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5 Social Media Tips for Your Training Business

5 Social Media Tips for Your Training Business

5 Social Media Tips for Your Training Business

1) Social media will help you become an expert

Social media is an effective tool to find groups of people interested in your specific niche and build a relationship with them. Seek out groups already serving your target population and work to become an expert in those groups.

When they come back to your professional page, they should know within 2 seconds who you are, why you’re an expert, and what you can do to help them. The most effective pages aren’t constantly trying to sell products. Instead, they are the ones that have positioned themselves as the center of information.

2) You can post a tip of the day

The purpose of these tips is to continually flood the feed with your words. Experts get quoted. Experts never have to search for work. And experts get to dictate their prices. People share the same information over and over again.

There are reasons why the same types of content get shared the most even though they add nothing new to the conversation. I’m not suggesting that you simply create a page sharing memes of fitness motivation all day. But what I am suggesting is that you learn how to use that type of information as a tool to help find your audience and build your page. You have something special to offer, this will help you gather an audience to offer your unique brand of specialness to.

3) Always include a call to action

How are people supposed to know what you want them to do if you don’t tell them? Always end each post asking your reader to do something. It could be as simple as asking them to write, “I’m in” if they support your post. Getting comments improves your pages SEO so more people will see it.

Ideally, you already have an email list. A simple call to action that’s effective on Facebook is to link readers to a page where they can enter their email in exchange for a free gift.

Other calls to action you can use are asking readers to like your page, check out your blog post or message you if they have any questions.

4) Post 4-6 times per day

Post all different types of content throughout the day. Pictures are good because they take up a lot of real estate in the feed, but they are also viewed as less important than text-based updates. So if you are just posting pictures (and not including text with your images) you could be losing out.

You can share quotes, memes, blog posts, tips of the day, videos or pictures of your clients’ results. On professional pages you can schedule posts to go out at specific times, so upload them all in 20 minutes the night before and schedule them to go out the next day.

5) You must get your posts to catch on

If you can get your posts to catch on, your audience will grow and it is easier to reach new potential clients as well as find new ways to develop other sources of income anymore.

People will share your material if they gain something from it. What they gain might be public attention, the belief that they are helping others or even social credibility. They are looking for ways to feel like they are the one adding value to others lives. Shift your mindset from offering content to help your readers, to offering content that will enable your readers to help others and you’ve got a recipe for success

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5 Social Media Tips for Your Training Business