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Running an Online Figure & Physique Training Business

Running a Online Figure & Physique Training Business

Figure and Physique training (body transformation) is a competitive business, and you need to take the right steps to make your business stand out. The same way as you would only hire a lawyer who has passed the bar exam, or get your taxes done from a certified accountant, clients are looking for credentials when choosing their trainer, especially an online trainer or coach.

The Figure & Physique Training Specialist program will give you everything you need to coach and train clients who want to compete on stage, or just have the body of a competitor. Learn how to take this business online.

What Makes a Qualified Figure & Physique Coach?

Having a passion for learning about anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics is helpful for becoming a fitness professional. Many of the most successful trainers have a natural curiosity about the workings of the body and how exercise influences health and performance.

A qualified coach should be able to assist clients with all aspects of their training, including a nutrition and meal plan prep, a training program, weekly check-ins, a supplement schedule, and posing. They can also help guide clients on which show to enter based on division guidelines and what a client’s physique is best suited for.

Find something that makes you and your services unique. Perhaps the products you are working with? Or the flexibility of your schedule? By identifying your unique selling proposition, you will be more confident in promoting your services. Share your story, don’t be just a training expert – be a person that will attract customers in the first place. 

The connection and rapport between a client and trainer is the most important first step in any training relationship. Some of the most successful personal trainers draw upon their own difficulties with losing weight or achieving fitness goals as a way to connect with and motivate their clients.

Know Your Competition Styles

While you may be in great shape, a qualified Figure & Physique coach can point out crucial areas of improvement for their clients and share their knowledge of the different styles of competition in order to determine where their clients’ anatomy will compete best.


Bodybuilding is the traditional competition where guys are judged on the amount of mass, definition, and symmetry they bring to the stage. Competitors are placed in one of six weight categories.


Bikini women are judged on their lean and firm physique scored on proportion, symmetry, balance, shape, and skin tone. During comparison judging in height classes, bikini women do a front and back pose. Bikini girls may be judged on their walk, presentation, and posing as these elements can become a deciding factor to determine a winner. Bikini women are generally in the 10-14% body fat range.


Figure competitions are a blend of bodybuilding and fitness.  During comparison judging in height classes, women will line up and do a series of quarter turns to the right being judged on symmetry, presentation, and other aesthetic qualities such as skin tone. Visible muscle separation but no visible striations is desired. Figure women are generally in the 8-12% body fat range.


Women are judged on their athletic physique showcasing femininity, symmetry, muscle tone, poise and beauty. Many physique competitions include an individual choreographed routine set to music as well as comparison judging by height classes with mandatory poses. Visible muscle separation and some visible striations are desired but are not to be excessively muscular or shredded. Generally in the 8-10% body fat range.

Can You Coach Figure & Physique Clients Online From Home?

Like with most types of fitness training or health coaching, you can 100% coach a figure and physique client with an online-based or home-based training/coaching business. In fact, there is a real benefit to coaching and training someone online as opposed to in person. First of all, if you had a physical location such as a fitness franchise or small box gym, all of those expenses go away. You have essentially zero overhead to run your business each month.

Offer Zoom consultations, phone calls, Facebook support groups, and any other type of communication that will benefit your clients. Do you give everyone a custom program? Do you make sure the plan fits each client’s specific goals? If you want to be successful, you can’t just offer the same service as everyone else. This goes for any business, not just online training and coaching. You need to have something that makes you different.

If you’ve been thinking about working from home as an online figure and physique trainer, you probably have some questions about what to expect and how to make it happen. There’s more than one way to create an online figure and physique coaching business. But there are a few key steps you can follow to be successful.

Outdoor Training and Boot Camps

When training for a competition, there is a need to do a high level of cardio while building muscle, with outdoor fitness programs and Boot Camp models you have an effective and time-efficient means of getting lean and building muscle faster.

Boot Camp programs can be run in a gym or studio if you have one, but they can also be easily done at a park, beach, or your own back yard with a few easy to find pieces of equipment, or even with just bodyweight exercises. Outdoor fitness programs like PURSUIT, offer a complete group fitness system that you can implement in any city.

Training Clients in Your Home or Garage

There are so many different ways to set up your home to work with clients. If you’ve been offering online training, you may decide to do the in-person training and coaching in your home, garage, or backyard.

As a certified trainer, you likely already have some gym equipment in your home. If you do yoga or Pilates, you probably have a room set aside for your practice. Maybe you have a gym in your garage with lots of equipment. With a few tweaks and some small additions, the Home Gym Profit Center is free to download and will give you all the info you need to easily turn your home gym, garage, spare, room, or backyard into the next phase of your training business.

Dumbbells are one of the first pieces of home gym equipment you should invest in. If you don’t want to replicate the giant rack of dumbbells you’ll find at the gym you can look for adjustable dumbbells instead.

While dumbbells provide you with a heavy lift, and weight machines are stable and easy to use, neither has the versatility of the resistance bands. You can begin performing a band squat and immediately add a bicep curl to the move. Or you can easily take a resistance band lunge and add an overhead press. Due to the great versatility of the resistance bands, they are also more efficient.

If you can’t afford to invest in a cardio machine you can buy a jump rope instead and get your cardio in that way. Jump roping burns around 100 calories in just 10 minutes, so it’s a very efficient option if you don’t have a lot of time for your workout.

A soft medicine ball or physio balls is a great addition to any home gym. Medicine balls come in a variety of weights, so you can easily find an option that fits your current fitness level.

What You Absolutely Need to Get Right

To be successful at running an online figure and physique training business (and this is true for all online-based training and coaching businesses), you need to have a well-designed and functional deliverable system for the exercise and nutrition components of your program(s).

“You should NEVER just print out a pdf!” says instructor Emile Jarreau, creator of the Figure & Physique Training Specialist program. “This is not good for clients who may have limited equipment and little to no experience, and need the guidance we associate with in-person training.

You need to have an effective online system for delivering the basic pieces of the program you have created and a well working website that your clients can easily access and navigate and seamlessly utilize in their day-to-day. You also need to ensure that you have configured a reliable tracking system for your clients’ diet and nutrition. Think, how will my clients track their food intake? How can I easily access this information so that I can make adjustments and suggestions when needed?

If you invest energy into the online aspect of your business right from the start, and do it right, giving your clients (and yourself) a space where all details of their training and nutrition program can be accessed as well as recorded, the energy you will need to put into it on the back-end will be infinitely less than if you jumped straight into training and coaching with zero given to your deliverables.

A great deal of imagination and creativity will be needed to maintain your client’s interest and motivation. A trainer should always be on the lookout for innovative and exciting methods of training, and to design challenging and enjoyable workout routines that your clients will always feel motivated by, and never bored with their sessions.

Additional Education for a Figure & Physique Coach

Three areas that are of high importance to a figure and physique client, regardless of whether you are training them in person or online, is their mindset and motivation, sleep habits, and nutrition.

If you expect to become highly successful and grow a healthy list of clients, you should also expect that you will need to grow your expertise beyond just physical training.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors for muscle building. Without the proper nutrients and hydration that your muscles need to grow, you will not see much progress with just weight training.

Proper sleep is vital to help your clients perform optimally during training sessions, boost endurance, and enhance mindset for the best results. In the end, all of this leads to better and faster muscle growth. You may consider looking into additional education and certification courses to expand your knowledge base and expertise.

Start Training Clients

One of the most popular and fastest ways to get started working with clients while you travel is to coach/train online. You will want to learn more about GymGo. GymGo lets you work with clients and make money in different ways: online, live-streaming virtual training & on-demand training. Use our link to get yourself a free 14-day trial >>>

Use our link to get yourself a free 14-day trial >>>

The key to long term success as a trainer is focusing on client retention. Make sure to consistently follow up with clients on how they are enjoying your training services, and most importantly, do what it takes to help your clients see results. Add value by offering them training solutions on days when you’re not training them one on one.

Adding online training to complement in-person training can be a great combination for clients who want to work out on days you’re unable to train them in person.

The Figure & Physique Training Specialist program will give you everything you need to coach and train clients who want to compete on stage, or just have the body of a competitor. This is perfect for weight loss/fat loss services as well.

As you know, body transformation contests are popular and very profitable. Use these new skills and professional credential to skyrocket your transformation contests, or become a successful fitness, figure, bikini, and physique coach.

It’s time to take action.  There is no other program like this anywhere in the world. The Figure & Physique Training Specialist program is the only professional training course that gives you everything you need to be a successful physique, figure, and fitness competition coach while enhancing your body transformation business.

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