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Setting Your Clients Up for Clean Eating Success

Clean eating doesn’t mean you have to only eat organic or commit to a meatless, vegetarian, or vegan lifestyle.

Clean eating should focus on improving the nutritional styles our of clients.

It means taking small steps towards bigger change and doing so by meeting clients where they are at currently and working with them in collaborative ways.

Talking Nutrition with Your Clients

Before you can provide your clients with any type of nutritional guidance or suggestions, you first have to know what specifically they struggle with. Begin by asking your clients some open-ended questions.

  1. What do you feel needs to change about your diet?
  2. What would you like to incorporate into your daily routine to bring about nutritional balance?
  3. What are your biggest pitfalls or challenges when it comes to balancing nutrition?

Only when you have some answers to these questions, can you really help your clients formulate their definition of clean eating. You can approach clean eating the way you would a client’s fitness goal – from his or her perspective.

Helping Your Clients Clean-up their Diets

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to food and fitness. You should remind yourself to look at each client as they are – as an individual with a unique set of goals who experiences an equally unique set of challenges that we must help navigate around, over, and through.

How to Approach Clean Eating

Grocery Shopping Tours

During a grocery store and shopping tour, you can help your clients take note the benefits of shopping the perimeter of the store (where more fruits, vegetable, and unprocessed goods live) as opposed to the center of the store (where more processed goods are located).

Quality versus Quantity

Encourage all clients to read nutritional labels, ingredients, and question marketing lingo. For example, choosing a low-fat version of food may come with added sugar or sodium to offset the lack of fat. Choosing the original product with fewer ingredients is often the smarter choice.

Offer Meal Prep Services 

Demonstrate for clients the time-saving magic of prepping ahead of time and leveraging leftovers.

What suggestions do you have for clean eating?

Thanks for reading.

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The NESTA/Spencer Institute Team

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Setting Your Clients Up for Clean Eating Success