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Motivational Strategies for Your Clients

There are two basic types of motivation: Extrinsic and Intrinsic

You must remember that each of your clients has different motivational strategies.

We all interpret the world differently.

We all get excited, inspired, driven and focused for different reasons.

A simple “RAH RAH” is not enough for most people.  
And, in some cases, it’s just annoying.

There are two basic types of motivation: Extrinsic and Intrinsic

Extrinsic motivation is the external form of motivation. As an example, if your boss sets a deadline on a particular project and your year-end bonus is tied to the deadline, that is a very specific form of extrinsic motivation. This example includes two extrinsic motivators: your boss’ expectations and the bonus itself. So, extrinsic motivation doesn’t always have to be another person per se. However, it is some specific outside demand, obligation, or reward that requires the achievement of a particular goal.

Intrinsic motivation, however, is an internal form of motivation. You strive towards a specific goal for personal satisfaction or accomplishment. You may even work towards a long-term reward such as building your business or participating in a sports competition, but the primary motivator is internal.

Another common way of describing extrinsic and intrinsic motivation is “external” and “internal”.

There are 2 other ways people are motivated.

They are commonly referred to as “towards” and “away from”.

In simple terms, some people are motivated to move towards a goal.  Others are moving away from something they don’t like or want (pain of some sort).

When you move towards something, it is to gain pleasure of some type. 

Until you inquire of your clients and LISTEN to them, you will never know how they interpret the world.  You won’t understand their own cognitive style when it comes to motivation.

Just knowing these simple motivational strategies and listening to what your clients tell you about how they make decisions and set goals will give you great insight into their world.

These are just some of the strategies you learn in the following programs we offer you:

Life Strategies Coach Certification

Results Coach Certification

Sports Psychology Coach Certification

Knowing these skills and integrating them into any training/coaching business will make you more qualified to motivate, inspire and keep your clients excited to stay committed to their goals and dreams.

Thanks for reading!

The NESTA/Spencer Institute Team