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FREE WEBINAR: How to Become a Successful MMA Fitness & Conditioning Coach
FREE WEBINAR: Learn how to become a successful MMA fitness and conditioning expert

  • Learn how people just like you are enjoying this fun, rewarding and exciting career
  • See the incredible success stories of the Certified MMA Conditioning Coaches including work with the UFC, Bellator, and other world-class martial arts organizations
  • Discover how you can become a top-rated martial arts fitness and conditioning expert with the most elite training offered in the world
  • Learn how to use these new skills to advance your current career in ways you’ve never before imagined

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FREE WEBINAR: How to Start Your Own Nutrition Business in 15 Minutes With Almost No Money

  • Learn how people just like you are starting their own nutrition business from home and online
  • Learn why sending you clients to the local nutrition store is the kiss of death for your business
  • Discover how you can quickly increase your weekly income and improve your clients’ results at the same time
  • Learn how to use this proven and simple system to advance your career
  • Find out how this system works for personal trainers, gyms owners, martial arts instructors nutrition coaches, wellness coaches and other health entrepreneurs and small business owners

NOTE: Once you have access to the webinar, you can watch it later if you like.

FREE WEBINAR: How to Build Your Fitness Celebrity Brand

FREE WEBINAR: How to Build Your Celebrity Fitness Brand

  • Learn how to go from an obscure, but talented fitness pro into a well-known and respected leader
  • Find out exactly what your website must have to attract the media so you get free publicity and massive exposure for your business
  • Discover how you you can become a celebrity expert and in demand for interviews on TV, radio, blogs, podcasts, magazine and more
  • See what the most highly-regarded fitness trainers are doing right now to build a global fitness brand
  • Learn WHAT YOU MUST AVOID if you want to be viewed as a true celebrity expert

NOTE: Once you have access to the webinar, you can watch it later if you like.

LIVE Personal Fitness Trainer Workshops and Certification Exam

Training Made Fun Personal Trainer Certification Workshop

Personal Trainer Certification Workshops are offered by Training Made Fun.

Training Made Fun personal trainer certification workshops are 2-day intensive trainings. There will be an initial focus on lecture to ensure sufficient knowledge levels in the areas of functional anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, and program design. The second half of the weekend you will experience hands-on instruction focused on functional and traditional exercise applications, usage of various equipment types and tools, and advisement on how to progress or regress each exercise.

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NOTE:  NESTA offers an online Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Course for those seeking to study at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. Please click here for our Online Personal Fitness Trainer Certification.