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Whole Eggs Versus Egg Whites

Which is healthier egg yolk or egg white?

During the 1970s, when fitness enthusiasts trained for marathons and America was obsessed with aerobics, egg yolks were given a bad reputation. During this “low-cholesterol” period, the “experts” strongly recommended separating the egg whites from the egg yolks and throwing those yolks away. Egg yolks were blamed for high cholesterol

More recent studies and a better understanding of cholesterol now have many experts including certified nutrition coaches, health and wellness professionals, as well as personal fitness trainers,  are overturning this old way of thinking. Eggs are, in fact, low in saturated fat and moderate egg consumption, one to two per day, does not significantly increase your risk of heart disease in healthy individuals. Whole eggs are now considered the next superfood.

Eggs are a great source of nutrition if you eat the WHOLE egg. Egg yolks contain more than 50% of the protein and 90% of the calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamin, B6, folate, and B12, and pantothenic acid of the egg. The yolks also contain ALL of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K in the egg, as well as ALL of the essential fatty acids.

Eggs deliver great protein for relatively few calories. A medium egg provides 6 grams of high-quality, highly digestible protein and only 60-70 calories. Bodybuilders have gorged on egg whites for years in an effort to increase their protein intake. But if you’re only eating the whites, you’re missing out on a host of dietary benefits. The protein and fat in whole eggs have been proven to decrease hunger and contribute to overall diet success.

In a study conducted by the University Of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign, whole eggs were found to be better for muscle building and repair than egg whites alone. Study subjects eating whole eggs after resistance exercise boosted muscle building and repair significantly more than those subjects eating egg whites with an equivalent amount of protein.

“This study suggests that eating protein within its most natural food matrix tends to be more beneficial to our muscles as opposed to getting one’s protein from isolated protein sources.”


When you do eat eggs, choose organic free range eggs. Organic free-range eggs contain a significant amount more nutrition in them. The reason for this simply that the chickens are eating what they were designed to eat (worms, insects and greens etc). This then transfers to much healthier eggs and then a healthier you. Commercial, battery fed chickens are given piles of corn and soy while caged indoors all day. If you compare an organic free-range egg to a batter fed chicken egg the difference is staggering. The organic free range will have a much harder shell and a brighter yolk, indicating higher nutrition levels. By comparison, the battery fed eggs have weak shells and a poor color to the yolks.

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