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How to Become a Holistic Personal Trainer

Building a Holistic Personal Training Business

APPROA holistic approach to fitness and personal training focuses on helping a client achieve overall long-term good health. This can include helping to improve your client’s sleep cycle, their diet and nutrition habits, their mindset and mental health, as well as coaching them to achieve a more balanced relationship between work and personal life.

What Is Holistic Personal Training?

Let’s start with just the definition of holism (wholism).

Wholism, another spelling of holism, is defined as an idea that different parts are all interconnected, and cannot be understood without understanding the entire whole.  In other words…… How does it all fit together seamlessly and properly?

A simple example of wholism is when a scientist is studying a ecosystem and believes he or she has to study the environment, animals and the plants as a cohesive inner-connected unit, rather than studying different parts or species individually.

An example of wholism as it related to your wellness is when you go to a health or medical practitioner because you have headaches the practitioner helps you to work on your diet, exercise, stress levels and sleeping optimization.  Of course, more can be considered and treated.

Fitness can take on a whole new meaning when approached holistically. A Holistic approach to personal training and fitness can connect your mind to your body through conscious movement patterns that energize, repair and strengthen the body, and help you and your clients take control of life.

If you were to ask most people what a personal trainer can help them achieve, they will most likely list weight loss and to be able to lift more and to build up muscle. A personal fitness trainer is typically thought of as someone who can help you get in physical shape. But there is way more to getting in shape than simply the physical act of working out.

How Does Holistic Personal Training Differ from Traditional Training?

Holistic personal training goes much more in-depth than physical training. In order to train the body, you need to also train the mind. One of the main reasons people fail to reach their fitness goals is because they aren’t mentally prepared. The trouble is, emotional issues affect the body, so if they aren’t addressed, it makes it difficult to get the most from your physical workouts.

Holistic Personal Training Focuses Largely on the Mind

You will learn how to adjust your mindset to stay positive throughout your fitness journey. It teaches you how to let go of the ‘I can’t’ attitude and adopt an ‘I can’ one. It doesn’t just help you to alter your mindset, it also helps you to use the mind to maximize your results. For example, At the end of each workout, you can start to practice meditation which allows the body to completely relax and gives you the opportunity to focus on how you will feel when you finally reach your goals.

By staying positive, it does make it much easier to keep up personal training and push past the barriers that arise.

A Holistic Approach to Fitness Can Help you Focus on Overall Good Health

As with traditional personal trainers, each trainer will offer a slightly unique approach. Some like to focus on using the client’s own body weight for workouts, rather than equipment, while others still focus on the more traditional gym workouts.

While the approach may differ, all will typically carry out an initial assessment. This will look at factors in your life including stress, sleep, medical history, and work. From this assessment, a personalized plan will be created to help your client achieve and maintain their goals.

Overall, holistic personal trainers are extremely valuable and differ greatly from traditional trainers. If you are looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing, while also maximizing your chances of sticking to your fitness goals, holistic personal training could be the answer.

Getting Started

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Become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Holistic health and well-being are essential to overall life success. Now you can earn a credential and gain the skills to help your clients achieve this success.

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