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Why You Need to Become a Prolific Coach or Trainer

Why You Need to Become a Prolific Coach or Trainer

Why You Need to Become a Prolific Coach or Trainer

Most trainers and coaches fit into a very specific mold and follow a clear set of norms.  

I’m not speaking about following proven protocol for results or recognizing set safety standards.  Those are in place for a reason.

What does it mean to be prolific? Why does it matter?

Being prolific matters because personal trainers and coaches who are prolific most often have a more interesting life and business. They generally have higher revenue. They are given more opportunities.  They are memorable. The people you don’t know personally, but can list quickly, are likely prolific.

Prolific Definition:

  1. producing young or fruit especially freely: fruitful.
  2. archaic: causing abundant growth, generation, or reproduction.
  3. marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity.

I especially like the 3rd definition option: “abundant inventiveness or productivity.”  Let’s focus on this definition for today’s lesson.

Apple was prolific with the advent of the iPhone

Uber is prolific because of its inventiveness and productivity for transformation

Beachbody and Tony Horton developed P90X – That’s prolific

So, how can you, as a trainer, coach or instructor, be prolific every day?

  1. Always give 100% effort
  2. Be bold when others will not
  3. Be outspoken, yet kind
  4. Be consistent when other flake
  5. Say what others are thinking, but aren’t willing to speak
  6. Become a leader
  7. Never let anything slow you down or stop you
  8. Always increase your knowledge about your profession
  9. Become very well rounded (renaissance man or woman)
  10. Strive to NOT fit in

Why does any of this matter?

People more easily forget those who are not prolific.

Prolific people seem special to those who are not.

Prolific people (in general) experience more of what life has to offer.