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How to Get to the Top 2% of Your Niche

How to Get to the Top 2% of Your Niche

You have greatness inside of you right now.

It’s ready to come out and shine.

So, why is there a delay in making it to the top 2% of your niche?

The answers may surprise you.

The answers may anger you.

You may not like the answers.

None of this changes THE TRUTH about what makes someone a top 2% earner, thinker, influencer and leader in your niche.

Let’s discuss!

Here’s what you must do RIGHT NOW to become a top 2%er in your niche:

1. Stop hanging out with people who are not committed to excellence in their life.

Why? “Things rub off!” It’s that simple. Your network = your net worth. You will learn far less about becoming a top 2% leader if your current set of peers have no idea what it takes, and would never even consider enhancing their lives to move in that direction.

2. Have more deep conversations about things that matter.

Talk about thought provoking, interesting and philosophical topics. Avoid idle chatter, gossip, and political discussions. It’s a waste of your time. When you have deeper and more meaningful conversations, you soon realize YOU are in control of your entire life. YOU have the ability to make any change/improvement you want. You are NEVER a victim of your circumstances or surroundings. Take control and move left, right, forward or upward. GO!

3. Read more and watch less TV.

People who read more, tend to be happier and more fulfilled. (yes, audiobooks count, too). People who read more have better conversations. Better conversations lead to more opportunities. People realize you are smart and want to collaborate or offer career opportunities, etc.

If you watch TV, make it educational most often. I enjoy the Science Channel, Travel Channel, and Discovery. And I watch many documentaries.

NOTE: Successful people grow their book collections. Broke people focus on buying TVs.

4. Always think at least 3 steps ahead.

Jiu-Jitsu and Chess are great examples. You should ALWAYS ask yourself the following: “How can I benefit, leverage and grow from every single event in my life?”

5. Always serve others.

Pay it forward. Fill up the bank before you need to do a withdrawal. When you are always thinking about how your work/effort will serve others, and add value to their life, you will
be rewarded financially. The more people you help, ultimately…. the more it helps you.

6. Learn how to speak more effectively.

Yes, annunciation and pronunciation are important. Yet, you also need to be powerful,
engaging, interesting and inspiring. Yes, we have a program for that.


Yes, it’s that simple. Make a commitment. Be committed. Cut off all other possibilities. Therefore your only choice is to become a top 2% trainer/coach/expert/authority in your niche.

Of course, there is more. However, do these 7 things (and never take your foot off the gas) and you will arrive!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. John Spencer Ellis
CEO | NESTA | Spencer Institute