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Continuing Education for Nutrition Professionals

list of the best nutrition courses that counts for continuing education units

Which Nutrition Certification Course is Best for Your CEU Requirements?

We should talk about why continuing education units are so important. It’s this simple — things change. Technology advances. Trends come and go. New scientific discoveries are revealed. New products become available, and your clients want answers. And, from a completely different perspective, it’s important to keep your brain sharp with new information.

The first step in discovering a coach or trainer who will “fail” in the long term is quite simple. Find out if that person values and seeks continual knowledge and keeps their credentials impeccable. Those who are lifelong learners, seekers of knowledge, and those who value respected credentials, are those who will go the furthest and have a more enduring career.  

With very few exceptions, there is a direct and linear relationship between those who value knowledge, seek knowledge, and can apply their newfound knowledge, and those who earn more, contribute more, and become leaders.  Your clients understand this. Your potential clients understand this. Your employer understands this. And now, it’s time for you to deeply understand this fact. Seek. Apply. Share. Prosper.

When it comes to nutrition, maintaining your credential and gaining valued continuing education is especially important. Perhaps, even more so than other aspects of training and coaching. Why? This is a complex question. We will touch on some key aspects here. 

Why are CEUs Important for Nutrition Coaches?

First, it is widely understood, and excepted by industry leaders, that politics, policies, influence, legislation, and lobbyists, collectively affect what is grown, what is sold, prices, labeling, quality, distribution, and the nutritional value of many, if not all, foods. This is true in the United States, and likely many other countries as well.  

In addition to the political aspects of nutrition, there are frequent scientific breakthroughs. As an example, case studies from universities can reveal new neuroprotective factors from specific foods which can reduce the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. In other studies, it may be revealed that certain foods are better cooked at various temperatures to make different nutrients more bio-available, which has a greater health benefit. Of course, there are thousands of these examples, and you need to stay up to date with those which are most important.  

Why Do Employers Care About You Maintaining Your Nutrition Certification with CEUs?

There are many reasons why your boss cares about your certification maintaining a valid standing. If there were ever any issues with liability from a member of a gym or health club, one of the first things an attorney would do is to try to discredit the person providing the service. In what is called “discovery”, you would be required to show your certifications, continue education, and the company’s liability insurance, etc.  These situations are incredibly rare. Perhaps one in 20,000 clients. However, we live in a litigious society. It’s unfortunate. It is true. 

Again, this type of thing almost never occurs. In all our years in service, since 1992, we can recall two or three instances that came to our attention.  But, as a business owner, you need to be thoughtful and prepared for anything.  In addition, your boss will want to know that you care enough about your education to maintain proper status with your certifying agency. Because you earn additional certificates or certifications as part of your continuing education process, this makes you better educated, more well-rounded, and generally more knowledgeable on the specific topic for which you were hired. This also makes your boss very happy. 

If you work for a large health club chain, many times your hourly pay is dependent on maintaining certifications, earning continuing education credits, and the total number of certificates or certifications you have earned during your employment. Although it varies widely, in some cases, each certification can bring in between three dollars and $10 more per hour. This should be incentive enough for you to continue your education and earn credits.

If you are a fitness professional working either as a personal trainer, sports coach or group exercise instructor, your first nutrition certification should be the NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach.  It gives you the science, psychology, and step-by-step process of coaching your client to improve their nutrition and eating habits. It is both foundational and complete. You also earn many educational units.

If you are a sports conditioning expert of any type, including an MMA conditioning coach or running coach, and you already have the fitness nutrition coach certification, your next logical step is the NESTA Sports Nutrition Specialist Certification. As the name implies, it’s more focused on nutrition for athletes. This includes pre-game, pre-event, mid-game or mid-event eating, post-event eating as well as theories and practices of carbohydrate loading and recovery meals. You will earn many continuing education units as well as a beautiful certification worthy of hanging on the wall.

If you have a coaching practice that focuses more on lifestyle, behavior modification, wellness and a holistic approach to living, you may want to earn the NESTA Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist Certification credential for your next continuing education requirement.  Although it covers some science, it is focused mostly on coaching methodologies, positive psychology, behavior change, understanding someone’s relationship with food and eating, journaling, and general enhancements to daily lifestyle habits. Your certification and educational units are included.  

Another avenue for you to consider is a holistic approach to nutrition when seeking continuing education units. The Spencer Institute Holistic Nutrition Coach answers the call.  This is a very comprehensive training course that has a much greater emphasis on the holistic aspects of growing food, how the food gets to market, selecting foods, buying from various sources, healthier cooking options, and how different environmental and personal factors affect our health via nutrition.  Many people who have an existing background in stress management, holistic life coaching, yoga, or similar fields of study tend to gravitate towards this program. However, it’s open to everyone. Certainly, everyone can benefit from this information.  Because of the unfortunate fact that our world has thousands of chemicals, toxins, herbicides, pesticides, and additives in our food, clients want and need this information. You can be the source and trusted authority.  You are earning many educational credits, will have a beautiful certificate to hang on your wall, and you’re gaining world-class knowledge about this important and growing, topic.

Where to Get Continuing Education Units

NESTA and Spencer Institute has been helping people like you since 1992. To date, over 65,000 people from around the world have benefited from our various certifications, programs, continuing education courses and business development systems. We are here for you now and in the future. Feel confident in your decision to work with us as you advance your knowledge and career. We are here for you each step of the way.

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