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How to Reignite Your Passion for Training, Coaching and Consulting

How to Reignite Your Passion for Training, Coaching and Consulting

Reignite Your Passion for Training, Coaching

Being a personal trainer or coaching professional takes far more than the surface knowledge required to sit for a national exam. It takes passion, intention, dedication, and a willingness to examine your own weaknesses and identify opportunities for growth.

Even though fitness is a career cultivated from passion. In an industry that focuses on prevention, we even need to prevent the death of our own career. The reality though, even with all the perks and the awesomeness of getting to change a life, being a personal trainer, consultant, or coaching professional is very demanding on your mind, body, and soul.

Think back on what made you choose this profession in the first place. What made you feel excited when you first started? It’s likely that you still feel the same way you did at first, it’s just that you’ve grown used to these aspects of your career or business.

Our Confidence and Success is Linked

Success in life and business is intrinsically linked to the confidence factor. Having confidence allows a person to overcome fears, take direct action, say yes to new challenges, seek mentorship, and ask questions – all components of achieving professional success.

It’s impossible to achieve success by skipping struggles, experiencing failures, and taking wrong turns. Confidence allows us to face fears and traverse the obstacles ultimately helping us reach goals and build ourselves both personally and professionally.

Training and Coaching is a Career – Not a Job

Advancing in the health and fitness industry takes thoughtful planning and an eye on strategy. Viewing your presence in the industry as a career versus a temporary job or holding pattern will facilitate tremendous growth as will pursuing advanced degrees and certifications. As training or coaching professionals and, we should be focused on facilitating meaningful behavior change. Often, early on in our careers, it’s easy to take a more directive approach.  This often doesn’t ultimately result in sustainable or client-centered change.

Trainers and Coaches Need to be 360° Professionals

Being successful in the industry isn’t just about knowing your craft. It’s about honing and elevating your craft by investing in branding, marketing, sales, customer service, and continuing education.

We must be both a master and a student of our industry. We must continuously focus on growth (both personal and professional) and invest in all aspects of this career – from business basics to the more complex topics of functional training, fitness counseling, and workout programming.

Reigniting Your Career

It’s easy to fall into this trap of tedium and mediocrity– even as trainer or coach. In the beginning, you are excited about starting to help people reach their goals and change their lives. But after some time, you may fall into a routine, and then one day you wake up and feel like you’re sleepwalking through each day.

When you are burnt out, your productivity can drop dramatically, and this not only impacts your career, but it negatively impacts your team and organization as well. Your creativity will also be affected, so you’re less likely to spot opportunities, and you may find excuses to miss work or take days off sick.

Set Your own Schedule and STICK TO IT!

If you know that you can only train for 4-5 hours per day without feeling drained, do not offer more than that. A good rule of thumb is no more than  30 hours per week of training.

Leverage Your Time

If you train less, you make less right? No, if you train groups or small groups, you can make more money and plus it’s more enjoyable for you. Figure out a way to help more people with the time you have.

Learn how to teach group exercise classes in a variety of formats.

Get back to “YOU” time.

Make time for the things that you enjoy. Go on a vacation or trip! At the end of the day if you are not making time for yourself then you will not only get burnt out but also make yourself miserable. Every day try to do something for you even if its just 15 minutes.

Commit to Your Own Workout Program

Practice what you preach! No one wants to train with a trainer who says do this, but does not do it themselves. One of the reasons most trainers get started is because of their own passion for exercise.

Realize Your Power

The first step is to take responsibility for your own moods and emotional states. Recognize that your mindset and your feelings start and end with you. Sure, outside factors can influence your life and mental state. However, when all is said and done, you have a lot of power when it comes to determining your own emotions and your outlook.

Establish a Morning Routine

The way you begin your day matters a great deal. The mindset and approach that you establish right out of the gate will stick with you. So be sure to set up your mornings in a way that makes you feel healthy, happy and motivated. When you head to your next client with an enthusiastic mood, you’ll be much more likely to maintain that excitement throughout the day.

Develop Online Training/Coaching/Consulting Strategies

The developments in online content sharing and digital media have blown the potential for online coaching wide open. Online training is great because it gives you plenty of time flexibility, and it allows you to recruit clients internationally. You can also use many strategies to automate the process, thereby allowing you to work with hundreds of clients at a given time.

When you take your coaching/training business online, the entire world is your client base.  The reason coaches and trainers like you haven’t gone online yet is simple – they didn’t know how.

If you’ve been thinking about going online, or if you tried before and just lacked the needed skills, this is the time to get everything you need to become highly successful. The Online Coaching Certification is your step-by-step blueprint to build a highly profitable online coaching business.

Expand Your Program Offerings

Working with the same clients on the exact same goals, with the same program day in and day out can become incredibly tedious and uninspiring. If you are feeling lackluster about your clients and your program it may be time to add some new knowledge and skillset to your repertoire.

If you can learn some new techniques you will be able to refresh your program and offerings. For example, a trainer who needs to refresh the interest can stretch their skillset with a Sport Yoga course.

Want to tap into the growing popularity of HIIT? Enroll in the Metabolic Conditioning Coach Course.

Maybe you can expand your coaching menu to include overall wellness? Try a crash course in health and wellness. This will bring in new clients with new goals, and you will start to feel reinvigorated about the new challenges and the opportunities to make use of your new skills and credentials.

Starting a Training/Coaching Business

Check out what it takes to start a career in personal fitness training. This is your most affordable and fastest way to become a highly qualified personal trainer.

There is always something exciting about earning a new training or coaching certification and applying that new knowledge of how you train your clients. This also helps you hit the reset button.

NESTA and Spencer Institute coaching programs are open to anyone with a desire to learn and help others. There are no prerequisites.

That’s it for now.

Take action!

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