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5 Tricks: Improve Your Expert Positioning as a Trainer or Coach

Improve Your Expert Positioning as a Trainer or Coach

You can likely think of 3 to 4 experts in your training or coaching niche that are true standouts.

Why do they stand out? Why do you know their name? How did they gain this recognition and the opportunities that come with it?

There are some simple (often free) and easy tricks you can do to quickly improve your influence and exposure to your community and niche.

Here are the simple things you can do beginning right now:

1. Do a daily Facebook live video.

Yes, this is zero cost and very simple. If you’ve been making excuses and avoiding it….. let me ask you a question. How has avoiding it helped you get more leads, more clients or more sales? No need to answer. It hasn’t. Avoiding FB live videos have only hurt your business. Just start. Offer advice. Answer questions. Demo techniques. Dispell myths. Announce new offerings. Educate.

The more you do this, the more authority to gain at zero cost. If you aren’t willing to do this, you can never complain you don’t have enough influence or ability to reach more people.

2. Always take the high road.

It’s tough at times. People can frustrate you. And, these people can often be wrong. But, arguing in-person and online lowers your expert status. Smile and walk away.

3. Surround yourself with other leading experts and authorities.

Strive to do this each week. Always. You cannot elevate yourself as much as needed if you are not challenged by those who know more, do more and create more than you. All too often, trainers/coaches try to compete when they don’t need to do so. Collaboration is often more important. Do this.

4. Improve your clothes, accessories, grooming, etc.

People never get points for looking bad, smelling bad or causing “visual tension”. Just care more, and invest more in your personal appearance. It will always give you a positive ROI. Clean your car. A messy car is the first sign of a messy/disorganized person. Unclutter your home and office. All of this matters.

5. Always pause and ask yourself, “How can I do even better?”

This applies to everything in your life. Everything. If you never ask this question, you are not close to your full potential. And when you think you can do better, you can. And, there is still room to improve. You must always improve, enhance, elevate and optimize. Why? Because if you don’t, you will fall soooooooo far behind those who do. That’s just the way it works.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. John Spencer Ellis “JSE”
CEO | NESTA | Spencer Institute | MMACA | ITCA

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