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How Can a Coach Help a Client Remember to Drink Water and Optimize Hydration? 

How Can You Support Clients to Stay Well Hydrated?

As coaches and trainers, we know that our clients don’t always drink as much water as they should.  You may have discovered you forget to drink enough water each day as well.  Most of us can do better. 

One of the easiest things to change is to optimize water intake and hydration status. However, Coaches will find that it is what most clients are resistant to. Optimal hydration impacts many brain issues including brain fog, attentional problems, moodiness, irritability, and disordered eating. All these situations can be alleviated with adequate hydration levels. 

Many health, fitness, and wellness professionals recommend the practice of drinking half of your body’s weight in ounces (water). For optimal hydration, we may also need to factor in fluid lost from sweat during exercise and environmental conditions that contribute to under-hydration. 

Is There an App For That? 

Any technology that makes collecting metrics easier should be used – provided it can be substantiated and seen as valid. An online hydration calculator can help, especially one which takes into account multiple factors in determining your daily water intake, which includes gender, height, weight, age, urine color, amount of sweat, exercise type, duration, intensity, as well as weather conditions. 

Regardless of how you formulate fluid intake with your client, our goal is to determine the optimal number of ounces of water for adequate hydration. 

Where Can You Learn More?

NESTA and Spencer Institute has been helping people like you since 1992. To date, over 65,000 people from around the world have benefited from our various certifications, programs, continuing education courses and business development systems. We are here for you now and in the future. Feel confident in your decision to work with us as you advance your knowledge and career. We are here for you each step of the way.

If you are a fitness professional working either as a personal trainer, sports coach or group exercise instructor, your first nutrition certification should be the NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach.  It gives you the science, psychology, and step-by-step process of coaching your client to improve their nutrition and eating habits. It is both foundational and complete. You also earn many educational units.

If you are a sports conditioning expert of any type, and you already have the fitness nutrition coach certification, your next logical step is the NESTA Sports Nutrition Specialist Certification. As the name implies, it’s more focused on nutrition for athletes. This includes pre-game, pre-event, mid-game or mid-event eating, post-event eating as well as theories and practices of carbohydrate loading and recovery meals. You will earn many continuing education units as well as a beautiful certification worthy of hanging on the wall.

If you have a coaching practice that focuses more on lifestyle, behavior modification, wellness and a holistic approach to living, you may want to earn the NESTA Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist Certification credential for your next continuing education requirement.  Although it covers some science, it is focused mostly on coaching methodologies, positive psychology, behavior change, understanding someone’s relationship with food and eating, journaling, and general enhancements to daily lifestyle habits. Your certification and educational units are included.  

Click this link to see our complete list of programs (all of which qualify for CEUs for our programs and others).

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