The NESTA ECB requires its certified personal fitness trainer (PFT) to complete 4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over a four year period. Each 0.1 CEU is worth one hour of study time or one contact hour in a live training format.


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Take our 30 second Recertification Renewal Quiz. You’ll be provided the exact steps needed to renew your certification.

Still need assistance? Download and read the  Personal Fitness Trainer Recertification Guide.

Renewal Deadlines
Recertification applications with necessary completed CEUs and full fee payments are accepted and on time if submitted as early as 90 days prior to certification expiration and no later than the actual expiration date.

Late applications for NESTA PFT recertification will be accepted by the NESTA ECB
between 1-90 days after expiration. Late applications will require an additional $25 fee
every 30 days late up to 90 days. After 90 days following certification expiration, NESTA
PFT certification will be null and void. Formerly certified NESTA PFTs who fail to comply
with recertification policies and procedures will be required to retake the PFT exam to be
certified and recognized by NESTA and the NESTA ECB.

Recertification Fee: $149 (between 90-1 day(s) prior to expiration)
Late Application Fee: $25 (between 1-30 days late)
$50 (between 31-60 days late)
$95 (between 61-90 days late)

For complete details on the recertification process, fees, CEU category descriptions and forms please download the Adobe PDF document Personal Fitness Trainer Recertification Guide.

Below is a summary of CEUs you can receive from any John Spencer Ellis Enterprises education companies and a link to other approved continuing education providers:


NESTA Spencer Institute
Spencer Institute Programs
Life Strategies Coach 2 2
Wellness Coach 2 2
Corporate Wellness Coach 2 2
Lifestyle Fitness Coach 2 2
Food Psychology Coach 2 2
Personal Fitness Chef 2 2
Mind Body Fitness Coach 2 2
Sports Psychology Coach 2 2
Sports Hypnosis 2 2
Design Psychology Coach 2 2
Green Living Coach 2 2
Holistic Life Coach 2 2
Stress Management Coach 2 2
Green Living Coach 2 2
Sports Hypnotist Coach 2 2
Sleep Science Coach 2 2
Results Coach 2 2
Master Health and Wellness Coach 2 2
NESTA Programs
AquaLogix 1 1
Biomechanics Specialist 4.0 4.0
Core Conditioning Specialist 1.5 1.5
Fitness Nutrition Coach 1.5 1.5
Functional Training Specialist (4.0 CEU version) 4.0 4.0
Functional Training Specialist (1.5 CEU version) 1.5 1.5
Group Exercise Instructor 1.5 1.5
Heart Rate Performance Specialist 2.0 2.0
ITCA Triathlon Coach 4.0 4.0
Kids’ Nutrition Specialist 1.5 1.5
Lifestyle and Weight Management 1.5 1.5
Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach 4.0 4.0
Muay Thai Fitness 1.5 1.5
Underground Strength Coach 3.0 3.0
Physique & Figure Training Specialist 1.5 1.5
Personal Fitness Trainer 2.0 2.0
Pursuit 2.0 2.0
Speed, Agility and Quickness 1.5 1.5
Senior Fitness Specialist 2.0 2.0
Sports Injury Specialist 1.5 1.5
Spencer Pilates 1.5 1.5
Sport Yoga 1.5 1.5
Adventure Boot Camp Instructor 2 2
IMPACT Instructor 2 2
Tactix Instructor 2 2


For an additional list of approved providers: PDF click here to download the latest list.

Become a NESTA ECB Continuing Education Provider

The NESTA ECB Continuing Education Provider Program is comprised of a prestigious group of individuals and organizations who are dedicated to encouraging professional excellence and personal growth through education. To apply, refer to the CEU Provider Guide for details and application.