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This comprehensive training program will give you everything you need to coach and train clients who want to compete on stage, or just have the body of a competitor. This is perfect for weight loss/fat loss services as well.

As you know, body transformation contests are popular and very profitable. Use these new skills and professional credential to skyrocket your transformation contests, or become a successful fitness, figure, bikini, and physique coach.


Single Payment


* Additional shipping fees & delivery times applies to students living outside of North America.
Refer to training, CEUs, and exam details below. Company Policies


NESTA 6-Month Payment Plan

No credit check.
Only credit or debit card required.


Coupon codes or discounts cannot be applied

Includes all listed under Single Payment

Exception : Exam may only be accessed after all payments have been received

Payment Plan Terms: $37/MO automatically debited/credited every 30 days, for the next 6-months

(includes onetime $30 processing fee)

Total payments made:
$222 at the end of 6-months

Refer to training, CEUs, and exam details below. Company Policies

Course Details:

Continuing Education Units: NESTA 1.5 CEUs, ISSA 15 CECs, ITCA 1.5 CEUs, MMACA 1.5 CEUs, Spencer Institute 1.5 CEUs

Recertification Requirements: None. Certificate does not expire

Prerequisites: None

Learning Format: Online format of materials including 15 training videos, 103-page comprehensive digital manual (can be downloaded and printed), and non-proctored online exam. Internet access is required. Content is provided in an online format which is accessed through a secure online website.

Note: Videos range in length from 5 – 45 minutes each.

Once you have registered, you will be immediately directed to create your student account. You may begin your studies immediately after registering, or log in to your student account later to start your studies.

You may take up to one year to complete the program and review the materials as often as you like. You will immediately know the results after you take your test. Most students finish within 1 – 2 weeks.

Online training materials are Microsoft Windows and Mac compatible.

The only technology you will need is an Adobe Reader.

Exam Requirement: Passing a 30 multiple choice, non-proctored online exam with 70% or higher. Three attempts at the exam are given. Results are known immediately.

Retest Fee: $95 retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the third exam attempt.

Completion Time Recommendation: Complete within one year of purchase

You will earn the title of “Certified Physique and Figure Training Specialist” and can use the acronym “CPFTS”

FREE CAREER TRAINING SYSTEM: When you register, you will also receive, AT ZERO COST, the Online Coaching and Training Course and Business System. It is a comprehensive program including detailed training on business set-up, marketing, personal branding, sales, social media marketing, online coaching/training, personal development training, video marketing, advertising, networking and much more. This is a $375 value you get for FREE.

From the desk of Emile Jarreau, Top Physique, Fitness Competition, and Bikini Training Expert:

Give me 2 minutes, and I’ll tell you about the Physique and Figure Training Specialist Course we’ve developed for you. You will learn and understand the process of fat loss and body transformation, which has worked successfully time and again over the last three decades.

It will go toe-to-toe with any body transformation program on the market today.

I’m confident that once you complete your training, you’ll have a great platform to build your fitness business as you develop an endless stream of new clients.

Your new clients will come to you with the initial idea of losing a few pounds, or being a little bit more muscular. At the end of the day, I find most people just want to be a bit more physically appealing.

As they go through the process of losing 10, 20, possibly 30 or more pounds, they uncover a layer of fat to expose the beautiful body that they already possess.

Men and women have different requirements when it comes to creating their ideal physique. Yet, both of them benefit from the increased confidence and sense of accomplishment, which comes from this type of training and conditioning. You become their driving force.

So whether you’re dealing with a male or a female client, the motivations sometimes are very clear cut. Yet, many times they’re unspoken. After 3 decades and helping over 11,000 clients lose over 4+ tons of fat, it boils down to just wanting to look a lot better, loving our own bodies, and wanting to be attractive to others.

Not everyone wants sports performance!!!

You are going to really enjoy this fun and comprehensive training course. Your new skills will help your clients get in the best shape of their lives, and provide you with an endless stream of new (motivated) long-term clients.

Thanks for your sincere interest.  I will see you on the inside.

To your success!


When you successfully complete the Physique and Figure Training Specialist course, you will be able to:

1. Explain, demonstrate, and coach your clients using the proven Physique and Figure Training Specialist Model.

2. Understand the different ways you can apply the Physique and Figure Training Specialist Model to populations requiring different strategies for success.

3. Know exactly how people go about the process of improving behaviors and how you can help as the coach.

4. Learn the 3 most important emotional and physical aspects of Physique and Figure Training Specialist Model.

5. Understand how to apply different coaching strategies, depending on your client’s unique needs and capabilities.

6. Discover how to master the Physique and Figure Training Specialist Model to achieve exceptional results for your clients while you dramatically expand your fitness business.

Your Unique Benefits:

You’ll be given all the needed details to build a profitable business platform, which will last the lifetime of your fitness business.

You’ll learn about advanced training and dieting protocols that will double and triple the results your clients will achieve. This dramatically increases your client retention.

You’ll create endless amounts of social proof (success stories) from the literally hundred’s of positive testimonials from satisfied clients.

Also included are over 3 hours of support videos about specific strategies that will enhance your learning curve to SAVE  you years of time and money

plus much, much more …

Some of the strategies you’ll learn about in your free bonus videos are:

1. What are advanced strength training techniques like LA Protocol, super sets, giant sets, and how to use them (and why)?

2. Why is MRT/PT the best type of cardio to use and when to use “Threshold and 10-20’s” as cardio variations?

3. Learn how to utilize the cyclical carb timing, differences of carb types, and their effects.

4. What are some of the “must-have” supplements that will increase the fat loss process

5. How do limiting beliefs affect your clients and athletes outcome plus what constitutes “reasonable progress?”

NOTE: Much of this training course is based on decades of real-world, in the trenches experience working with the top competitors in the industry. Although there has been extensive research and evidence-based findings, this course is focused on what has proven to work in the gym and on the stage (not in a laboratory).

REMEMBER: You will receive a very specific education so you can design specialized training and diet programs for each of your clients.  You are NOT getting a single “one size fits all” diet and fitness plan.  Based on the knowledge you gain in this course, you will know exactly how to create world-class training and nutrition protocol for all types of competitors, and those who want to look like a competitor. You will have the knowledge to make hundreds of different programs.

REMEMBER: Body Transformation programs and contests are big moneymakers. You will quickly learn how to master the body transformation business by becoming “the go-to expert” in your area (and online).  We also give you the resources to grow, manage, promote, and grow your body transformation business.

BONUS BUSINESS MODULE: 5 full-length and in-depth training videos by Emile Jarreau, giving you the specific details and strategies you must know to grow your physique and figure coaching and transformation business.


Carb Cycle Fat Loss

Carb Timing

Essential Supplements

Fiber Starch Sugar Carbs

Limiting factors of Success

Non-Meat Protein Sources for the Vegan

Physique Workout Protocol (Weight training and cardio overview)

Strength (LA Protocol-lactic acid depletion training with highlight)

Cardio (Threshold training)

Cardio Protocol 5 (H.I.I.T/10-20s)

Protein and Fat Sources

Reasonable Progress for Fat Loss/Muscle Gain

Understanding SOMA types

As you can now clearly see, THIS TRAINING PROGRAM HAS IT ALL!

It’s time to take action. There is no other program like this anywhere in the world. This is the only professional training course which gives you everything you need to be a successful physique, figure, and fitness competition coach while enhancing your body transformation business.

Make your mark. Earn your credential of distinction.