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Studying Tips for Trainers and Coaches To Help You Learn Faster

Studying Tips for Trainers and Coaches To Help You Learn Faster

Studying Tips for Trainers and Coaches To Help You Learn Faster

Hello Team NESTA!

Something we often get asked is whether we have any special tips or techniques to help our students learn and study their material so that they are best equipped to take their certification test. 

You guys have asked, and now we can deliver! 

You can speed up your learning with these awesome studying tips and learning hacks to help you quickly learn the new skills and concepts and ace your course exam!

1. Put Yourself in the Instructor Role

If you imagine that you’ll need to teach someone else the material you are trying to grasp, you can speed up your learning and remember more.

Putting yourself into the teaching role changes your mindset and forces you to engage with more effective approaches to learning and knowledge retention.

You will find that when faced with explaining the information to someone else, you will naturally latch onto and point out the important, key points.

Doing this will also be great practice for when you do pass your exam and start coaching and training your new clients!

2. Take Notes by Hand

While it’s faster to take notes on a laptop, using a pen and paper will help you learn and comprehend better.

Research has shown that when students take notes by hand, they are more active listeners and are more easily able to identify key concepts.

Taking notes on a laptop can also increase the likelihood that you will become distracted by emails or social media.

Bonus Tip: One of the best methods to take notes is to use the Cornell Note System which helps keep your notes organized, and creates efficient study sheets for you to use later on.

3. Space out your Learning and Study Sessions

While it sounds counterintuitive, you can learn faster when you practice distributed learning, or “spaced practice.” If you are like many students, you likely study quickly and try to memorize all of the material just before a test.

You might learn the new words or concepts during that one study session, but if you never look at them again, you are likely to not remember them when you finally do take your exam.

Studying the new information over time is better for long-term learning. Instead of practicing material in only one session, you can try studying the information several times throughout the week.

Remember, when you earn your certification, you will be able to start your new career or business and earn a great living!