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Career Benefits of Becoming a Certified Trainer, Specialist or Coach

Career Benefits of Becoming a Trainer or Coach

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Trainer, Specialist or Coach

Making the decision and taking the plunge to become your own boss and enter the coaching or training industry can feel like a big, scary, and overwhelming decision. So much so, that millions of people are still working a traditional 9-to-5 and missing out on the many opportunities and benefits of starting a career and business as a trainer, coach, or specialist.

At NESTA, we provide the quality education and support you need, so you can earn your training, coaching, or specialist certification with confidence.

We want you to succeed and have the opportunity to turn your passion into a fun and highly-rewarding career.

You Make a Difference

You can make a great living by helping others reach their fitness, nutrition, financial, personal or health goals, and improve your 1000’s of clients’ happiness and overall well-being.


You have the opportunity to work with and help and make a difference for a diverse group of people with a variety of needs and goals.

Control your Career Path

You have the power to decide which niche you would like to serve. You also have the ability to expand your knowledge whenever you feel ready to do so. with a personal training or coaching career, you are in full control of your career path and career education. 

Unlimited Growth

Training and coaching are set to be some of the fastest growing careers over next 20 years. For example, The health and fitness industry has grown a staggering 75% over the last decade alone. And over 30 universities have added coaching programs to their curricula, including Ivy League universities like Harvard and Yale. 

Endless Opportunities

You can seek out alternative and lucrative, opportunities as a blogger, writer, podcast host or guest, author, online content provider and host, expert for authority websites, a frequent guest on radio shows, TV talk shows, news programs or in industry publications.

Work From Anywhere

Work from the comfort of your home office, gym, or studio. If a traditional home office isn’t right for you, with a coaching or training business, you will have the freedom to take your office on the road, and work and help clients from literally anywhere in the world.

You can live the “Laptop Lifestyle!” You will have the freedom to choose to live and work from wherever, and you can move and travel as frequently as you would like, especially if you expand your training or coaching business online. 

Visit NESTAcertified.com and The Spencer Institute to learn more about starting a thriving career as a certified trainer, coach, or specialist.