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Get Started With A WordPress Blog for Your Training or Coaching Business

.comBlogging has become an integral part of many trainers’ and coaches’ business. Not only can you generate leads through your blog, but you can also attract a huge following and establish yourself as an authority in your space. 

Blogging Platform

WordPress powers over 65% of blogs on the Internet today and it’s a great choice to get started. WordPress as a software is free and is continually being developed and updated with the latest Internet technologies.

Choose A Domain Name

Your blog will need a domain where you’ll send traffic. Make a list of possible domain names that are short but descriptive then look them up on a domain registrar like Godaddy to see if they’re available. While it may be tempting to get a domain name with newer extensions (e.g. .fit, .coach, .expert), a .com is still superior and will make it easier to build traffic on.

Website Hosting Account

Next, you’ll need a hosting account. A web hosting account is where your website will be stored and accessed. While there are hundreds of companies that provide web hosting services, only a few cater to WordPress specifically. A good place to get recommendations for web hosting companies is on WordPress.org. A great web host should provide you with the following:

  • A free domain name registration,
  • Access to WordPress themes,
  • Backups for your website,
  • SSL certificate to secure your blog,
  • A one-click install for WordPress

Blog Look And Feel

Once you’ve set up WordPress on your web hosting account, it’s time to pick a theme and customize the look and feel of your website. A WordPress theme is basically a set of templates that control the look and feel of pages of your blog.

This is where WordPress really shines. You can search for a free theme from WordPress or purchase a premium theme from the marketplace. The major difference between free and premium themes is that premium themes are loaded with more features and are customized for specific industries. 

Set Up Email

Lastly, you need to set up at least one email for use on your blog. A blog exists to engage users so it’s important that these users can reach you on your blog. Fortunately, the web host that you selected should have provision for email addresses. 

Getting Started

Setting up a blog is a great way for you to grow your practice as a trainer or coach. Following the steps laid out on this article, you’ll be able to set up your blog right and be on your way to building a following. Make sure you select a domain that is easy to remember so that you can attract visitors to it without much struggle.  

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