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Creative Warm-Up Ideas to Revamp Your Training Sessions

Creative Warm Up Ideas to Revamp Your Training Sessions

Warm-ups are an important component of fitness programs, but they can become stale and routine. Being thoughtful and creative about the way you start your workouts with clients not only helps them prepare for fitness, but it’s fun and effective.

Play a PE Game

Classic games like from your days on the playground are fun and effective warm-up options for your group classes and sessions. For example, Red Light Green Light is the perfect game to warm-up the class because it involves walking, running, and suddenly stopping. Each of these things will get your clients’ blood pumping and the changes in speed will stretch their muscles.

Another game you can use if you have a one-on-one session is keeping a balloon in the air with your client. Simple, goofy, effective.

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Have a Conversation

Your body often isn’t the only thing needing to warm-up. Our mind can often use the same attention to prep for a training session. Maybe a client needs to talk about what she did so far today to process or let it go. Some people are talkers and it helps them transition into a new activity. Maybe they need to talk about a concern they have with their health and fitness, or they need to share what they want to work on in the session.


An alternative to talking is journaling. You could have your client journal for 1-minute before you start the workout, or have them write down what they want to let go of from the first part of their day or the day before.

Guided Visualization

Spend 3-5 minutes with your client’s eyes closed and talk them through feeling each body part to check in. You could also guide them through breathing exercises.

Have your clients place their hands on their ribcage to feel the air moving as they breath in and out. Body awareness is a great way to ready the body for movement. Breathing deeply connects the body and the mind.

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Whether you dance or not, never underestimate the power of music. Setting the right atmosphere makes a big difference for most people. Upbeat and loud isn’t always the answer either. Sometimes calm music helps people focus and bring the appropriate level of intensity to exercise. Especially if their day was already very exciting and overstimulating.

All you will need is your phone with downloaded songs and a set of WiFi speakers. When you play a song, allow your clients to dance however they would like. You should encourage them to get as crazy as possible. Not only will this stretch their muscles it will also get their hearts pumping.

Now What?

There is always something exciting about earning a new certification and applying that new knowledge of how you train your clients. This also helps you hit the reset button.

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