17 unique modules broken down into five distinct segments which are all designed to help you develop and launch a successful PURSUIT fitness business.

Unit I: Introduction to PURSUIT: A Revolutionary Fitness Movement
Unit II: Kick-Starting Your PURSUIT Business
Unit III: The PURSUIT Training and Coaching Methodology
Unit IV: The Integrated and Multidisciplinary Approach to Powerful Coaching
Unit V: Flooding Your Business with Clients: Networking, Marketing, and Promotion

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(Module 1 & 2) A Revolutionary Fitness Movement: PURSUIT Origin, Vision and Philosophy

  • Learn how Dr. Laura Miranda’s successful 16-year history in the NYC fitness industry, the most competitive fitness market in the world, combined with her three advanced degrees in the study of exercise physiology and the maximization of human performance potential, has coalesced into the development of The PURSUIT Training Method and turn-key business model.
  • Understand how we are changing the face of training by challenging the “fitness status quo”
  • The 11 Core Values of PURSUIT are the philosophical principals that will guide not only your coaching and training methodology of your athletes but will also set a foundation for the ongoing development of YOU as a successful person, coach, and PURSUIT business owner.
  • We’ll show you why through this program we (both for ourselves and our athletes) we are always In Pursuit of…
  • Changing the way group outdoor fitness is done on a global level.
  • A different measure of success. Maybe if you work in a job where you sit all day, maximal load lifted overhead shouldn’t be your measure of fitness?
  • Conscious connection to your environment, body, and life
  • The “Street athlete” mindset
  • Challenging the “fitness status quo”
  • The pervasive accessibility of fitness
  • Overcoming obstacles as a tool for growth

(Module 3) PURSUIT Program Overview and Definitions

  • We’ll walk you through the important definitions and concepts that set this workout method and program apart from all others out there
  • Discover how to cultivate a 360 mind-body-fitness experience for your athletes that will give your business staying power and longevity
  • The PURSUIT Training Method empowers humans with the knowledge and desire to be able to work out with just their bodies, anywhere, anytime. We strategically utilize the city’s obstacles and infrastructure to foster kinesthetic adaptation, athletic innovation, and fun!
  • PURSUIT is an on-the-go workout through the town that utilizes a multidisciplinary training approach. We strategically layer together with the key principles of calisthenics, athletic conditioning, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), progressive bodyweight training.
  • A breakdown of the exact strategic class format, from warm-up to cool down, that works in every situation, regardless of your niche or city landscape layout.

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(Module 4) PURSUIT Niche and Business Development

  • A systematic process to deeply define your niche and target market so you can create a connected and profitable business from the beginning.
  • Knowing the fine details of your niche will make it easier for you to market to them, talk to them in their “voice,” to know where to find them, and to provide products and services that they want and need.
  • You will be designing every aspect of your PURSUIT business model with your ideal customer in mind so you can convert people into paying customers with accuracy.
  • Learn how to implement PURSUIT into the ideal business model that works best for your current business or/and future goals: Standalone business, additional programming to your brick and mortar business, small group training program, or elite short term training course or seminar.
  • Complete walk-through on establishing your official business entity with the government so you can set up a business bank account and order to accepting credit card payments on your site.

(Module 5) PURSUIT Session Organization, Logistics, Structure, and Execution

  • Uncover how to set the optimal class time, days of the week, and length that is optimal for your specific niche
  • Get the secrets behind seamless registration, payments, billing, and dealing with cancellations so you can stay focused on working ON your business, and not IN it.
  • How to effortlessly handle rainy days, so you never have to lose income from canceled classes
  • The best ways to scout, negotiate, and secure an indoor location for winter that won’t break that bank so that you can run your business all year round.

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(Module 6) Email Marketing, Lead Generation and Opt-Ins

  • Discover why this is the fundamental first step to launching your PURSUIT business
  • Creating your free offer that attracts your ideal customer
  • Technology that effortlessly and strategically automates your marketing funnel (lead collection, display, and delivery of your free offer, and follow up email sequence) that turns your online presence into a 24-hour marketing machine (whether you have a website yet or not)

(Module 7) Assessments and Dynamic Warm-Up 2.0

  • Functional Movement Assessment Video and Instruction in the manual
  • Learn how to implement a daily 3 step, active, functional movement assessment in a group setting that is a component of the new and improved warm-up system.
  • This Dynamic Warm 2.0 is a multi-planar, integrated approach to preparing your athlete’s body for the upcoming workout.
  • This system allows you to deliver on the spot improvement in function, which reduces the chance for injury, improves performance, which all maximizes results!
  • 4 plug and play warm-up drill formats that seamlessly apply our unique approach to a fun and powerful warm-up.

Athletic Fitness Assessment Video and instruction in the manual

  • Learn how to look at athletic and performance-based movement (and look FOR movement dysfunction) as it is expressed through strength, endurance, and motor control.
  • Since you’re going to have your athletes hanging from bars and jumping over obstacles in the middle of town, a standard timed pushup and crunch test will not even come close to measuring the type of performance that we will be demanding in PURSUIT. We have to be smarter than that.
  • This test is used to profile athletes who are at risk for injury (due to poor control, maladaptive behaviors, or lack of strength). It also doubles as an assessment of each athlete’s fitness level to measure the efficacy of your training — i.e., to measure RESULTS!

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(Model 8) Choosing the right Locations and Obstacles around your town

60 Minute Webinar Tutorial training and in-depth discussion in the manual on how to adapt, reinvent, and reinterpret non-traditional spaces in any town or city and turn it into a virtual fitness playground
Step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to:

  • The survey, explore, and track the best locations to turn your town into an ultimate fitness playground
  • Determine which locations and obstacles don’t work and why
  • Look at your world through the PURSUIT “lens” in order to see the fitness potential in everything
  • Pair together different locations to make the best class no matter what niche or ability level
  • Be prepared for the most common pitfalls and roadblocks that come with an “on-the-go” workout concept

(Module 9) Transitions: How to seamlessly move the team from one location in town to the next

  • What drives the PURSUIT training method and differentiates it from other programs is the “on-the-go” nature of the workout. You will never be in one place for more than 5 minutes at a time.
  • Learn why without these insider secrets, this traveling aspect of the class can potentially cause the biggest program-crushing organizational headache
  • Learn the strategic way to plan and execute a “transition” to keep the group together and allows both the slowest and fastest person in the group to stay together and receive the workout of their lives!
  • Get your hands on 16 different detailed Transition formats that are completely customizable. We map out every component of the coaching technique, flow, and training methodology so you can easily apply it to your group’s workout tomorrow morning.

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(Module 10) Implementation of the 3 A’s of the pursuit training method into the city (Anaerobic + Aerobic + Skill Acquisition)

  • The science of results: you’ll learn how to strategically apply the science of taxing each energy system, one after the next, so your clients stay challenged and engaged in a whole new way
  • In PURSUIT, we take HIIT to the next level. The short recovery after an all-out anaerobic exercise interval is turned into an active aerobic set that is finally rounded off with a static “skill-based” move on a piece of the cityscape that maximizes the integration of the core to the movement pattern and focuses on the mastery of the body in space.
  • PURSUIT’S Skill Acquisition Phase fosters sustainability and longevity so your clients can keep working out in your program for years to come!
  • 7 skill based moves with progressions from beginner to advanced progressions

3 PURSUIT group classes filmed LIVE in the streets of NYC

  • You’ll have a front seat to the action while PURSUIT creator, Dr. Laura Miranda leads a group of 20 athletes through 3 different classes from start to finish.
  • Watch first hand how the PURSUIT training method is implemented in real-time
  • Discover how to seamlessly move a massive group of people all over town so that everyone, no matter their ability level, will achieve massive results.
  • See how to apply theory into action and avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls often experienced when working with large groups in an outdoor setting.

Video walk-through of 8 different, customizable drill formats that can be implemented into any city, suburb, beach, or rural setting.

  • We have broken down each drill with step-by-step instruction and explanation on how to implement the PURSUIT Training Methodology outdoors using the most common inanimate objects or Obstacles, as they are called in PURSUIT.
  • We walk you through how to instruct, coach, guide the flow, keep everyone together, how to get the most out of your athletes, and how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • You will be able to plug these drills into your business on day 1, no thinking, just apply it and go!

(Module 11) A scientific approach to progressive bodyweight training programming: variables and tweaks that deliver max results

  • With outdoor training, you can’t increase the weight to make it harder, nor can you just give them 100 reps of an exercise and call it a day. As a PURSUIT coach, we train you to be smarter than that.
  • An in-depth look at the principles of exercise science and the progressive bodyweight training variables that will make you an “outdoor trainer extraordinaire!”
  • You will understand how to effortlessly deliver massive results with just your athlete’s body and what you find on the ground in front of them by the manipulation of such variables as time under tension, work to rest ratios, exercise sequencing, a plane of motion stacking, regressions-drop-sets, and so much more.
  • We’ll show you the secrets behind safely pushing different levels of athletes up to their limits via fierce motivation and strategically applied tweaks, progressions, and regressions, in order to ignite the power and ferocious drive that is already inside of them but is waiting to be uncovered!

4 Videos packed with over 100 unique and innovative bodyweight exercises performed on 8 of the most common city-based Obstacles like fences, benches, stairs, courts, curbs, lines and fields.

  • We walk you through exercise progressions and regressions, from beginner to advanced, using just your body weight and city infrastructure.
  • You will never run out of ideas for your own workouts since we detail out the primary and secondary movers, stabilizers, movement patterns, planes of motion, compound combination movements, as well as the do’s and don’ts of training different populations outdoors.

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(Module 12) Post Workout Recovery Protocol

  • Yes, the post-workout stretching and muscle work is an important component of injury prevention and performance longevity in this well-rounded fitness program.
  • If you ONLY focus on these aspects, you will be missing a grave opportunity to help your athletes maximize their true potential.
  • Get our 6 step mindset re-set at the end of each class in order to help them realign, inspire, and solidify positive-behavior carry-over to the rest of the 23 hours they are not in your presence!

(Module 13 and 14) PURSUIT Coaching Methodology

  • Becoming an elite athlete is a skill, and so is becoming an elite coach. Discover why inspiration, not motivation, is the keystone of a successful coach that changes lives on a grand scale and creates customers for life.
  • Get the systematic PURSUIT coaching methodology that focuses on NLP techniques, behavioral change, and personal development psychology so you can help your clients achieve the kind of success that permeates into the rest of their life, and goes way beyond the one-hour PURSUIT workout
  • We take you through what we call our “fearless and searching moral inventory” approach to diving deeper than you ever have before into defining your “WHY” and
  • USP as a business owner and a coach. Learn how to use your “wellness lens” and journey to leverage your uniqueness and capitalize on your strengths to even further set you apart from your competitors
  • We pull back the curtain and let you in on the secret formula behind Dr. Laura Miranda’s 10+ years of successful in-class and diehard community-creating dynamics that keeps clients engaged, achieving next-level greatness, and coming back month after month.
  • Get the weekly email protocols, communication schedules, and the special technology used to leverage your time so you can stay in constant contact with your athletes and therefore in their “TOMA,” top of mind awareness.

(Module 15) Increasing Exposure and Sign-Ups Through Networking and Marketing with Events, Collaborations, and Challenges

  • Get an in-depth understanding of the psychology of networking and learn the steps to strategically align yourself with groups, people and programs that will help you leverage relationships so you can increase your exposure to your niche.
  • Learn how to make strategic connections with wellness mavens and influencers to help you gain priceless exposure to their audience and increase your credibility in the industry.
  • A complete breakdown of the marketing, promotion, and execution of 6 socially based fitness events that will foster a powerful referral engine, add additional revenue streams to your existing program, and drive massive traffic and press to your program.
  • Marketing Through Cross Promotional Events and Brand Collaborations
  • Get the secret to creating collaborations and events with big wellness brands as well as like-minded colleagues and even competitors. We give you the step by step process from making the connection, to the no and low-cost marketing and promotion, and all of the fine details on how to leverage the entire event to expand your local reach, increase your list, and flood your program with paying clients.
  • Done-for-you protocols to leverage charity events, weight loss challenges, performance competitions, and seminars as client-attracting, lead generating, and community building tools!

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(Module 16) Building Your List and Reaching Your Niche Through Social Media Marketing

  • How to get strategic about building your email list
  • What you should be doing in EVERY social media post in order to get clients to sign up for PURSUIT and how to avoid the most common mistakes that most fitness pros are making
  • We demystify the different guidelines and best-practice procedures that work on each social media platform and how to maximize your content and reach on each!
  • Proven 8 step formula to becoming a social media marketing extraordinaire
  • The only 4 pieces of free or inexpensive, time-saving equipment that you’ll need in order to shoot, edit, and produce pro-quality audio and video content that will put you head and shoulders ahead of your competitors.
  • Get Dr. Laura’s super top secret content creation formula that instantly removes every email newsletter writing or social media posting headache you’ve ever had!
  • Simple marketing funnels, email cascades, and lead generator guidelines that can automate your email marketing and allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

(Module 17) Press and Media

  • The precise way to pitch the press to get your story printed directly from a health and fitness reporter for major NYC and national publications
  • How to (and how not to) make meaningful connections with the press in ways that will have them asking to write a story about you
  • The 3 key ingredients that every press release must have (it’s probably not what you think)

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  • Step-by-step instructions on how to set up, run and tweak targeted Facebook ads to help drive massive local traffic to your website and clients into your program. All of the guesswork is removed. Just follow the steps and forget about wasting time or money on ads that do not work. You will be able to walk into any city, suburb, or rural landscape with athletes of any fitness level and deliver the workout of their lives. Learn the basics (and some secret tricks) of the Facebook picture and video advertising (not just boosting a post).  Imagine getting video views for 1/2 of a cent.  Step by step instructions on how to set up, run and tweak targeted Facebook ads to help drive massive local traffic to your website and clients into your program. All of the guesswork is removed. Just follow the steps and forget about wasting time or money on ads that do not work.
  • Access to our exclusive vendor to purchase exclusive high-quality marketing swag like PURSUIT headbands, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and so much more.  We have paid for the setup, all you pay for is the clothing items.
  • 100s of high-quality images of clients of all levels training in urban settings to use immediately in your marketing and promotional efforts.
  • Skype call with Dr. Laura Miranda, the creator of PURSUIT Training Method, and the master online fitness marker extraordinaire, Dr. John Spencer Ellis. Rapid-fire questions and answers distilled down to the nuts and bolts of how to make your PURSUIT business a success from the word GO!

As a PURSUIT Coach you…

+ Will be able to walk into any city, suburb, or rural landscape with athletes of any fitness level and deliver the workout of their lives.

+ Must have adaptability in your brain, innovation in your blood, and the passion to change lives in your heart.

+ Have a deep desire to challenge the fitness status quo and go against the mainstream indoor gym-based workouts.

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