How Do Lobbying Groups Affect The American Diet And Food Recommendations

How Do Lobbying Groups Affect The American DietEvery five years, the US government publishes the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans, we currently fall under the 2015-2020 guidelines. As a Certified Nutrition Coach, it is important to keep to understand what these guidelines mean and how you can utilize this information to educate your clients. 

Each year prior to publishing the guidelines, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion assembles a panel of experts called the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to identify, review and recommend any food-related health issues that should be addressed by the upcoming dietary guidelines.

In 2015, this select panel of Physicians and Dieticians specifically recommended a diet “lower in red and processed meats” than prior guidelines, yet the new guidelines make no mention of “red meats.” The new guidelines also ignore the advisory committee’s conclusion that a healthy diet should be “low in sugar-sweetened drinks.” Both guidelines omissions can be directly linked to lobbying by the meat industry and the deep pockets of soft drink manufacturers.

Playing Politics With Our Food

The official stated purpose of the US Dietary Guidelines is to provide “authoritative advice for people two years and older about how good dietary habits promote health and reduce chronic disease risk.” In theory, these guidelines should be applicable to pretty much everyone except babies, infants, and toddlers.

Unfortunately, in reality, the guidelines may serve more than individuals. Lobbies for producers of sugar, corn and high fructose corn syrup, alcohol, dairy, and the sugar and fat-laden snack food industry have inserted their priorities into policies that should reflect only science and nutrition.

The Food Pyramid and MyPlate

The influence that various food industries have on the FDA and USDA, can be clearly seen through the development of the USDA’s Food Pyramid and later, MyPlate. Grain (primarily corn), meat, and dairy industries are highly subsidized and supported by the federal government and the government is lobbied relentlessly by food industry representatives.

With the volume of research presented warning us about the risks involved with eating red meat, milk and dairy products, genetically modified grains, sugars, cereals and starches and the hazards of each, how is it the Dietary Guidelines and supporting MyPlate promote a diet built around these various foods? The only explanation is the influence of the powerful and well-funded food industry and agricultural lobbies.

Food Lobbies and U.S. Nutrition Policy

The Food Pyramid and MyPlate controversy highlight the conflict between your right and the right of the public to nutritional health versus federal protection of the rights of food lobbyists to act in their own self-interest.

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