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9 Unconventional Health & Fitness Careers

9 Unconventional Health & Fitness Careers


You are familiar with traditional coaching and training careers such as personal training at a gym, teaching group exercise at a health club or wellness coaching from an office setting.

A majority of pros have a similar occupation.

Well, hang on, because here are some non-conventional ways to enjoy your career training or coaching people in fitness, wellness, nutrition or lifestyle improvement:

1. Build a studio at your home specifically for making instructional videos, viral videos and Facebook live videos to promote your brand and sell your information.  You can sell your high-end videos on your site, or 20 others such as Udemy.

2. Travel the world working on a cruise ship teaching fitness or nutrition. You get a free room and food, and get to see the world. They often higher lifestyle coaches as well.

3. Work at a resort full time, or for a specific duration of time.  The pay/opportunity variety a lot.  Many times, you get to stay at the resort for free, eat incredible food, and train/coach visitors in a variety of disciplines.

4. Coach/train clients online using Skype or Zoom video. Sit on the beach and use your phone as a hot spot wile you help people from around the world.

5. Set up your spare bedroom as a yoga/pilates/meditation/wellness room. You’ll have essentially zero overhead costs and no drive time.

6. Do 1-on-1 personal training (or group training) in your local park or neighborhood.  You’ll have no overhead costs and you can use simple bands and balls, so your costs are very low to get started.

7. Travel to a family’s home and offer “Family Wellness Coaching“.  Depending on your certifications and experience, you can include personal training, group fitness, personal chef/meal prep services, health coaching and nutrition consultations.

8. Offer the exact services you offer now to a local corporation instead. Often times, the company will pay for your services.  Other times, they will promote you to the employees, but the employees pay for any services themselves.

9. Take all of your knowledge and write Kindle ebooks, and sell them on Amazon.  Don’t write well? You can record your spoken work and use a service such as Upwork to transcribe, edit, typeset and make ebook covers. If you “write” enough books, you can live off the royalties. You can also give the books away and use the Amazon platform to promote your existing training/coaching business. The complete Online Coach Certification course also teaches you this method.

You can essentially do anything you want as long as you put your clients first, and provide quality work.  The only limitations are your willingness to do the work, and be creative.

The world is yours!


The Team at NESTA & Spencer Institute

NOTE: NESTA and the Spencer Institute have everything you need to make any/all of these rewarding careers a reality.  If you don’t have the needed credential or knowledge, get it all now.  We will support you each step of the way!

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