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Creative Ways to Grow Your Online Personal Training Business

Creative Ways to Grow Your Online Personal Training Business

If you don’t know how to get new clients, it can be frustrating. Take a good, long look at your client list. If you have any clients who are responsible for more than half of your online personal training business income, it’s time to generate more clients and work better deals for your other clients.

Ask for Testimonials

Did you know that 20-50% of all purchasing decisions are driven by testimonials and word of mouth? If you have not created persuasive testimonials you are likely missing out of revenue. Use your current clients, either the online or the in-person ones to promote your business. Most clients are happy to write a little testimonial if you have helped them meet a weight loss or fitness goal. You could create a personalized social media message for them to send out, share before and after pictures or positive testimonials. It’s very likely these will catch the attention of other people and this will often turn into more sales for you.

Measure Client Success and Track Results

When our clients start missing workouts or don’t log their food, we are not helping them by letting them off the hook. Some people believe that they don’t need a trainer for exercise but all could benefit from having the accountability from one. Knowing they’d have to report to you on a regular basis will help motivate clients to get workouts done. That is half of why they are paying you for, someone to hold them accountable – so make sure you that you do!

You can take a look at last year’s workouts and progress. What changes took place for your client last year? It is a great habit to take stock of your client’s progress through different methods. For example, before-and-after pictures are great and can show both your client’s physical and even emotional changes.

You can track your clients’ progress with body fat assessments. These are just a starting point, but a great numerical way to record changes in your clients’ body composition.

For online clients, you could create a video of yourself taking clients through how to measure themselves correctly. Remember, congratulating them for each checkpoint is a great motivation.


Get the Most out of Your Business with Personal Training Software

For many trainers and coaches, personal training software is a good choice. Online personal training software should help you train clients more effectively and efficiently. If you choose to use a software platform to help you train and coach clients you want to make sure that the platform you choose has a strong customer support team that can quickly answer questions and help you solve any problems.

There are many different platforms available today, but we suggest you check out the service being offered by gymGo. gymGo lets you work with clients and make money in different ways: online, live-streaming virtual training & on-demand training. gymGo also now works with Zoom! Use our link to get yourself a free 14-day trial >>> http://www.gymgo.com/nesta

Use Challenges to Keep Clients Motivated

Keeping your online personal training clients motivated is not easy. Challenges are a great way of giving your online clients that extra push. You could consider running an exercise challenge, such as offer some kind of incentive if clients take a video of themselves performing a set of harder exercises or within a specific time. Food challenges can also get your clients more engaged. Get them to track their food intake for a month or challenge them to create one new healthy recipe each week and send you pictures.

Keep Your Business Organized

Managing a business can get overwhelming sometimes, so be organized. Creating a system for dealing with new clients, assessments, pre-typed messages. This will keep your business running smoothly. Another thing you can do is to consider signing up for an email server where you can upload all of your online training email addresses and make your life much easier! Use it to create autoresponders or schedule emails and announcements.

Starting an Online Personal Training Business

If you had to switch your business from in-person to online on the fly, your clients will expect that there will be some challenges and honestly, if you have a good relationship with them they will be able to go with the flow. As long as they feel you are doing everything you can do to deliver value, they’ll stick with you.

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NOTE: When you take your fitness business home, you can also work with clients outdoors as you operate your business from your kitchen table and even coach clients online from home.