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5 Tips For Building Your Personal Trainer Website

5-Tips-For-Building-Your-Personal-Trainer-WebsiteHaving a website for personal trainers is a must, especially if you want to train more clients. Even if you are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, you should still invest some time into setting up a website. A website will add a level of legitimacy to your business and can be a terrific way to share your expertise and who you are.

Follow these tips and you will be on the right track when building your website.

Include Your Elevator Pitch

Right off the bat, when people land on your site, you want them to understand who you are, what you do, and why. On your home page or “about” page, you should include a summary—no more than two to three paragraphs long—laying out the most important things about you and your training style/business. Imagine potential clients coming to your site and only reading this one section. What would you want them to take away?

Examples & Testimonials of Your Best Work

Testimonials from clients you have worked with in the past can be a great way to make you look even more impressive. You can use quotes from clients you’ve worked with before to show off some training skills that would be hard to demonstrate, to let someone else sing your praises so you don’t have to or to simply further prove your worth.


It’s important to remember that your site shouldn’t just be pages full of text. Instead, find ways to visualize yourself and your accomplishments. Maybe it’s creating a simple logo that represents you and what you do. Maybe it’s including a professional photo of yourself. Maybe it’s going as far as to create icons or an infographic representing your accomplishments. Videos are very powerful. We live in a very visual society and having footage of testimonials or action shots of what you have to offer can help potential clients imagine what’s like to train with you.

Links to Your Social Media

If you are doing it right, your personal website isn’t actually your only internet/social media real estate. You have your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, your Twitter profile, publications you’ve been published on or places you’ve been interviewed. While your site doesn’t need to replace all of these things, it’s a great way to bring them all together and make them easier for people to find. Link to pages on different websites/blogs you contribute to. Link to places you’re quoted as an expert. Whatever it is, your personal website is a great way to bring your scattered web presence together.

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