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How to Ensure a SUPER SUCCESSFUL New Year

How to Ensure a SUPER SUCCESSFUL New Year

Whether it’s in a group fitness setting or one-on-one training sessions, January is the best time to build a strong and consistent client base.

That means that trainers should be making a few of their own resolutions now to help clients meet their goals in the new year.

Here are 3 areas to focus your hustle in 2019:

Educate Yourself

When it comes to setting yourself apart from a crowd of fitness and coaching professionals, there’s no substitute for knowledge and expertise. This is a perfect time to look into additional education or a specialty certification.

You could also try specialized training in a new modality. For example, a trainer who needs to brush up on their yoga can stretch their skillset with a Sport Yoga course. Want to tap into the growing popularity of HIIT? Enroll in the Metabolic Conditioning Coach Course. Looking to expand your coaching menu to include overall wellness? Try a crash course in health and wellness.

Click here to learn more about new certifications you can add to your repertoire.

Find New Ways to Motivate Your Clients

The best trainers look for ways to support their clients both in and out of the gym. Ten years ago, you might have been limited to phone calls and email check-ins, but apps and social networks make it easy to provide encouragement with minimal effort.

To start, consider creating a Facebook group for your clients. You can join the NESTA/Spencer Institute group here.

Your group could be open or closed. Within your group, you can post photos, instructional videos, healthy recipes, articles about fitness, and tracking documents.

Regardless of how you choose to interact with your clients beyond the gym, continued support is critical for ensuring client loyalty.

Add Social Media to Your Skillset

Love it or hate it, social media is important for trainers. It’s also a relatively cheap (or free) marketing tool. Instagram is one of the best platforms for trainers, and it’s easy to cross-post Instagram posts onto your Facebook page with a single tap.

You could also use Pinterest to drive passive income by creating and sharing trainer tips, fitness articles, recipes, product recommendations, and motivational quotes.

NESTA Pinterest

The countdown is on for the busiest fitness season of the year. Use these strategies to make sure you’re doing everything possible to make it the most successful year yet.

That’s it for now.

Take action!

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