Muay Thai Fitness is not your typical “cardio kickboxing” class or “dance martial arts workout”. This is hardcore, intense, effective and a screaming good time!

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Comprehensive online video-based training program with 13 detailed online training videos, sample workouts and online multiple-choice exam. After successful completion, you will earn the professional title of “Muay Thai Fitness Coach.”

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In the past, martial arts based fitness programs were either too “dance oriented” or they limited the instructor by only offering a large group format which requires far more space (and often expensive equipment). We realized there must be a better way. People want a realistic and challenging martial arts fitness program without the fluff or contact of fighting.

If you are not familiar with Muay Thai, it’s the national sport of Thailand, and one of the most effective stand up fighting systems in the world. Practitioners of Muay Thai are incredibly fit and develop strong, athletic bodies. This system of martial arts uses powerful strikes with the hands, elbows, knees and feet. This is why Muay Thai is known as “The Art of 8 Limbs.”

The recent past…. NESTA Founder and CEO, John Spencer Ellis sought out the top Muay Thai instructor as his martial arts instructor. After studying multiple martial arts for over 15 years, John wanted to learn Muay Thai (and learn it right). This instructor was 3x National Pro Champion, Bryce Krause. After working with Bryce for a couple of years, John knew the fitness and martial arts industries could really benefit from properly combining Muay Thai and fitness training. With much work, Muay Thai Fitness was born.

Today… Bryce, John and NESTA present you with Muay Thai Fitness (also known as MTF).MTF is perfect for personal trainers, Crossfit boxes, martial arts schools, boot camp operators and big box gym owners. The complete training system was specifically designed to work with trainers, coaches and business owners ranging from solo, small budget operations to big box/big budget gyms.

ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING: MTF has complete training systems in place for one-on-one coaching requiring very minimal space and budget. Total equipment costs under $100.

SMALL GROUP TRAINING:  You can also offer small group training classes with 2 – 8 people. Total equipment costs range from $100 – $200.

LARGE GROUP CLASSES: The large group classes can be included with your regular membership, or you can charge a premium for this class.  As will all MTF formats, it’s up to you. MTF group classes can range from 9 to 40+ people. If you charge each person $10/class, you earn from $90 – $400+ per hour. Total equipment costs range from $500 – $3,000.

REMEMBER: You are given very detailed information about equipment options, pricing, combinations and more. We’ve intentionally designed MTF so you have as many options as possible for training protocol, equipment selection, space in your facility and budget.  YOU HAVE OPTIONS!

Frequently asked questions:

Can I offer MTF outdoors as well?
YES! Of course you will want to ensure the surface is safe. You can train on outdoor hard surfaces and grass just as you would with a boot camp model.

Is this more appealing to men or women?
Just like any other program, the client-base depends on the time of day. In general, classes and privates are 60% men and 40% women in the mid-day, and about 50/50 in the early AM and night classes.

How much martial arts experience is needed?
Martial arts experience is helpful, but not required. The training program gives you everything you need to teach the program. As with any fitness system, you will need to learn the techniques and practice the techniques so you teach them correctly. This is a fitness program, and you are not training people how to fight in competition.

group muay thai group fitness class
Can I combine MTF with other fitness techniques/martial arts I know?
To reduce confusion, we suggest keeping the actual “martial arts” portion to just Muay Thai technique.  However, you are free to add additional sports warm-ups and dynamic flexibility.

Where do I get the equipment?
We have a great resource for you. You will be given all this information once you register. Remember, you can start with as little as $100 total investment for equipment.

Are the heavy bags (if I choose to use them) hung from the ceiling or a rack system?
Yes and no. Some bags are hung up and others are rolled into position and use a water filled base for stability. You are shown numerous equipment and budget options. You have no barriers.

Do I get the official logo?
YES! Once you pass your online multiple-choice exam, you are given a file to download which has all file formats of the official MTF logo. This is the same logo on your certificate and what you see on this website. You can use it to make T-shirts, business cards, promote your classes on Facebook, and place it on all promotional materials.


Your Training

Comprehensive online video-based training program which includes the following:

  • History of Muay Thai and Muay Thai Fitness
  • Basics & Fundamentals
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Warm-ups and movement
  • One-on-one Class Structure & Examples
  • Small Group Class Structure & Examples
  • Large Group Class Structure & Examples
  • Equipment Options & Selection
  • Detailed Powerpoint Video With Details on Each Technique

Your Benefits:

  • Learn proper technique from Bryce Krause, 3x National Muay Thai Champion
  • Learn a proven training system for ONE-ON-ONE, SMALL GROUP & LARGE GROUP CLASSES
  • Start up with VERY LITTLE EQUIPMENT COSTS (there are endless affordable options you will learn)
  • Earn the only authentic Muay Thai technique fitness program
  • Learn to create personalized, comprehensive SAQ training programs
  • Understand proper progressions or regressions based on the athlete and setting
  • Receive official digital art and the MTF logo to promote your new classes
  • Take your coaching to the next level!
  • After successful completion, you will earn the professional title of “Muay Thai Fitness Coach.”

This is how you will get clients:

It’s much easier than you may be thinking right now. Here are some examples: Facebook is an excellent resource. An account is free and building a fan page takes less than 5 minutes. You can advertise to very specific groups of people who want and need your services. Of course, you can also use Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and your other favorite social media platforms.  It’s 100% FREE. Create and post a press release about your business launch. It’s simple and free to syndicate your press releases across the web. Creating a blog for your business is very fast and essentially free. We have resources for your online marketing needs here. You can make training/coaching videos and post them to Youtube. When you offer this valuable free help, people get to know you and learn to like you. In return, they want to know more and they are directed back to your Facebook fan page or blog for details.  Of course, you can post your videos to all video sites for an even greater reach. Adding your business to Yelp is also a great idea.  It gets ranked high on Google which makes your job even easier. Make sure you also add your business profile to Google Local.  That’s another free and easy way to get clients. As for off-line client-getting strategies, you can do any of the following: attend local charity events, speak at community events, do a lunch-and-learn at a local business, volunteer for a local charity, distribute door hangers, post flyers, add a graphic/banner to your car, and the list goes on and on.  Once you get started, you’ll see how easy it is to do.  Now that you know what you need to do, you just need to implement and the clients will come in on a regular basis.

Muay Thai Fitness (MTF) Program Details

Continuing Education Units: NESTA 1.5 CEUs, NASM 1.9 CEUs, MMACA 1.5 CEUs, Spencer Institute 1.5 CEUs, ITCA 1.5 CEUs

Recertification Requirements: None. Certificate does not expire

Prerequisites: Fitness training, martial arts or sports coaching background recommended, not required

Learning Format: Online format of materials including video PowerPoint lectures, comprehensive digital manual, and non-proctored online exam. Internet access is required. Content is provided in an online format which is accessed through an online secure website.

Once you register, you will be directed to create your student account. You may begin your studies immediately after registering, or log in to your student account later to start your studies.The materials will be released to you at one time. You can test when you are ready.

The only technology you will need is an Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash video player.
Both of these are installed on 98% of all computers.
If needed, they are FREE: Get Adobe Reader or Get Adobe Flash player

Exam Requirement: Passing a 30-question multiple choice, non-proctored online exam with 70% or higher. Three attempts at the exam are given. Results are known immediately.

Retest Fee: $95 retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the third exam attempt.

Completion Time: Approximately 3-4 weeks (must complete within one year of purchase)

Title Earned: Muay Thai Fitness Coach (MTFC). This is what will be on your certificate which is mailed to you.


group kickboxing class

  • History, Introduction, Equipment
  • Warm-ups
  • Basics
  • Movement
  • Striking Technique
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Holding Thai Pads (applies to one-one, small group and large group)
  • Holding Kickshield
  • Small Group Training
  • Large Group Class
  • Cool Down
  • FAQ
  • Detailed discussion of technique and coaching

As you can now see, Muay Thai Fitness is a complete system which offers you everything you need increase fun, excitement and revenue. It’s time for you to add excitement to your daily routine and the programs you offer your clients and members. Get started right now!

Just $197

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