFT certification for 75 CPEUs.

NESTA’s Personal Fitness Trainer Certification  is GI Bill approved and offers special rates to U.S. troops and veterans. Click here for more info.


The NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification is registered with the the U.S. Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line program.


What do you get?

You will enjoy your training program in our state-of-the-art online classroom.

  • New and Enhanced Interactive Online Digital Manual- expanded by more than 25% with updated sections in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and business development (easily downloaded and printed)
  • Certification exam – 125 question, 2 hour proctored multiple choice exam. Upon completing exam, results are issued immediately at the PSI exam facility.
  • Over 10 Hours of Step-by-Step Video Lectures and Demonstrations
  • Listen online or download mp3 interviews & discussions - business, nutrition and program design
  • New Easy-to-Use 100% Online Learning System
  • Download all your materials on demand
  • 17 Detailed and Easy-to-Follow Interactive Lessons to Guide you smoothly through the program
  • Notes Packets so you get the most out of each presentation
  • Review Questions to prepare you for the NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Exam

The Personal Fitness Trainer Manual

The official manual (delivered in digital PDF format) uses interactive animations to explain scientific concepts and their applications for the personal trainer. Each chapter contains study questions which will prepare you to pass your certification exam.

The following content areas are covered within the interactive digital manual:

Personal Trainer Book

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Personal Training
Chapter 2 - Exercise Physiology
Chapter 3 - Kinesiology and Functional Anatomy
Chapter 4 - Applied Biomechanics
Chapter 5 - Flexibility
Chapter 6 - Nutrition
Chapter 7 - Special Populations
Chapter 8 - Assessments
Chapter 9 - Program Design
Chapter 10 - Exercise Application
Chapter 11 - Safety, Injury Prevention and Treatment
Chapters 12 - Exercise Psychology
Chapters 13-14 - Business Strategies and Applications for the Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Becoming a NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer truly changed my life. I instantly got hired at a top-rated gym and I am booked solid with great clients. I love my career.

Jennifer Blankenship


DETAILED & EASY-TO-FOLLOW Personal Fitness Training Videos

PFT Videos

33 online instructional videos with 3D animations and graphics make learning much easier and more exciting.

Learn about the NESTA System of Personal Training Success, Exercise Physiology, Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology, Muscular Anatomy, Biomechanics, Flexibility, Special Populations, and more.

BONUS: NESTA teaches you how to promote your services as a trainer, get more high-quality clients, and to help you make more money doing what you enjoy!

Personal Fitness Training Online Audio lessons

Business Fundamentals Online Audio Lessons

Strategies on how you’ll succeed in personal training with NESTA CEO John Spencer Ellis

Program Design Fundamentals Online Audio Lessons

An in-depth analysis for designing an effective and efficient program with fast and impressive results for your clients

Nutrition Fundamentals Online Audio Lessons

Discussion with Chris Mohr, RD, PhD, on nutrition and helping your clients make the best choices for optimal health and nutrition

The NESTA System of Personal Fitness Training Success

NESTA System Infinity Loop

An easy-to-follow method to jump start your personal training career…

3 easy steps to your personal training success

1. Assess - Learn exactly where to start with your clients for maximum progression

Young, old, in-shape, out-of-shape, special needs…learn the in’s and out’s of proper assessment.

2. Design - Easily design a killer program that will get results!

Your clients will sing your praises for a custom program that dodges injuries and catapults them to their goals.

3. Instruct - Guide your clients to an amazing new level of fitness

Applying the science doesn’t have to be complicated, and we’ll show you how.

3 steps to your business success

1. Sales - Sell without “selling”

“If you build your business, they will come.” Find out why you don’t have to be a pushy salesman to get clients.

2. Referrals - The #1 most powerful marketing tool in the world

Word of mouth. How to use it to get referrals and keep the business rolling in.

3. Marketing - Learn the simple yet effective marketing secrets that other trainers don’t know

At that job interview or running your own business, you won’t have to worry about your competition, they’ll be worrying about you! Get the proven strategies and tactics that other certification companies won’t teach you.

We prepare you for success on your test


Know what’s on the test.

Special hints placed throughout the manual called “exam alerts” point out the material that is likely to be on the test.



If you like more details…

If you are someone who wants more detail, or wants to know more than what appears on the test? We have provided “Xtras for Xperts” just for you. These 3D animation videos and PDF documents go deeper into the science and concepts presented in the manual.


Active and retired military veterans can use the G.I. Bill to help pay for the
NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification.


The Personal Fitness Trainer  program is available at a discounted rate in the Master Personal Trainer Bundle.

start a personal training career

After working out for many years and training people along the way I decided to take a couple of the exams that NESTA offered. It turned out to be the best decision I could have made. My fitness career is on the fast track to success.

William Wages Jonesboro


When potential clients see the official NESTA seal on my business card, they feel assured they’re choosing a true fitness professional. The expertise I gained with NESTA has put me way ahead of my competition.

Jim Loggins


NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Details

Requirements for you to become a NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer

- Must be at least 18 years of age

- High school diploma or GED

- Must have a valid government Driver’s License or Passport

- Must have current Emergency Cardiac Care (CPR) Certification card or BLS (Basic Life Support) card in place of CPR card. Click here for details: PFT Exam Requirements

- NESTA exam enrollment fees must be paid in full

Exam Details

  • 125 question, 2-hour proctored multiple choice exam
  • The exam candidate must take the Personal Fitness Trainer proctored exam within 90 days upon receiving their exam eligibility ID.
  • Exam results are shown immediately upon completing the exam.  All passing exams, receive a temporary certificate at the time of completion.
  • For more information about  NESTA’s PFT exam locations, requirements, scheduling, and procedures, please visit PFT Exam Requirements page.

Exam Locations

 NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer exam candidates will take the exam at a PSI testing center in their area. PSI is the proctored exam provider with one of hundreds of testing sites nationally throughout Canada and all 50 states in the U.S. including, Washington DC, Guam, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. 

Proctored Exam Fees and Extensions

Students who did not meet the exam passing requirements can purchase a retest 30 days from the date of the exam by visiting Exam Retest, Extensions and Administrative Fee page , or by calling our offices at 866-348-6692.

  • Exam candidate can request and pay for a 90 day extension before the assigned exam expiration date. Please refer to the NESTA Policies page and click on the “Fees” tab at the top of the page.
  • Extension requests to due medical issues must be provided in writing and a signed physician’s note must be provided. The request will then be reviewed by the NESTA Executive Board. Candidate will be notified by email of the decision. Please refer to the Personal Fitness Trainer Exam Candidate Handbook for details.

Certification exam procedure for international, military and including special accommodations students:

All exam candidates who cannot be accommodated by PSI exam facilities, will be required to use a NESTA ECB recognized and approved proctor.  Please visit Special Accommodations page for detailed information and instructions.

Recertification and Continuing Education Process

The NESTA ECB requires its certified personal fitness trainer (PFT) to complete 4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over a four year period. Each 0.1 CEU is worth one hour of study time or one contact hour in a live training format.

For more details on recertification, please click here.

Required Technology:  Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash video player. Both of these are installed on 98% of all computers. If needed, they are FREE: Get Adobe Reader or Get Adobe Flash player.  Online training materials are Microsoft Windows and Mac compatible.

Purchasing options

To purchase the Personal Fitness Trainer Complete, use the registration button below.

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What are my career options? How will I make a living with this credential?

The great thing about becoming a NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer is that you have endless career and business opportunities. Some primary careers include: Working with clients at a gym, health club, fitness center, spa or resort. You can train and coach your clients indoors or outside. You can also operate your own facility. You can train and coach clients one-on-one in their home, your home, or your office. Many experts with this credential train in groups to help more people and earn more money per hour. In addition, you can seek out alternative (and frequently very lucrative career opportunities) as a blogger, writer, podcast host, author, online content provider, online video host or publisher of digital education products. You can also offer your services online to individuals, small groups or large groups. You can use fun online communication/collaboration platforms such Skype, Google Hangout, iChat or PowHow for your training/coaching services. You can become an expert for authority websites such as WebMD, eHow and Livestrong.  You can become a frequent expert guest on podcasts, radio shows, TV talk shows, news programs or in industry publications. The list of opportunities is truly endless.  Nothing is hold you back. So, go make a difference today!

How will I get clients?

This is actually much easier than you may be thinking right now. Here are some examples: Facebook is an excellent resource. An account is free and building a fan page takes less than 5 minutes. You can advertising to very specific groups of people who want and need your services. Of course, you can also use Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and your other favorite social media platforms.  It’s 100% FREE. Create and post a press release about your business launch. It’s simple and free to syndicate your press releases across the web. Creating a blog for your business is very fast and essential free. We have resources for your online marketing needs here. You can make training/coaching videos and post them to Youtube. When you offer this valuable free help, people get to know you and learn to like you. In return, they want to know more and they are directed back to your Facebook fan page or blog for details.  Of course, you can post your videos to all video sites for an even great reach. Adding your business to Yelp is also a great idea.  It gets ranked high on Google which makes your job even easier. Make sure you also add your business profile to Google Local.  That’s another free and easy way to get clients. As for off-line client-getting strategies, you can do any of the following: attend local charity events, speak at community events, do a lunch-and-learn at a local business, volunteer for a local charity, distribute door hangers, post flyers, add a graphic/banner to your car, and the list goes on and on.  Once you get started, you’ll see how easy it is to do.  Now that you know what you need to do, you just need to implement and the clients will come in on a regular basis. To help you get started FAST and 100% ON TRACK, sign up for the JSE Inner Circle Coaching Program offered by the NESTA founder, Dr. John Spencer Ellis.  Try it for 30 days for just $1.