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How Focus and Confidence Work Together to Build Your Career

You have likely experienced a time when you could benefit from more focus. And, you can always benefit from a boost in confidence.  

Have you ever thought about how these two aspects of your personal and career success fit together?

No less than 50% of the calls that come into our offices are related to focus.  People like you often wonder what niche to focus on. People think about how to focus their daily attention. Students pause and wonder how to focus the growth of their career.

When you lack focus, it’s challenging to experience confidence.

Confidence comes from knowing what you want, how you want to make it work, and when things will happen.  

In short, the more you can focus, the great your confidence.

So, let’s learn how to focus better.

Here’s what you can do now to improve your focus:

1. Breathe.  Yes, just slow down for a moment and breathe deeply.  
2. Clean out your office, desk, home, car and drawers.  removing clutter lets you see what remains which is likely more important.
3. Decide what is most important.  Do that first.
4. Decide what can be outsourced to a team member.
5. Make sure your actions are congruent with your longterm goals. Don’t waste time and effort on something that doesn’t have a longterm benefit.
6. Always reassess to ensure you are still doing what is most important each day and week.
7. Decide what you must know to improve.

Here’s how to improve your confidence:

1. Hang around confident people more often. It rubs off.
2. As much as possible, avoid ANY negative self-talk.
3. Avoid the news. It’s seldom positive in any way.
4. Have a morning success ritual that inspires you each day.
5. Have a gratitude journal. Each day take just 5 minutes and write down all the reasons you are grateful.
6. Remind yourself you are worthy of great things in your life.
7. Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you want to go.

Now it’s your turn to take action. Gain the focus that helps you build unstoppable confidence.

The countdown is on for the busiest fitness season of the year. Use these strategies to make sure you’re doing everything possible to make it the most successful year yet.

Thanks for reading,

The NESTA/Spencer Institute Team

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