Meet Micah Moses NESTA Graduate and Guinness World Record Holder


Today we are spotlighting NESTA graduate, Micah Moses. Micah earned his first NESTA certification after enrolling in the Sports Injury Specialist program in January 2022, ultimately choosing NESTA and Spencer Institute courses because he found the education to be superior and our website far easier to navigate than competitors. Micah also felt that NESTA offered a wider variety of courses than competitors which helped him develop his own niche.

In addition to the SIS, Micah has also completed the Group Exercise Instructor certification, Battling Ropes Coach certification, the Lifestyle & Weight Management course, and the Core Conditioning Specialist program. He is currently enrolled in the Master Personal Trainer course, Holistic Nutrition course Heart Rate Performance Specialist program, and the updated MMA Conditioning course.

In 2022, Micah earned TWO Guinness world records for Rope Climbing: the Fastest 5 m rope climb carrying a 40 lb pack and the Fastest 10 m rope climb.

Why did you decide to become a fitness professional?

My pursuit of further education was not necessarily a pursuit to become a fitness professional. I pursued further education to have the tools to accomplish a personal goal to push myself beyond what I thought I could. People in my community noticed my fitness evolution and asked if I would be willing to help them achieve a higher level of fitness. Others regarded me as a fitness professional before I knew that I was one.

How are you currently utilizing your certifications?

Since I don’t advertise my certifications publicly they’re used for my personal achievement.

What makes you stand out from other trainers or coaches?

I believe that achieving world records in fitness and staying educated helps me to stand out as a higher caliber trainer than other trainers/coaches in my area.

What is your biggest accomplishment in the industry, and how did your NESTA certifications help you reach this goal?

Achieving two Guinness World Records so far. The certifications (education) gave me the tools and inspired me to be far more creative with my workouts. There are no trainers/coaches in my area that were able to help me achieve what I wanted in fitness, which was to go beyond standard levels of strength and conditioning, so I had to elevate my training by becoming my own trainer.

What has been your most rewarding experience as a trainer or coach?

Helping clients achieve superior levels of fitness. With the training programs, I was able to develop through NESTA education, my clients are ecstatic about the results they achieve. Granted, this level of achievement takes time and I inform my clients from the start that getting out of shape took time, therefore getting back in shape is a timely process as well. But nothing has been more satisfying than having my clients share with me how well they feel mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually or how they’re pain-free because of going through my training programs, A well-developed training program can be an absolute life-changing process for people. The overall positive effects have been astounding.

Any advice for people thinking about a coaching/training career?

I would recommend that future trainers learn how to train themselves first. Learning how to train yourself helps to work out kinks in your program design, help you refine your training game, and demonstrates to prospective clients what your programs can do as you become the example of your work. If you don’t lead by example and believe in yourself first, then your clients won’t. So be the trainer that LEADS by example!

What does the future hold for you?

My wife tells me that I do impossible things. I look at the future as limitless and all goals are possible.

Is there anything else about your coaching career that you’d like to share?

A big thanks to John Brookfield and NESTA for the development of the Battling Ropes program. Going through this course was instrumental in pushing me to think well outside the box when it came to rope work and pushing myself farther in order to achieve rope climbing world records. I found this to be a world-class educational program.

Want to connect with Micah? You can email him directly at semperfit@protonmail.com. You can also check out Micah’s TWO Guinness World Records here:

  1. Fastest 5m Rope Climb Carrying a 40 lb Pack
  2. Fastest 10 m Rope Climb

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