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How to Attract Clients to Your Online Personal Training Business

How to Attract Clients to Your Online Training Business

As many countries start making plans for opening back-up, many gym and studios continue to remain empty and personal trainers and coaches who relied on the steady stream of members to support their business are trying to figure out how they can continue to train clients during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

The advent of the internet and social media has connected the world in ways that were not possible just decades ago. We can obtain full degrees, certifications, and teach all online. Even fitness classes are available virtually and on-demand.

As quarantine is lifted and many states and countries continue to recommend strict social distancing measures, many trainers and coaches will choose to work at home. Others will choose to work at the beach or a park. Or, like many health and fitness experts are discovering, they can travel the world extensively, or even indefinitely, while personal training clients online.

Tips to Attract Customers to Your Online Coaching

Without an effective strategy, there is no way you can get clients on your online coaching business. Luckily there are tons of effective marketing strategies that can be used to get into liking your service and establish yourself as an authority.

Writing Articles and Blogs

The best thing to get clients to like your online coaching business is to write innovative articles and blogs that cover the best of information and describes your experience in the field. Being a certified coach you have to reflex it into your articles that you are the real deal. Make your articles and blogs show your experience and confidence. When you will publish all of your written articles reflecting all of your experience people will get attracted to your work and will contact you through different resources. This is an effective way to get clients into liking your coaching business. Also, make a list of renowned websites and contact the person in charge of their content that is published on a daily basis and present them your work and get it published. When someone will stumble upon your work they will try and get in touch with you and will be converted into paid clients.

Engaging SEO Content

As you would be running an online business you are supposed to be having a website so that people can search for your services. Having a user-friendly decent interface will definitely come in handy for you as it would attract a lot of people. Having a website, you also have to do some work on it on how to get more customers and for that, it is really necessary that your website stays on top of the search results so more and more people can interact with you making it easy for them to approach you. Now staying on top of the search results will require you to get your website optimized through SEO this definitely helps in keeping the website user friendly and gets you a lot of organic traffic making it easy for you to get paid clients and as your website is on them you can also expect a lot of people to be coming to you for your services.

Engaging Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways to get clients is to engage with them on social media. There are many different social media platforms you can utilize including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and man more. Engage with people there. Set up your profile or page and let people know about yourself and your services. Have conversations with them. Tell them your story, let them know about your work, and attract them to your coaching business. Engaging in long and informative conversations with your clients will help you demonstrate your fitness expertise. This can be a game-changer as they can become your permanent long term clients. Try to answer every question and engage them in informative conversations as much as possible.

Having Family and Friends as Wingmen

Well its basic and obvious that when you will start a business the first thing is to let your family members and friends know about it. There are many huge businesses that started from scratch and their first clients were their family members and friends. At first, let them all the details about your business and let them acknowledge you. When it’s done they will then share the information with their connections such as their work employees, friends, and people they meet in daily life. This can become a source of help for you to grow your business and get clients. Its human phycology that they prefer a known service over an unknown so hearing from a person they know will definitely come in your favor.  Moreover, studies show that people usually get their first clients from the people they know.

Sending Daily Emails

You have to be in contact with people in order to make them your clients. As you are running a business try utilizing all your assets. Send daily emails to all the contacts in your list. Studies have shown that people interact with email more often than their chat boxes.

Utilizing Cross Referrals

There are many different professions that work with clients who want to improve their health, diet, wellness, and fitness. Try reaching out to these professionals such as chiropractors, nutritionists, physical therapists, and much more. Introduce yourself and build a working relationship with other professionals and when it feels appropriate, you can ask them to refer their clients to you.

Creating a Hyper-Focused Niche

Having a hyper-focused niche can help you target a specific audience to yourself and can help you become an authority quickly. For example, if you are work with senior citizens on how to make body muscles strong clarify it on your website. This will attract the people and they will get to as you are offering their choice of service. This also helps in making people clear to what extent you are professional as you have mentioned your specific field of expertise.

Building a Community

Having a large community that praises you and accepts you for who you are is a great asset. Moreover, people with the same ideals as you are in such communities that make your work easier. Have a Facebook fan page and post daily updates of your ideas and share your blogs on the page. This will get them to further understand your concepts and what you are offering. The first impression on everyone will get them to be your permanent clients making it easy for them to take your fitness and coaching classes.

Add Testimonials to Your Website

Potential clients will look for reviews from your previous clients. Your current clients have worked long enough in the gym with you and they know your skillset and expertise well. Also whenever you work with a new client, you should ask them to leave you a review.

Distributing Brochures and Business Cards

As a certified trainer or coach, you may want to get yourself some professional business cards or brochures. Distribute them to your local area. You can also go to yoga studios, chiropractor labs, and well known general physicians and ask them to place a stack of your business cards on the front counter so that whenever people interact with them they will get a glance at your business card.

Discount Packages

Offer different discount schemes and price packaging to your clients. This will serve as a way to attract more clients. Offer packages like” buy 4 packages get 1 free”. This is a great way to attract new clients and it will also helo convert existing clients into long paying loyal clients. Price packaging is very important as it makes it easy to sell your services to the clients.

Partnership with Other Businesses

Consider setting up partnerships with other health and fitness-related businesses such as a vitamin supplements store. Partnering with these businesses provides an opportunity to leverage your marketing services. These businesses can refer your services and you do the same for them while offering a small percentage of each referral.

Branding your Approach

Brand your approach towards your clients. For instance, If you offer a weight loss plan, instead of calling it “weight loss session” try coming with a small abbreviation or a fun new name that feels flashy and attractive. Not only does this feel more appealing to clients but it is also easier for them to remember and share with a friend or referral.

Utilize Online Personal Training Software

For many trainers and coaches, personal training software like the one offered by gymGo is a good choice. Online personal training software should help you train clients more effectively and efficiently. If you choose to use a software platform to help you train and coach clients you want to make sure that the platform you choose has a strong customer support team that can quickly answer questions and help you solve any problems.

Online personal training and coaching software can be a valuable tool to create, deliver, and maintain your coaching services. The more clients you have, and the more complex your business becomes, the more you and your clients will rely on the software to keep in touch and stay on track.

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Be Genuine

Last but not least be genuine in your dealings with your clients. Don’t try to act like someone you are not. Be true to your personality and show everyone your true colors.

Starting an Online Personal Training Business

If you had to switch your business from in-person to online on the fly, your clients will expect that there will be some challenges and honestly, if you have a good relationship with them they will be able to go with the flow. As long as they feel you are doing everything you can do to deliver value, they’ll stick with you.

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That’s it for now. Take action!

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NOTE: When you take your fitness business home, you can also work with clients outdoors as you operate your business from your kitchen table and even coach clients online from home.