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5 Ways to Be Different and Succeed as a Personal Trainer or Coach

5 Ways to Be Different and Succeed as a Trainer or Coach

Have you ever heard the saying, “Why are you trying to fit in, when you were born to stand out?”

I have always liked the quote.

When you fit in with everyone else – in life or business – you lose part of what makes you special, unique and memorable.

Think about the people you can recall most easily who are dynamic, memorable and compelling. Do they blend in or stand out?

If you are trying to be like every other trainer, coach or expert, nobody will understand why you are special. Why would they choose you?

If there are 10 personal trainers in your city, and they all tell prospects “WE GET RESULTS”…… who do you choose?

If there are 6 health coaches running video ads on Facebook, how would a potential client know who to contact for a consultation?

Here are 5 ways you can stand out as a unique expert in your niche:

1. Be the one who is everywhere all the time.

This means you make a commitment to creating content each day that can be shared on multiple social media platforms. You stand out simply by always being top of mind because nobody else can keep pace with you. Of course, this content needs to be valuable and filled with information people want and need.

2. Be the expert in your niche who attends all the live events for your niche.

Soon, you will be perceived as a top expert. When you do everything else mentioned in this article, in addition to attending all these events regularly, you will soon be a prospect to speak at these events as well.
Do the work.

3. Change the pricing, offer or package so your structure is completely different than others in your niche.

If everyone is offering 5-10 session packages, you can offer monthly programs instead. By the way, this is just a better way to structure your business regardless. If other coaches do not offer nutrition with XYZ program, you can and should. If nobody else is offering XYZ at 6:00 PM, find out why. Maybe they made a mistake, and you can offer a class at that time.

4. Update your dress and appearance.

Let’s be honest, MANY people just don’t care enough to go the extra mile to look sharp. Invest a little more time and a few more dollars to get the better shirt, dress, suit, apparel, etc. Get a haircut more frequently when needed. Don’t look sloppy. Smell good. Whiten your teeth. Do a spa day and look refreshed. Care more than others do about appearance. Nobody ever “lost points” for looking fantastic. However, people will discount you if it looks like you don’t care. That’s just the way it works.

5. Be the coach or trainer who is simply smarter, more articulate, more well-educated and more highly-credentialed.

When you are the most knowledgeable person in your niche, even other experts refer to you as the go-to person. You should do something significant every single day to become smarter. Yes, every day!

Remember, you are meant to stand out. Trainers and coaches who stand out get to help more people are more often viewed as leaders in the field, and because of all this, often earn much more as well.

Be a standout!

Dr. John Spencer Ellis “JSE”
CEO | NESTA | Spencer Institute | MMACA | ITCA

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