IMPACT Group Fitness Certification and Business Program

You have just discovered the 100% Turn-Key Fitness Boot Camp / Small Group Exercise Money-Machine Business-in-a-Box

This is the secret weapon for turning your lagging fitness training business into a cash-making machine that produces great results for your clients! Who else wants to have the fastest and easiest way to make more money as a fitness expert while working less? <<< 30 clients x $20 = $600/hour >>> Here’s the best part…. you only have to train clients 3 days per week!

Hello Fitness Pro,


Are you are tired of working long hours with no real future as a fitness pro?

IMPACT is your perfect solution in one complete package.

Read on and learn how IMPACT is what you’ve been searching for to help more people, and skyrocket your fitness business!

You may know us for creating other global fitness trends like TACTIX and Adventure Boot Camp, the largest and most well respected fitness boot camp business program in the world. Our training systems are the most comprehensive. Our business system offers you the best opportunities to make serious money, and enjoy more free time.

IMPACT is LEAN, MEAN and simply the best group exercise business system ever developed.

You are invited to start your IMPACT training business right now!

To your success,

John Spencer Ellis “JSE” & Kelli Calabrese


IMPACT was developed for you by the two of the leading fitness pros in the world!

impact-jse-kelliJohn Spencer Ellis “JSE” and Kelli Calabrese

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for IMPACT. I got the materials last week and have been looking over the Inner Circle today…all I can say is Wow! What a cool program. I haven’t been able to put the stuff down because I am so excited! I can tell how much of yourself you have put into making this program awesome and I am so grateful to you for sharing with all of us. This program is exactly what I have been wanting and needing for my continued growth and I am so excited to share it with my clients when my program launches in November.” – Shannon C., Certified IMPACT Instructor

“I cannot believe I just did personal training for all these years. Looking back, I realize now how much money I left on the table. I love personal training. I was just burned out…. Big time!!! I needed a fresh start. IMPACT gave me a fresh start, a new outlook, and a new career. Now I’m making more money that I ever did doing personal training. Thanks!” – Stephanie, Seattle, WA

“I love IMPACT. I work less. I make more money. I can now spend time with my wife and kids. Those long hours at the gym was hard on my relationships. Now, I work about 50% less and bring home about 15% more money. I was skeptical of IMPACT. But, I figured even if it works 1/2 as well as they say, it will still be worthwhile. Well, it works exactly as they say!” – Kent Long

Now you can start your own successful fitness business with IMPACT…the next evolution of group fitness workouts.
It is leaner, meaner, and more intense than traditional fitness boot camps, and it gives you more financial leverage as compared to personal training. Run your IMPACT business indoors or out, in a park, at a martial arts school, at a gymnastics center, or even a church. You will be given a step-by-step guide to secure a location at little or no cost to you. You can offer women’s only, men’s only, co-ed or youth programs. The choice is yours. You only need a space about 30 x 30 feet for most classes.

Years of experience have shown us what works for you, and what doesn’t work in this industry. We share every detail with you.

IMPACT combines a dynamic workout system with proven business strategies and progressive online and offline marketing techniques to ensure your success.

Just use our easy-to-follow, step-by-step blueprint! We mentor you from training to launch to growth!


Has your fitness career started to look like Groundhog Day? If so, we can help!

Same long hours day after day with different faces, too many ‘no shows’ and cancellations, and not enough money to go around at the end of the month? Even though you are passionate about what you do, it’s hard to face day after day of long training hours with no secure predictable, re-occurring income.

Has your dream of financial independence as a fitness professional become a nightmare of daily survival? If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. It’s not your fault. We know because we’ve been there, too. We also got into the fitness industry purely to help people. Along the way, we learned how to help more people in less time, make a bigger difference, and earn more in the process.

STOP living paycheck-to-paycheck.

It’s time to start your own business as a Certified IMPACT Instructor. We know that can sound scary, but did you know over 74% of the wealthy people in the USA made their fortunes by owning their own business? It’s a fact! Maybe you’ve been dreaming about being your own boss—about taking back control of your financial freedom. It’s actually pretty fast and easy.

Carpe diem – the time is now to seize the day.

Your risks are incredibly low because the complete IMPACT system is proven to work. We have taken all of the guess work out for you, and we have made IMPACT very low in price. Based on our decades of experience developing businesses for fitness professionals, we can say that you should make your entire investment back in the first month with money to spare. You just have to follow our blue print step-by-step!

What other fitness business do you know that can do that?

STOP being an above average trainer and earning less than you deserve. Take charge of your financial future today by training more people per hour, working fewer hours per week, and loving what you do.



Your fitness training and business mentoring is now 100% online and instantly accessible!

Your Impact Method Complete Fitness Business Success System Includes:

12 Complete IMPACT Method Workouts (high quality videos you can watch online or download)

Kelli will lead you through one month of sample workouts that you will be able to use to create a year’s worth of rockin’ IMPACT workouts.

  1. 12 Heart Pumping Warm-ups – Productive and fun ways to heat up the core temperature and set the tone for an intense and body changing workout
  2. 12 Speed, Agility and Quickness Drills – These interval based workouts include balance, partner work, cone drills, speed rope and more to increase performance, and fat burning
  3. 12 Strength and Conditioning Workouts – these workouts are designed to target all of the major and minor muscle groups and focus on increasing muscle strength and endurance
  4. 12 Intense Cardio Segments – Your clients will never get on a treadmill again.  These segments are aimed at boosting cardio endurance thorough interval based training moves that will help your clients explosiveness and cardio performance
  5. 12 Dynamic Stretching Segments – Both static and dynamic stretches will be demonstrated to improve the flexibility of each muscle group targeted in the workout segment.

7 Step-by-Step Audio Training Programs

John and Kelli give you precise step-by-step detailed instructions, lessons and examples of how to rapidly grow your IMPACT fitness business and get the best possible results for your clients.

Your audio training lessons:

  • What is IMPACT?  – Know your Product & Market. It’s more than a workout. It’s a lifestyle program.
  • Stellar Leadership – Go beyond one-on-one to a highly successful IMPACT TRAINER, including how to lead your customers, your sessions and your business from average to outstanding
  • In Person Marketing & Networking – The Original Social Networking – create relationships, fill your classes, make everyone feel important, emerge as a celebrity, enjoy the process and earn a respectable per hour income.
  • Virtual Marketing – Embracing and mastering technology including social networking, audio, video, web site, SEO and every secret you need to rule in your area as a fitness expert and leading fitness pro
  • Successfully Running the IMPACT Program – This audio includes everything you will need to run the program from finding a location (indoor or outdoor), assessments, the workouts, nutrition seminars, additional profit centers, calculating profit and more
  • Administration – administrative assistants, virtual assistants, leveraging time, streamlining your business operations
  • The IMPACT Method Workouts – Here is where we break down the components of each workout segment, give you the details about the minimal starter equipment list, point out the essential details of how to begin and progress the workouts and the program, how to educate your clients during the process, and modifications for special populations.

Your “Guaranteed Success” Check List – Steps to getting your IMPACT Method Fitness Training Program started fast and effectively

IMPACT Method Detailed Training Manual with all of the audio lesson transcribed, a reference for the workouts, sample forms, essential check list to get started and much more.

IMPACT Handouts

Weight Loss Chart

Fitness Assessment Forms

1st Week Evaluation

1 Month Evaluation

Food Log

Group Informed Consent

Nutrition Seminar Power Point

Student Nutrition Seminar Handout

Registration Form / Health History, Wavier

Welcome Letter

Sign in Sheet / Roster


You get a complete set of IMPACT graphics for all of your promotional needs (JPEG, GIF, EPS, PDF, PSD)
You will also receive pre-configured ads for your IMPACT business. We give you several ads you will customize for your specific location and needs. These “done for you” ads can be used for print advertising or the web. So, basically, we have thought of everything for you.

Final Assessment – Prove your competency to be a certified IMPACT Trainer by passing the 40 question multiple choice test. Passing requirement is 70% or higher.

You will receive a beautiful IMPACT Trainer Certification. It will be mailed to you.

You also get the complete archive of IMPACT business coaching teleclasses, workouts and ads.

NOTE: 100% of your training is online. You will get immediate access following your online registration. You can download all of your lessons if you want.

We know this is an incredible fitness business offer…And, we are giving you even more…


FREE Bonus #1

Kung Fu Fitness Complete Business System (Now 100% digital for your convenience) – $300 Value

That’s right! You get the entire turn-key fitness business system for FREE, just for becoming an IMPACT trainer.

NOTE: You can use Kung-fu Fitness techniques in your IMPACT program, or have a second business model by itself.  It’s your choice!

Your Complete Kung-Fu Fitness System Includes 6 videos:

  • Kung-Fu Fitness™ Warm-ups, Fundamentals of Punches, Elbows, Knees and Kicks video
  • Kung-Fu Fitness™ Combinations & Choreography video
  • Kung-Fu Fitness™ Consumer Workout video
  • Kung-Fu Fitness™ Audio explaining marketing, networking, Internet promotion and public relations
  • Kung-Fu Fitness™ PowerPoint Presentation video – Tutorial of key teaching point points to make you a world class instructor
  • Certified Kung-Fu Fitness Instructor™ Manual
  • Once certified, you will be given log-in access to download official logos

FREE Bonus #2

IMPACT Nutrition Seminar Powerpoint Presentation, Handouts & John’s Dream Diet Special Report

$39 value – You now get to use John’s nutrition and sleep science PowerPoint slides for your own IMPACT business. Get the details about conducting a successful and profitable nutrition seminar with the step-by-step blue print in the manual and the bonus of John’s Dream Diet Special report

FREE Bonus #3

Shameless Self Promotion for Your IMPACT Business Special Report by Debbie Allen

$19 value – You can now learn from John’s personal marketing mentor, Debbie Allen. Learn how to successfully promote your IMPACT business with FREE and low cost self promotional tactics.

FREE Bonus #4

The Feminine, Firm & Fit e-book by Kelli Calabrese

$20 value –
It includes excerpts from the Program Guide, Companion Journal and Exercise Guide and information to empower you to begin Week One.

Misinformation in an unregulated fitness industry along with outdated workouts and demanding, stressful schedules have undermined women’s bodies and left them stuck in a fitness rut. This distinctive fitness makeover program is designed specifically for women and not only demands less of their time but produces greater results. The e-book includes:

Program Guide Excerpts

  • Meet Kelli & Debbie
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Getting Started
  • Chapter 2 The Feminine Side
  • Chapter 3 Get Firm with Strength Training
  • Chapter 4 Get Firm with Cardio
  • Chapter 5 Restore Your Body with Stretching
  • Chapter 6 Fuel Your Body

Companion Journal Excerpts

  • The Turning Point
  • Program Outline
  • Fitness Success Planner
  • Get Set for Success
  • Photo Session
  • Hopes and Dreams
  • Goal Setting
  • Week 1

Exercise Guide Excerpts

  • Strength Training Key Points
  • Starting Positions
  • Sample Exercises
  • Stretches
  • Sample Stretches
  • Anatomy
  • Biographies

Exercise Guide Excerpts

  • Strength Training Key Points
  • Starting Positions
  • Sample Exercises
  • Stretches
  • Sample Stretches
  • Anatomy
  • Biographies

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Some Common Questions about the IMPACT Boot Camp / Group Exercise Business System:

Can I earn CECs/CEUs (continuing education) with IMPACT?

Yes, IMPACT is approved for 20 hours (2.0 CEUs) of continuing education units for the NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification, MMA Conditioning Association, and ITCA -International Triathlon Coaching Association.

Can I order the IMPACT program and just have an employee teach it at my gym/studio?

Just as you couldn’t register for a Pilates training program and then have your employees teach Pilates for you; the same is so for IMPACT. Each person who registers for IMPACT receives a license, earns the certification, gets the complete business system, all the bonuses, and also receives the marketing materials, business coaching and all the other support benefits listed below.

What do you suggest for my IMPACT website?

You have a couple of options for your IMPACT website. You can add your IMPACT class as an additional “offer” to your existing website/blog. You can also use our web designer if you want a new site for IMPACT (OPTIONAL). Get your fitness website up fast and easy! FitPro is a pre-built custom website with advanced functionality that can be easily molded to suit your needs. Install it in a few clicks, and have a professional website up and running in less than 30 minutes! After FitPro is installed, change the colors, layout, site text and images, and virtually everything on the site to meet your needs. We worked hard to make it very easy for you to change your site in just a few clicks. FitPro is built on WordPress, the #1 publishing platform on the web. Used by Yahoo, CNN, Ebay, The New York Times, and over 25 million people worldwide.

How does IMPACT compare to Adventure Boot Camp?

The Similarities:
Group exercise format, huge income potential for you, the world’s best training, and step-by-step business and marketing system

The Differences:
Adventure Boot Camp (ABC) gives you one licensed camp with each business program and certification. Additional licenses can be acquired (and often are). Adventure Boot Camp offers “protected zones”.

IMPACT does not authorize locations.
You will complete the IMPACT training, and then you are certified and licensed the teach IMPACT anywhere, at any time, to any group you desire.

ABC is designed to teach classes up to 60+ participants.
IMPACT is designed for classes of 10 – 30 with a slightly higher per participant fee. So you make big money with fewer people. Remember, you will only work 3 days per week. Some IMPACT instructors are making $400/hr.

ABC is most often an outdoor fitness program (with a few exceptions in colder weather).
IMPACT can be taught indoors or out.

ABC is a program for clients with average fitness levels.
IMPACT takes people’s fitness to a higher level through even more intense exercises.

ABC is most often taught 5 days per week.
With IMPACT, you will only work 3 days per week!

ABC is primarily a women’s fitness program.
IMPACT is designed for you to offer women’s, men’s, youth or co-ed programs.

The fitness industry is rapidly evolving. You cannot make BIG MONEY training clients one-on-one 8 hours a day.
It just doesn’t work. You need to leverage your time, and use the best system – That’s IMPACT.

For over 20 years, Kelli and John have been studying fitness, business, marketing, social media, publicity, the science of success, and technology. Now all that knowledge is given to you in this step-by-step IMPACT system!

Unexpected Fitness Business Bonus for You!

LIFETIME FREE Fitness Business and Personal Success Coaching with John Spencer Ellis

John will be your fitness business and personal success coach. You will be given proven solutions and step-by-step blue prints to build a successful IMPACT business, with less effort, in record time! The JSE Inner Circle also gives you high-level personal success coaching. It’s all included. This exclusive coaching program will give you full access to John’s fitness business and personal success training where you will communicate with John. When you register, you will be given immediate access to your JSE Inner Circle coaching account. This is where you will also gain private access to all of your IMPACT business and marketing training.





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IMPACT Complete Program with All Bonuses
One Time Fee of Only $357


IMPACT Complete Program with All Bonuses
2 Payments of Only $185 (30 days apart)