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How to Add Fun in Your Career

How to Add Fun in Your Career | Lessons for Pro Trainers and Coaches

You want to have fun with your career.  


Yet, sometimes things can get too routine.

Even when you love your work, it’s important to add some variety to keep things fun and interesting. Doing the same process, the same routine, the same workout and saying the same thing day after day can get a little tiring.

Here are some ways to keep things fresh, exciting and fun:

1. If you offer your services indoors, consider a way to go outside and do a variation of your services.

2. If you work from home every day, visit your local coffee house and use their wifi 2 days per week as a change of scenery.  In fact, there is significant evidence that shows the “chatter” of a coffee house can improve productivity.

3. If it’s safe, effective and appropriate, consider reversing the direction/order of your daily tasks, client workouts, coaching strategies once in a while.

4. If you offering coaching, counseling or mentoring, consider walking during your session instead of sitting at a table or behind a desk.

5. Send a hand-written card to each of your clients wishing them well or thanking them for working with you. Yes, it takes a bit of time, but they will really appreciate it.

6. If it makes sense (and is appropriate) ask your client what they want to do for the session on a particular day instead of you having a preset agenda.

7. Learn something new, so you can offer a better or completely different service for your clients. Your brain will feel refreshed and excited about your new skills.  Your clients will enjoy the fresh take on your services.

8. If you always offer 1-on-1 services, consider some type of group offer.  It can be a video lesson to a group, workshop, seminar, retreat or meet-up.  It can be a great way to attract new clients as well.

9. Only be positive.  Regardless of the event, what is said, or what is done during a client session, only give positive feedback and speak in positive terms.

10. Smile. Just smile more.  

Okay, you now have 10 great ideas to increase the fun in your career.

Start now!

The NESTA/Spencer Institute Team

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Hoe to Add More Fun into Your Coaching or Training Career