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How to Increase Sales


If you are an employee at a gym, spa, wellness center, health clinic, resort or similar place, you may be responsible for generating some sales of your own.

You need more sales.  It’s the life blood of your business.  This is true if you are currently an employee, a contractor, or operate a larger training/coaching business.

Without a steady stream of sales, not much happens.

So what do you do?

How do you increase numbers while maintaining your sanity?

If you are an employee at a gym, spa, wellness center, health clinic, resort or similar place, your employer is likely responsible for most sales.  However, you may be responsible for generating some of your own. 

It’s important to remember that when you are an employee, you are still responsible for sales to some extent regardless of the business structure. People ultimately will work with you and want to like you.  

As an employee, you need to be visible as much as possible to prospects. You need to be the one they want to work with because of your friendliness, your smile, your firm handshake, your willingness to listen and your empathy for their challenge.  All this matters to increase sales.

Here are some general rules/strategies for increasing sales for any coaching/training business:

1. Become the default choice. When someone thinks of _______ service in your area or niche, you come to mind.  This is done by consistent marketing efforts over time and a willingness to give more upfront in the form of advice, help, video training, gifts and charity.  It takes time, so don’t do it for a month and say it’s not working.  Keep going.

2. Market your services to the right people.  If your market is men 25-35 who want to improve mental toughness, there is never any need to show the ad to ladies.  Know your market and only market to your target market.

3. Listen.  Far too many people feel a need to spew out 50 words right away when they meet someone or get them on the phone.  Just pause and listen. You will find out exactly what matters most to them.  At that time, you can tell them how your product or service will help them most.

4. Make sure they know what to do next.  Sometimes because YOU know what they should do next to complete the sale, you think THEY may know what to do next.  Often times, this is not the case. Ensure the path to join/buy/order is clear. A little hand holding along the way is fine.

5. Make payment easy. If you only offer PayPal, that may deter some people.  Although we think PayPal had greatly improved and like it a lot. Some people may only want to use certain credit cards to earn miles for their favorite airline. Some smaller businesses may use Venmo or other resources as well.  

Thanks for reading.

Take action on these points and you will do even better!

Thank you,
The NESTA/Spencer Institute Team

PS: Remember, you can choose from a long list of highly rewarding career options, and we help you choose which is best for you. Get started on your exciting new career journey!